Hunter Biden Really, Really Hates Stepmom Jill

Hunter Biden Really, Really Hates Stepmom Jill

Hunter Biden Really, Really Hates Stepmom Jill

There’s one thing, and one thing only, that Hunter Biden and I have in common: we both despise Jill Biden. But more about me later. Let’s start first with Hunter, shall we?


How Much Does Hunter Biden Hate Jill? Let Us Count the Ways

Remember how the mainstream media assured us that when Joe Biden became president we would have a normal First Family once again?

Yeah, about that. The infamous Laptop from Hell™ is revealing another side of Hunter, and that’s his relationship with stepmom Jill.

In short, it’s a hot mess.

In a string of iPhone text messages from 2018, which had been backed up on the laptop, the scandal-ridden First Son called Jill a “vindictive moron” and “entitled c–t” in a text he sent to his uncle James. Apparently Jill was trying to get Hunter help for his drug addiction, and her stepson didn’t appreciate her efforts.

Not only that, Hunter also told Jill that his mental acuity outstripped hers:

“And you do know the drunkest I’ve ever been is still smarter than you could ever even comprehend and you’re a shut [sic] grammar teacher that wouldn’t survive one class in a ivy graduate program.” 

“So go f–k yourself Jill let’s all agree I don’t like you anymore than you like me.” 

Granted, we can all agree that “Dr.” Jill isn’t the brightest crayon in the Crayola box, but holy frijoles!

And you know what other woman Hunter Biden grew to hate? His brother’s widow, Hallie, with whom he had an affair after his brother Beau’s death — while Hunter was still married to his wife Kathleen, no less. Joe Biden gave his blessing to the relationship, although reluctantly, according to Hunter.

But, as things are wont to do with the drug-addled First Son, l’affaire Hallie went south. Here’s what he texted to Hallie at the time:

“F–k my stepmother for always being as much of a selfish silly entitled c–t as you.”

Wow, a twofer! Does Hunter hate women or what? Unless, of course, they’re offering, um, services.

Hunter Biden/women 


If Hunter Biden Had Been a Trump

Like Joe Biden’s family, the family of Donald Trump consists of half-siblings and multiple marriages. The adult Trump children — Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, and Tiffany — are not the children of former First Lady Melania.

But have you ever heard any of those adult children calling her the c-word, or telling her to “go f–k yourself”?

No. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been stresses in Trump family relationships, of course. All families have their conflicts from time to time. But if the mainstream press had gotten even the faintest whiff of Eric or Don Jr. referring to Melania with such vulgarities, there would’ve been urgent news alerts from the New York Times. TMZ would have sent their teams out to hound the sons wherever they went. And BuzzFeed would’ve had a heyday — remember how that website broke the news of the Trump Pee Tapes, even though they weren’t (and have never been) corroborated or verified?

Not that they loved Melania — they hated her too. What the press would love more is any opportunity to paint the Trumps as the Worst Family in the World.

But Hunter Biden? Eh, nothing to see here. Just like the press assiduously ignored the Laptop from Hell™, and then called it “Russian Disinformation.”

Again, ask yourself: what if this had been one of Donald Trump’s kids?

I rest my case.


Why Do I Despise Jill Biden?

Who’s the worst woman in public life? It used to be Hillary Clinton, although she’s a close second. In my mind, it’s Jill Biden. Thanks in part to her, we now have the weakest, most feckless moron to reside in the White House, at least in my memory.

Joe Biden is cognitively deteriorating before our eyes, as well as the eyes of our foes in China, Russia, and Iran. And who stood beside him, urging him to run for president when she should’ve told him that he had no business pursuing the most powerful position in the world?

That would be Jill Biden, of course.

Hell, she even had to prompt him to say “God Bless America” at a July 4 celebration. And when he couldn’t remember what to say, she said those words herself.

If you’ve ever seen a loved one degenerate day-by-day from the effects of dementia, you know that things will never improve. They’ll only get worse. So it’s up to the person closest to the sufferer to protect them and keep them from injuring or embarrassing themselves as much as possible. Typically that would be the person’s spouse.

I know this. My late mother had Alzheimer’s, and my father went to great lengths to keep her safe. He kept her from driving. He locked the door so she couldn’t wander.

Not only that, but decades earlier my dad even took the car keys from his own father after the old man ran into a parked car due to failing eyesight. Dad got a lot of blowback from his irascible father. But it had to be done — not only for my grandfather’s safety, but the safety of others.

Yet Jill Biden had no qualms about allowing her husband to run for the presidency. She should’ve told him that his political shelf life had expired. But no — the opportunity to be FLOTUS was more important to her than her own husband. Or the country, for that matter.

And the press went along with it. “Back to normalcy!” they opined. Sure.

Hunter Biden may hate Jill Biden because his drug-addled brain raged against her attempts to stop his self-destructive behaviors. Too bad she didn’t do the same thing for her husband.


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