Creepy Joe Whispers Sweet Nothings

Creepy Joe Whispers Sweet Nothings

Creepy Joe Whispers Sweet Nothings

After a very dazed and confused speech regarding blood of patriots and nuclear weapons last night, Joe Biden is affirming the “Creepy Joe” Biden name after whispering repeatedly at a press conference earlier today.

Be vewwwwy, vewwwwy quiet, Joe. Vladimir Putin is listening. Clearly, his handlers need to write something in larger fonts. Times New Roman 8-point is not working so well for Joe.

When asked about the timeline for relief in the infrastructure bill, Creepy Joe leaned in and whispered…

I got them $1.9 trillion in relief so far. They’re going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential this week for childcare.”-Joe Biden

Shhh! (Whispers) The checks are in the mail. Either Joe Biden is freaking Santa Claus and he thinks he’s going to surprise all the good little boys and girls who voted for him or perhaps he thinks he’s part of some lucrative business scheme with the mafia. Shhh, Vinnie. You’ll be getting your $10,000 dollars after the Big Guy gets whacked.

If you think this is far-fetched, I would say not so much. The Vinnie/$10,000 dollars story is a true one. As a teenager, I watched my senile grandfather, who I later found out was a bit of a two-bit mob guy back in the day, say this to his “imaginary friend”. In fact, whispering and abnormal vocal behavior is quite common in those with dementia.

But however disjointed and creepy and, well, downright concerning Joe Biden’s language and public behavior is, he is still better than Donald Trump in the eyes of his supporters. Joe did nt only lean into the microphone one time to whisper sweet nothings, he did this several times during the press conference.

These are really tough decisions senators got. I don’t in any way dismiss what Senator Murphy says about the environment. I don’t dismiss it at all. Just remind him, I wrote the bill on the environment.”-Joe Biden

Senators got? Can you just imagine the grammatically-correct, intellectual left if Trump said this? Biden gets the pass on this and leans into the microphones to whisper with wide, empty eyes, “I wrote that bill.”

Hey, little girl. Let me whisper something to you while I sniff your hair. You look 19 years-old with those barrettes and your legs crossed like that. Want some ice cream? (Facepalm.)

Oh, but he was trying to get the attention of those at the press conference, they say. The Trumpers are at it again, they say. Look at his whispering into the mic from a different angle, they say.

By the second time Joe leans into the mic to whisper to the audience, you’re probably wondering what in the hell you are watching. Seriously, maybe a whispered phrase once for impact. But he did it again. And, he leaned in for a third time regarding the issue of employers not finding workers:

Yeah. Pay them more. This is an employees’, employees bargaining chip now. What’s happening?”-Joe Biden

What’s happening?! We’re wondering the same, exact thing, to be truthful. Let’s summarize what has happened and clue our President in. We’ve had a politicized pandemic that forced businesses to shutter their doors and lay off workers. Other individuals also had to stay home because schools also not open to students. We have very liberal state and city governments and people who take advantage of these liberal policies, that off these individuals more pay and benefits to stay home than to go to work but employers are supposed to fork out higher wages after being hosed for a whole year?

It’s okay, though. Lean in, liberals, let’s huddle, I’ve got a secret. The 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, of sound mind and body, will take care of all of this. Quietly, apparently. Shhhhhh. It’s all super-secret squirrel about how he wrote some bills and how he’s gonna sign some checks for you. And while he’s popping checks in the mail, he’ll cruise around in his ice cream truck and be the sweet, little old man who delivers ice cream to your grand babies.

Creepy Joe Biden goes from talking nuclear bombs to whispering sweet nothings. I would argue with the word “sweet”. In terms of “nothings”? I’d say we’re right on the money.

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  • Paladin says:

    Every day we fall to some new low, and an hour later we go lower still. A writer friend called this last hoarse whisperer bit — Horrifying. Two words — Nuclear ☢️ Codes. Who’s got the nuclear football? This severely demented creature? His chief of staff? Dr. Jill? Hey, Senator Foghorn Leghorn — get on the ball! Find out who controls that nuclear ☢️ football Before we’re in a scrum we can’t get out of.

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  • Dietrich says:

    Maybe Gropey Joe’s handlers at first thought they’d give him 2 years before putting him out to pasture, payment for a lifetime of service to the Great DNC, but now realize just how bad was their choice for VP. There is not enough lipstick in the world to make that pig sing.

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