The Criminal Riots At #UCBerkeley Are NOT Freedom’s Flames Of Liberty [VIDEO]

The Criminal Riots At #UCBerkeley Are NOT Freedom’s Flames Of Liberty [VIDEO]

The Criminal Riots At #UCBerkeley Are NOT Freedom’s Flames Of Liberty [VIDEO]

Ferguson, Baltimore, Mizzou, and UC Berkeley. What to they all have in common? Riots. Not protests…RIOTS. The results of which led to millions of dollars in damages, people injured and hospitalized, businesses destroyed, and absolutely nothing accomplished. Toni wrote eloquently here about the death of free speech last night. And then I saw this:

REALLY? You won the night? No, you lost. And here’s why.

Burning and looting on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley

Unlike you criminal rioters, I don’t have to make my point by setting fire to something, shoot fireworks at police officers, or pepper spraying someone whose stance or beliefs I disagree with!

Newsflash. Violence in response to something you don’t like is NOT the way to win the argument, its the surest way to LOSE.

(Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group)

Meanwhile some believe this type of property destruction is A-OK because its the same thing as those who threw tea in to the harbor at the Boston Tea Party! Uhhhh NO. Heck that’s like comparing apples to rutabagas! Those in Boston did so to protest government overreach. The protestors criminal rioters of today? They believe the ONLY acceptable free speech is theirs. Anyone else who wants to speak their minds, offer their own opinion, or disagree with them Must. Be. Shut. Down. Or. Else.

This quote from one of those so-called protestors, ticked me off.

“The flames of liberation start where it is set that lights the path against the dark of doubt.”

OH REALLY? Let me tell you something. The brilliance and courage of our Founding Fathers plus all the men and women who fought for Freedom during the American Revolution fanned true flames of liberty and freedom that to this day resonates around the world.

How about the men and women behind enemy lines in Europe, who risked life and limb to save Jews and rid themselves of Hitler’s tyranny? They knew exactly what liberty’s flame meant, these rioters don’t.

How about the courageous men and women who stood in front of tanks on Tianamen Square in an attempt to gain their own freedom of speech? They definitely knew the value of liberation and freedom. Do you?

You know what the flames of liberation AREN’T?? Destroying property, attacking people in cars, beating people senseless, pepper spraying innocents, wearing masks so no one can see who you are, and shutting down speech you disagree with.

Do I like what Occupy Oakland bragged about above? No. Do I think they are completely wrong? Yes.

I guess that means that if I want to express my point of view, then my only recourse is to ban those who I deem as dissenters from my sight, correct? All I have to do is hurl rocks, swing sledgehammers, wield pepper spray, or burn and loot businesses in response to those I disagree with, right?

No, no, and hell no.

Do any of you who wrecked the UC Berkeley campus last night understand that? No you don’t. Instead, because you are unwilling to research and debate like grownups, we get last night’s temper tantrum inflicted upon us.

We are a nation of ideas, courage, and freedom. A nation predicated upon the powerful words of our Declaration of Independence, a war fought for that Freedom, and a Constitution born from that victory. Freedom of speech and the ability to assemble peaceably are just two of the extraordinary rights and privileges we enjoy because of it. The rancor, animosity, and violence at UC Berkeley last night is the very antithesis of all this Republic stands for.

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  • Scott says:

    Just like in Baltimore, it seems that the university gave ” those who wished to destroy space to do that”…when will they learn..

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