Colin Kaepernick’s Lack Of Class: Won’t Stand For National Anthem Because ‘Oppression’ [VIDEOS]

Colin Kaepernick’s Lack Of Class: Won’t Stand For National Anthem Because ‘Oppression’ [VIDEOS]

Colin Kaepernick’s Lack Of Class: Won’t Stand For National Anthem Because ‘Oppression’ [VIDEOS]

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??!!! This household of longtime Denver Broncos fans certainly is!! Its that time of year when the ‘Boys of Fall’ take to the field.

“Turn and face the Stars and Stripes…” One of the phrases in Kenny’s song that I’m always reminded of when at a Broncos game. For me, my husband who is a retired Army veteran and for so many others, there’s just something about watching the members of the elite parachute club bring our American flag down onto the field. I get goosebumps when I see our flag unfurled and our National Anthem starts to play.


Hats are doffed, hands over hearts, veterans stand at attention, and the stadium rings with American voices singing the Star Spangled Banner in honor and celebration of the greatness that is this country. However, just as several pre-season games kick off, one high profile quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, has decided that our National Anthem is racist and he won’t stand for it anymore.

Yes, Colin Kaepernick, the struggling San Francisco 49’ers quarterback has a problem with the Star Spangled Banner.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game against Green Bay. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Wow. Ok. We get it. You decided to take a stand errr sit for the Black Lives Matter crew. Super duper grand!! NOT. Colin, your timing is suspicious given the fact that you are totally struggling with the game, tanked horribly against Green Bay last week and couldn’t even land a job with the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos!

The NFL and the 49ers organization both issued statements.

Sure, he can CHOOSE to sit instead of stand in respect of our country. That is his right. However, when he with his 6 year $114 million salary decides to whine about oppression and make it political, then he’d better be prepared for the pushback.

Here’s the deal Colin. You want to help blacks climb out of poverty? Then put your time, yourself, and your money into the game. I’d be willing to bet that there are tons of organizations in the San Francisco area who could use your help. Or is getting involved too hard? It must be if you choose to sit on the bench and pout about the situation you think is so dire instead of, you know, actually DOING something. ‘Cause let me tell you, doing something is a lot more difficult and rewarding than making a futile disrespectful gesture.


Colin, you had your chance. You could’ve brought attention to these issues with quite a bit more class than you are currently showing. You could’ve emulated the class demonstrated in 2012 by a world renowned athlete who himself grew up in one of the most oppressed poorest countries in the world.

Maybe you need a refresher course in the history of the Star Spangled Banner and why it means so much to so many, particularly our men and women in uniform?

Definitely a bad decision Colin, especially when this took place during the Olympics.

US Army reservist Sam Kendricks, 23, from Mississippi, was running pole in hand when he heard the first notes of the Star-Spangled banner.
The second lieutenant was set to perform one of his attempts to qualify that day – but instead stopped dead in his tracks and let go of his pole to respectfully stand still.

That’s CLASS.


Colin, I’ll say it again. You want to bring attention to the issues facing blacks and people of color. Then get down in the trenches and DO some work. Sitting your butt on the bench while disrespecting America only makes you look bad and does absolutely nothing for those you are supposedly trying to help.

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  • Race-baiting loser. This is why I have nothing to do with the NFL anymore.

  • Colin is feeling repressed because when he doesn’t perform on the field, his $19 million annual salary drops to about $15 an hour.

    Colin is just an A-Rod, but with less talent.

  • Mike says:

    If Kaepernick won’t stand for the flag, let’s see if he’ll stand in an unemployment line?

  • Kate says:

    The National Anthem isn’t about Kaepernick and his grievance. He can sit if he wants. The National Anthem is about our greater shared heritage that earned those rights. He’s certainly free to be an ignorant jackass though.

    That’s kind of the point of the song, Colin. 🙂

  • Johnny says:

    He’s free to sit if he wants.

    And I’m free to have nothing to do with his team or its sponsors in the meantime…

  • Mickey says:

    Go back to where you came from Colin Kaepernick . Go pick some cotton back in your homeland you fricken sorry ass loser!! Vote Trump!!

  • darwin says:

    Kaepernick converted to Islam. His fiance is muslim and a Black Lives Matter activist.

    His decision to disrespect America has more to do with his conversion and association with the BLM black supremacists than anything else.

  • Barbara says:

    Usain Bolt is not an American, but he shows respect for another county. I think that shows a great deal of character and strength. This football player could learn from this man.

  • GSR says:

    So what. Just because he makes millions doesn’t mean he can’t critique the poor treatment of racial and religious minorities in the US. That’s called freedom something conservatives hate, unless it comes to getting guns. Whether he supports BLM or not is irrelevant but used to incite white passions. Condemn the white whiners crying persecution at the alt-right first and maybe you’ll get some creds. Until then, this blog is a right wing joke!

    • darwin says:

      What poor treatment of racial and religious minorities?

    • GWB says:

      Besides what Darwin said, I would love to see your reasoning on the “conservatives hate freedom” bit. Because that just makes no sense, whatsoever.

      And BLM doesn’t incite “white passions” with me. It incites “intelligence passions” and “passion for reason” and “passion for the truth”. Sadly, BLM has a passion for none of those things.

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