COVID-19 Is Not The Hoax, Journalism Is

COVID-19 Is Not The Hoax, Journalism Is

COVID-19 Is Not The Hoax, Journalism Is

Every day, new developments are reported on the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). And every day, our news outlets are making this epidemic less about people and more about their favorite punching bag, President Trump.

Bring on the journey for the histrionics:

Context Dana, context. Trump did not call COVID-19 a hoax. He called the politicizing of COVID-19 the hoax.

They tried the impeachment hoax. That was not a perfect conversation. They tried anything, they tried it over and over they’ve been doing it since she got in it’s all turning they lost, it’s all turning think of it think of it, and this is their new hoax, but you know we did something.”-Donald Trump

But the talking heads are not politicizing this spread of COVID-19. Not at all. Right, Amanda Marcotte of Salon?

It’s brutally obvious Trump only cares about manipulating public opinion to keep the markets from plummeting, not about saving lives. Rather than putting someone who cares about science and public health in charge of the coronavirus task force, Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence, a man who has significant contempt for both.”-Amanda Marcotte

Because the Vice President doesn’t care about science? How could he? He is part of the Trump administration and they (as a whole) don’t care about science as much as Barack Obama and Joe Biden did! Hey…wait a second..wasn’t Joe Biden going to find a cure for cancer? Oh, right. That’s only if he gets elected and if he can remember what state he is in.

Marcotte goes on to make the case for why Americans should panic. The COVID-19 Task force is censoring information and “muzzling” public officials to spin falsehoods. More flames from Lucian K. Truscott IV at Salon:

You may be forgiven if you are under the impression that the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak is just one more example of his incompetence, aggressive ignorance, contempt for science and outright abuse of government. But it’s worse than that. For the White House, and especially for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, it’s an opportunity to put into play the massive disinformation apparatus they have built for the 2020 presidential race.”-Lucian K. Truscott IV

There they go with the “contempt for science” bit again. Seriously, let’s try an original angle here, ladies and gents. Oh, right. Saying “ladies and gents” is not politically correct because there are more than two genders in their particular party of science. But I digress. The liberal journalism machine of the United States is in a panic. And they want Americans to panic. Should we be concerned about COVID-19? Sure. A virus that originated in a Chinese city near a virology lab? A virus that has not been able to be contained? Excuse me for donning my tinfoil hat here but I believe there is much more to this story.

I would venture to guess that there are many components to investigation and research that probably should not be put forth for public speculation for fear of creating even more mass hysteria. So instead of shutting the hell up and leaving our administration and the individuals appointed to do their jobs, our journalistic community wants to spin the COVID-19 outbreak into a political conspiracy. Why has coronavirus hit the United States and the world? Because Donald Trump’s incompetence and illiteracy when it comes to scientific matters, they say. While cities are quarantining themselves and schools are closing for months at a time overseas, Amanda Marcotte is whining about Donald Trump and his push to close borders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as a “racist” measure of blaming others for the spread of the disease and promoting white nationalism. What in the actual hell? Do we want to find a cure for this illness or point fingers? Amanda, Lucian, Dana? You guys are NOT helping. Shut up with the useless rhetoric already.

The loud echoes of the journalistic community on COVID-19 is a caucophonous reverb of noise and it is mirroring back on them. In efforts to make Trump look less credible, they are chipping away at their own credibility. Instead of coming together with useful dialogue, we have flamethrowers and pot-stirrers and more name-calling mixed in with shrieking, mass hysteria and fear-mongering. What is the actual hoax again? And who is responsible?

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  • Scott says:

    TDS is real, and both of the mental midgets you just cited have it in spades.. I bet poor little Lucians grandfather has hit about 10,000 RPM spinning in his grave, and if he could come back from the dead, I’m sure he’d slap the bitch right out of that traitorous little worm!
    As you point out, it is both sad and amusing at the same time to watch these fools screech “science” while they constantly try to force feed us an ideology with absolutely NO basis in fact..
    Liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER, and Epstein did NOT kill himself!

  • Skillyboo says:

    I suggest these toadies go to a socialist country to seek the help they’ll need in case the virus should infect them. After all Big Pharma is their sworn enemy. Relying on them for anything would only cause them more turmoil.

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  • John Ryan says:

    Victory girls has no comment on Trump surrendering to the Taliban ?

    • Kate says:

      Hi John
      Yes, it’s definitely worth a write up and was one of the many proposed topics to cover this weekend but no writers chose to do so. They have a ton of other material they wanted to pursue.

      You are welcome to submit a guest opinion blog post if you’d like for me to review.


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