CDC: Vote Even If Covid-19 Positive Or Quarantined

CDC: Vote Even If Covid-19 Positive Or Quarantined

CDC: Vote Even If Covid-19 Positive Or Quarantined

VOTE! Even if you are Covid-19 positive and/or are quarantined, get out here and VOTE says the CDC! No, this is not the Babylon Bee.

“Voters have the right to vote, regardless of whether they are sick or in quarantine.

Voters who are sick or in quarantine should take steps to protect poll workers and other voters. This includes wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet away from others, and washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before and after voting. You should also let poll workers know that you are sick or in quarantine when you arrive at the polling location. Check with local authorities for any additional guidance.”

Here we go again. The virus is REAL! The virus is DEADLY! Lockdown EVERYTHING! Do not go to church. No singing either! Wear a mask everywhere! No sports unless socially distanced 300 feet from one another or something. Keep the kids out of school otherwise teachers will die! Halloween is canceled. Funerals are banned, unless you are a political figure or George Floyd. Trump rallies are super spreaders, but seven months of rioting and looting is totes adorable. 

Oh wait, I see. This is for those who were diagnosed in recent days so it is too late to get an absentee ballot. 

“For tens of thousands of Americans, that may be the only option: People who received their test results in the past few days missed the cutoff to request an absentee ballot in most states, and getting an exemption typically requires surmounting arduous logistical hurdles, as The Post previously reported. But the prospect of casting a ballot alongside someone who is sick is unlikely to defuse the tension surrounding mask-wearing at polling places — something that remains optional in multiple states.”

So, the CDC issues guidance and essentially grants folks who have COVID-19 an exemption. They get to break quarantine to go vote. Even though every election cycle, people fall ill and are unable to make it to their polling places. Even though there is a surge in positive cases and hospitalizations right now, go VOTE anyway!!

The CDC has flip flopped on so much of this over the last months. Airborne or not airborne.

“For the third time in less than a month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has altered its guidance on how Covid-19 spreads. The agency said Monday that airborne transmission is possible, but that it’s not the most common way the virus travels from person to person — a position that was published and then removed from its website in September.”

Now, after repeated warnings about how DEADLY this virus is, the CDC tells us that those in quarantine can go out in public and VOTE? The CDC is now telling all of us that no matter the diagnosis of Covid-19, you can go to a public polling place and VOTE??!!

They sure are trying to have it both ways and on Sundays too. 

The CDC with all of it’s flip flops and now with this guidance regarding voting has ensured that it has lost all credibility with me. 

Voting is a very special right and responsibility that we all have as Americans. However, for a government agency to tell Americans that the virus is dangerous, but voting while infected is ok, is irresponsible on every level. 

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  • GWB says:

    The CDC with all of it’s flip flops and now with this guidance regarding voting has ensured that it has lost all credibility with me.
    Oh, they lost their credibility with me when they pulled the crap they did with ebola. And with the bs they turned out related to guns. They lost their credibility loooong ago.

    I can only hope others are waking up to the Cult of the White Lab Coat into which they have been indoctrinated by the media and their schooling.

  • Well, I trust the white coat that I go to. After checking my diagnostic manual and PDR, that is.

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