“Christo-Fascist” Parents Deserve To Be In The Dark

“Christo-Fascist” Parents Deserve To Be In The Dark

“Christo-Fascist” Parents Deserve To Be In The Dark

A teacher sounded off just the other day on where exactly certain parents need to be-especially those “Christo-Facist” ones. She said that schools must “do more” to keep students’ info secret from these types of parents.

Of course, she’s from (wacky) Washington State. Karen (yep, that’s her first name) Love (yep, that’s her last name), openly said on her Twitter feed that “many students in the nation are not safe from their “Christo-Fascist” parents. It all started with one Tweet:

Parents-check your school districts’ policy regarding keeping info about YOUR child secret from you. There are some scary policies out there. Schools should not have a right to keep info about your child from you unless abuse by you is suspected. There I said it and mean it.”-Twitter handle, The Principal’s Office

Karen, who also calls herself “Kelly”, responded to this Tweet:

I cannot disagree with this more. So many students are not safe in this nation from their Christo-fascist parents. And our guidelines and laws haven’t caught up with this.”-Karen “Kelly” Love

In typical liberal, can’t take the heat fashion, Love has since locked down her Twitter account but the Internet is forever. Thank GOD for screenshot capabilities. Oops. There’s my “Christo-Fascist” coming out. I said “the G word”. Hold on to your pride progress flag, Karen.

Ummm, Karen? I am looking at your picture now. YOU are WHITE. In fact, I venture to say, you are whiter than white. Isn’t it so white of a white teacher in a white, liberal state to talk about how white teachers “support white supremacy and the patriarchy” in their classrooms? She is probably saying this about her colleagues who actually want to teach the basics and graduate the kids. Perhaps those individuals do not choose to cave to the mob and plaster woke BS all over their classrooms? If this is the case, I say good on them.

And, as far as “statistics” go, I am willing to bet Love just pulled those out of thin air. Yet, schools across the nation are slipping this stuff in anywhere they can:

From reading about transgender issues and confusing and traumatizing 5 year-olds, to rape and assault in school bathrooms, to secret chest binders. When is enough just that? God forbid you PRAY before a big football game! There’s those “Christo-Facist” values once again. Fire that guy.

But Karen Love? She cares about these kids. She’s even said so on her LinkedIn (that is not yet locked down):

Teaching and practicing inclusion, self- and mutual respect, and culturally responsive practices center my work.”-Karen “Kelly” Love

So inclusive, to call people who did not vote like you “Christo-Facist”, Karen. Give yourself an “A” for inclusivity. And what, pray tell, is “inclusive” about “excluding” parents from their children’s academic future? News flash, Karen: they pay your salary and should be privy to any and all information of their choosing about what goes on behind the closed doors of a school during any day in-session.

And what about self- and mutual respect? Mutual respect does not involve calling individuals who believe differently or vote differently, “Christo-Fascists”. A family in your school district that does not bow to woke, or support the agenda the school board and directors put forth is not necessarily a “fascist” family. They simply don’t agree. Calling them names does not reflect that mutual respect that Karen Love claims to have. Mutual respect for people who think like me is more like it. There, Ms. Love, I fixed it for you.

And, excuse me, culturally responsive? You see, Karen Love is what is wrong with this culture. One may not agree with the “Social Emotional Learning” agendas that embrace children changing their gender identities more often than they change their underwear, but taking the parents out of the equation is certainly not the answer. In order to be culturally responsive, one must understand many facets of the culture in which we live. Karen, in her close-minded attempt, on her high-horse of “standing up for the right things”, has shown us that she has no respect or regard for anything but furthering a political agenda. She does not care about those kids. If she did, she would not have made such an ignorant statement in the first place.

And yes, Karen. Here I go again with my “Christo-Fascist” mention of God…but thank GOD for public records requests! Can I get am AMEN? How about a “Christo-Fascist”, THANK YOU JESUS?

Yep, Love is Love. Love is also pretty hateful, if you ask me.

Featured image via alamosbasement on Flickr, cropped, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • Cameron says:

    The groomers have been getting really angry as of late. And I enjoy reading about it.

  • Scott says:

    The only “culture” that Ms Love has is similar to what can be found in a petri dish…

    OOh, and Lisa, I hate to call you out, but a title like that is quite obviously is just troll bait for Kevin… You know he’s gonna hit this like a largemouth bass hits a worm…

  • Deborah B says:

    Ms. or is it Mx(?) Love neglects to mention non- Christo-fascists such as Muslim parents and any number of other folks like Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and atheists, etc. who are keenly interested in what goes on in their children’s classrooms. I have a good friend who is non-Christian who would take none too kindly to this crap. Oh yeah. He is also a Democrat. So what label would she paste on him?

  • Stephen C says:

    Can’t find what subject Karen teaches or what curriculum she leads. Her LinkedIn is blank. Figures.

  • Penrod says:

    Karen and her ever so mutually respectful cadre apparently hold the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights section 26.3 in utter contempt: “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.”

  • GWB says:

    Karen (yep, that’s her first name) Love (yep, that’s her last name)
    Now now, Lisa. Just because her namesake (Love Canal) was full of toxic waste doesn’t mean she should be assumed to be full of toxic waste….

    Christo-fascist parents
    I keep telling you people that Progressivism is a religion. This is exactly the sort of language used to speak of infidels and apostates. She is a religious fundamentalist for progressivism.

    She is probably saying this about her colleagues who actually want to teach the basics and graduate the kids.
    Yep. “Competency is white supremacy.” Egad, what a stupid religion.

    Teaching and practicing inclusion, self- and mutual respect, and culturally responsive practices center my work.
    Absolutely nothing about what useful actual school subjects she teaches. Because she is nothing more than a Progressive priestess evangelizing and indoctrinating children into the most fundamentalist progressivism as possible.

    taking the parents out of the equation is certainly not the answer
    In the Progressive religion, it certainly is. The children belong to their god, The State, not to the parents whom God tasked with raising them.

  • Greg Nansimus says:

    Pio Nino (Pope Piuse IX) baned voting as God ordains our leaders as the elect who deserve to lead us.

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