CO Dem Says U.S. Will Lose Right To Vote If Republicans Win

CO Dem Says U.S. Will Lose Right To Vote If Republicans Win

CO Dem Says U.S. Will Lose Right To Vote If Republicans Win

Our right to vote will be lost if Republicans win in November. That is the assertion that Jena Griswold, the Colorado Secretary of State, made over the weekend.

“What we can expect from the extreme Republicans running across this country is to undermine free and fair elections for the American people, strip Americans of the right to vote, refuse to address security breaches and, unfortunately, be more beholden to Mar-a-Lago than the American people,” Griswold, 37, said in an interview with the Guardian.

She added: “For us, we are trying to save democracy.”

That’s a pretty bold assertion for Griswold to make. However, she’s preaching to her base and the Democrats across the country who may pony up more money for her floundering re-election campaign. She’s quite the young fear-mongerer isn’t she? 

Then again, she’s just continuing to parrot the Democrat party line, and I’m sure all the folks on the January 6 Committee are totally in agreement. 

According to Jena Griswold, if Republicans win, there will never again be elections in this country. Or, if there are, she implies that only certain people will be allowed to vote. 

Let’s look at Jena’s track record shall we? It’s …not the greatest. 

Griswold touted her record since entering office, saying she worked to make sure “democracy survived” the threat of a global pandemic and “a President of the United States trying to steal an election.”

She argued that the battle over voting rights will be “a long-term fight” that will extend beyond the 2022 election, but said that so far the experience has strengthened her resolve to “not let people willing to destroy the country to win.

Here in Colorado, we vote by mail-in ballot. The ballots and the system were among the most secure in the country when Wayne Williams was Secretary of State. One of the security features of the ballot is that a signature of that voter MUST be on the ballot for it to be counted. And the signatures are verified before votes are accepted. Griswold wanted to change that

She supported federal House Resolution 1, which would have outlawed Colorado’s ballot signature verification process — a key component of ensuring fair elections.

“She (Griswold) makes these ridiculous claims that Pam Anderson doesn’t support our election process,” Williams told a member of The Gazette’s editorial board. “Pam supports signature verification because it ensures every ballot traces back to a certain person. Griswold wanted to make this illegal. She used state resources to send out a press release announcing her support of HR 1, meaning she doesn’t support our election process.”

Griswold has been a major proponent of letting illegals vote in this country. Which completely explains her support of the HR 1 on the federal level. 

Yet here she is claiming that it will be Republicans who will impede a fair and correct election process. She needs to look in the mirror. 

What Jena has also been doing is using money to run ads. Money she’s not supposed to use. Per Axios:

As she seeks re-election, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold is spending more than $1 million in taxpayer dollars on statewide TV commercials that will boost her image.

Why it matters: The money comes from an account that covers the cost of election equipment and software upgrades — a move that is generating questions and criticism.

County clerks — the elected officials who administer elections in Colorado — wanted to spend the money on improving voting access, but they say they were rebuffed.

Furthermore, the funds she is using were also supposed to help counties bring the voter registration rolls up to date. Something that is desperately needed as I know people who’ve moved (some out of state), but it took them two election cycles to stop receiving ballots at their old address!

Not only that, but this isn’t the first time that she’s used state and federal funds to run ads essentially promoting not only herself but to dig against the election integrity issues. How much has she spent on ads that her office assures us is only to combat election disinformation? Nearly $4.5 million of our taxpayer dollars. 

This most recent ad is definitely causing controversy around the state. 

It’s an ad that supposedly was to run before the August primary. Instead the $1 million buy started running after the primary and was slated to air around 5,000 times in the next weeks. After push-back, the ad has been pulled

Jena Griswold is fear-mongering. Sadly, people do and will believe what she is peddling and won’t look at the reality and the details. 

The reality is, as much as I dislike voting by mail, the Colorado system is more secure than many other systems around the country. The reality is, Griswold wants everyone’s vote to count …for HER without having crucial checks and balances in place. She wants everyone’s vote, even if that person is here illegally, and will game the system to get those votes. If she loses, she’ll blame the Republicans because that’s how she rolls.

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  • Scott says:

    Griswold ( any relation to Clark?) is a mouth-breathing half-wit, and as pointed out above, most likely a criminal.. as such, she’s a perfect leftist.

  • SteveS says:

    The Colorado ballot signature requirement is a fraud.

    The security of signature validation on the Colorado ballots sounds all fine and dandy, but it only takes one of the ballot witnesses to validate the signature. If there is a dispute between the observes as to the legality of the signature, the benefit of the doubt is given to the voter. That is, no matter how messed up, and obviously fraudulent a signature might be, if one of the judges says that it’s acceptable, then it is accepted. After that, the ballot is removed from the envelope — and becomes immediately untraceable.

  • GWB says:

    voting rights
    You keep using that phrase. I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means.

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