If You Give a Democrat a Chairmanship

If You Give a Democrat a Chairmanship

If You Give a Democrat a Chairmanship

Remember the classic children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? In the story, a little boy gave a hungry mouse a cookie, the mouse demanded more stuff, and then all sorts of mayhem broke loose. Likewise, if you give a house Democrat a chairmanship, he’ll wreak havoc in Congress, too.

Now, multiply that one Democrat chairmanship by 22 if the promised blue wave sweeps through the House of Representatives in November’s midterms. That’s on top of Nancy Pelosi possibly becoming Speaker of the House again, which should be a big ewww for any conservative.

democrat chairmanship

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A Democratic House majority would boil down to three words: investigate, investigate, investigate.

Imagine Adam Schiff (CA) if he becomes Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. This guy eats, sleeps, and breathes an obsession with a Trump-Russia collusion. Never mind that he’s not found any smoking gun over the past two years.

Schiff would be joined by Democrat Elijah Cummings (MD), who would take over as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Cummings wants Trump impeached so badly he can taste it. For example, he thinks that Trump violates the Constitution’s emoluments clause on a daily basis, and he can smell corruption emanating from the White House, too. Moreover, he wants to kick impeachment into high gear:

“Let’s cut through the unnecessary BS and let’s get to the facts—and I do not want anybody wasting my time. Nor do I want to waste the time of my committee members, or my family members. And I damn sure don’t want to waste my time.”

Former GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who once was the chairman of this committee, warns that Cummings “will not be bashful. He will be aggressive.”

Furthermore, Cummings and Schiff would be joined by Jerry Nadler (NY), who would take over as head of the House Judiciary Committee. Together these Three Amigos will be hellbent on finding a way to impeach President Trump.

Oh, but there’s more.

Imagine, if you will, a Congress where Maxine Waters (CA) becomes Chair of Financial Services. This is the same woman who faced three ethics violations in 2010 for obtaining special Treasury privileges for a bank where her husband sat on the Board of Directors. But two years later the House Ethics Committee cleared her, so it’s all good. Let’s put her in charge of banking! What a great idea!

Plus, Mad Maxine can keep on screaming about Trump, only this time as the chairwoman of a powerful house committee. Her fevered dreams about impeaching the President will go full cray-cray.

Democrat chairman

Yes, friends, if you give a House Democrat a Chairmanship, he’ll want more. Just like the mouse in the story, he’ll want to investigate not only the President, but Justice Kavanaugh, too. And then there’s stuff like gun control, increased taxes, net neutrality, and increasing taxes and diminishing border security.

We all need to vote on November 6.


Featured image: courtesy of brandxillustration.com. 

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