China Gets Media Cover, California Stops Moving

China Gets Media Cover, California Stops Moving

China Gets Media Cover, California Stops Moving

Los Angeles became the second major city to issue a “stay-at-home” order to try and combat the spread of COVID-19, the Wuhan coronavirus, but then Governor Gavin Newsom locked down the entire state.

What does an order like this actually mean? Everything is shut down except for what is deemed “essential – which means that if you don’t deal directly with medical services, grocery retail, child care or a handful of other exceptions, you are stuck at home through April 19th, and it could even be longer.

The “Safer at Home” order calls for nonessential businesses to cease operations that require workers to be present in person.”

Residents should stay at home when not participating in essential activities like shopping for food, hardware supplies and medication. Gatherings should not be held beyond people inside a single home.”

“The only time you should leave your home is for essential activities and needs,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said.”

California is concerned that without these extreme measures, that the infection rate in the population could be as high as 56 percent. Newsom has asked that the Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy, which will be stationed on the West Coast, be initially sent to Los Angeles (initial reports had the Mercy‘s initial destination as Seattle, but the Pentagon has not made a final decision).

Meanwhile, the press is continuing to wring its hands over President Trump continuing to correctly point out that this virus originated in China. The continued hysteria of calling this outbreak the Wuhan virus, or the Chinese coronavirus, or whatever may possibly point to its origins, is utterly stupid. We are getting continually bashed over the head with how important all of these social distancing and quarantine measures are in order to save lives, and the media is not demanding answers about how China absolutely and completely lied and allowed this pandemic to be unleashed on the world, with the spineless acceptance of the World Health Organization.

Nope, they want the president to be more “sensitive” about hurting the communist Chinese government’s feelings, even though they are actively trying a disinformation campaign claiming that the United States military “planted” the virus on them. Fortunately, President Trump is having none of that.

How many pandemics should China be allowed to continue to turn loose upon the world? We’ve had SARS, we’ve had bird flu, and now we have the Wuhan coronavirus/COVID-19. At what point does the world as a whole turn and point a finger at China, and tell them to ban wet markets because they are stupidly unsanitary and allow the consumption of “exotic” animals that should NOT be eaten? The entire tanking of the world economy can be solely laid at the feet of the communist Chinese government, who destroyed evidence of the new coronavirus strain and forced doctors to recant when they tried to warn people.

Senators Tom Cotton and Marsha Blackburn, along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, want China held accountable for the damage they have done and the lives they have cost us all. We are headed for a global recession, thanks to the evil intentions and iron grip of communist China, and the media is missing the story right under their noses because they are too worried about being politically correct and soothing the ChiCom’s “feelings.”

I’m sure the people who are being ordered to “shelter in place” in California are not deeply concerned about the hurt feelings of Xi Jinping right now. They are deeply concerned about getting through the next month, flattening the curve of this virus, and then trying to pick up the pieces in a shattered economy once we are allowed to resume some kind of normality. And in the meantime, if we slap China with sanctions unless wet markets are ended, and shame them before the entire world for getting the American media to cover for them and trying to dodge the blame, so much the better.

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  • Scott says:

    Good points all Deanna, While I agree with your comments about the wet markets, I still can’t help but think that between the scientists destroying evidence, and the Chinese accusing us of bio warfare, that they are taking a page out of the democrat playbook of accusing us of doing what THEY actually did. yeah, i know, tinfoil hat… but there just seems to be too many coincidences…

    As to California, if you read the list of which businesses are “essential”, you’ll find that cannabis shops are on the list… i guess ya gotta keep the sheep stoned so they don’t start thinking for themselves and revolt…

    And of course, all the homeless are exempt from this rule.. (kinda like criminals are exempt from gun registration..)

  • GWB says:

    calling this outbreak the Wuhan virus
    not deeply concerned about the hurt feelings of Xi Jinping right now
    I’m still calling it Winnie The Flu, in honor of Xi.

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