Colin Kaepernick: Black Lives Matter Fan And Convert To Islam? [VIDEOS]

Colin Kaepernick: Black Lives Matter Fan And Convert To Islam? [VIDEOS]

Colin Kaepernick: Black Lives Matter Fan And Convert To Islam? [VIDEOS]

The football world and Americans everywhere are reacting to Colin Kaepernick’s disdain and hatred of our Flag and National Anthem. I asked here why he didn’t spend MORE time working in the community rather than slamming the flag, our country, and the men and women in law enforcement.


Football stars such as Victor Cruz and competing teams have weighed in.

Very classy response wouldn’t you say? Meanwhile football fans have offered their opinions in a multitude of ways. Army Ranger veteran, Dorian Majied had this to say:

“I understand Kaepernick’s intention, however I disagree with his means.

That’s not all.

He could write his congressman, he could petition, he could picket, he could join the service and actually fight for the rights he seems to think are not offered to him; his sitting through the National Anthem was a lazy lack of will and brain power.”

Yes, exactly. Meanwhile Lisa highlighted her disgust and one fan’s burning reaction here. He wasn’t the only one angry at Kaepernick.

James Woods scored a touchdown with this response.

Several activists are solidly in Kaepernick’s camp, even though some demonstrate zero understanding of the Constitution.

And that’s exactly right. Kaepernick has the right to offer up his opinion about this country. And every American has the 1st Amendment right to agree or disagree.

The question is why is Kaepernick doing this? Honestly, its not like he’s oppressed or anything. Sure, his birth parents abandoned him as a baby. But remember, his adoptive parents took him in, raised him up, and cheered him on as he became a major football star with a mega mansion,


A cool car


And more shoes than anyone needs


They were there for him through all the ups, downs, and victories.


They were there for him when at least one of his birth parents crawled out of the woodwork and demanded their “fair” share years after abandoning an innocent baby.

So again, what is up with Colin Kaepernick that he finally steps outside of his Instagram and Twitter feeds to announce to the world how much he hates America? Lets see, I wonder if the girlfriend/fiancee? has anything to do with it?


Check out her Instagram feed. Its precious. Seriously, scroll through it. It won’t take you long to realize that DJ Nessa is exactly as she purports to be. A major Black Lives Matter activist working for Hot97 who thinks folks like Shaun King, Deray McKesson, and Malcom X are just fabulous!


Check out Colin’s Twitter and Instagram feeds for the last 8 months. He makes it very clear that he believes that Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling (whose death Colin calls a lynching), and Freddie Gray were sweet misunderstood little boys and the cops are most definitely the bad guys.

What other reason could there possibly be for his talk about oppression and bodies in streets when speaking with the other day?

Is Kaepernick actually converting to Islam? Possibly.


Is he a major fan of the Black Lives Matter movement? Its a safe bet he is.

Colin you are entitled to your opinion of the National Anthem and the American Flag. The fact that you seem to be adopting your girlfriend’s misguided Black Lives Matter and hateful Islamic screed is your choice and your problem. But do not forget that our Flag and our National Anthem symbolize and represent the highest ideals of this country. They represent the very bedrock of this United States, our Constitution. And it is within that document that we are provided the right, the 1st Amendment right to disagree with you whether you like it or not.

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  • GWB says:

    When you criticize someone for criticizing America (Love it or leave it, Kapernick!) you’re proving that you don’t understand America.

    Well, I am surprised Toure is still around. This was a man for whom the term “logorrhea” is perfect.

  • daddy warbucks says:

    F**k Colin Kaepernick

    America: The Greatest Country on Earth

    Soros, Lynch and Obama feed the racial divide by funding and encouraging ‘useful idiots’ for their excuse to federalize the police to later be part of the Global Police Force, the UN Trojan horse. These people don’t understand that what they are doing is going to ‘REALLY’ repress themselves and remove their freedoms and ability to protect themselves by unelected foreigner authoritarian bureaucrats.

    Obama, Hillary and the entire DNC intends that you “surrender your rights to an all powerful sovereign”.

    Our US government was established, according to Abraham Lincoln,

    “for the people of the people and by the people”, first time in world history, but our now traitorous monster federal government is gradually and systematically handing our resources, waters and water ways, national parks, law making ability, tax obligations and our sovereign rights over a ‘new sovereign international order ‘.

    Obama “Ordinary People are Too Small Minded to Govern Their Own Affairs”…

    Some very interesting stats, worldwide:

    Black Lives Matter: The Rise of the “DINDU”

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