Cat Announcement Shows White House Desperation

Cat Announcement Shows White House Desperation

Cat Announcement Shows White House Desperation

This has not been a good week for the Biden-Harris administration. Let us count the ways…

The economy continues to waffle, as the Federal Reserve announced an impending interest rate hike this week. The White House tried to distract everyone with a doctored graphic chart about the awesomeness of the growth of the economy – and got caught.

The southern border situation continues to be terrible, with flights dropping off illegal immigrants, mostly single men, into the country, and DHS Secretary Mayorkas admitting that yes, things are hard right now.

COVID-19 continues to be the corner that Biden and company have painted themselves into, but this week proved to be particularly embarassing for the administration when they had the FDA yank monoclonal antibodies, got asked some hard questions about all these home test kits, and were forced to do their best Emily Litella impression and said “never mind” to the emergency rule vaccination mandate that OSHA was going to force down on private businesses.

Justice Breyer announced his retirement, but it happened in a very messy way – and the comparisons between Biden and Breyer were not all that flattering when the official announcement was made.

Are we sure the right old guy is retiring??? The one staying seems less cognitively sharp than the one who is leaving.

The news out of Ukraine continues to be tense. The State Department told Americans to get out of Ukraine while the getting was good, which provoked a “what are you doing??” reaction from the European Union and Ukraine itself. It’s clear that the shadow of Afghanistan is looming large over everything the Biden administration thinks about (as well it should, given the disgraceful exit and the numbers left behind), so much so that the phone call between Joe Biden and Ukrainian president Zelensky is now a topic of hot debate. Did Biden say that Kyiv could be “sacked”? That reporting has been contested by both the White House and Ukrainian officials. Here’s the problem: does everyone believe that Joe Biden COULD have said this? Absolutely and without a doubt, he could have said that!

Could we get a transcript? Remember, the last guy in the Oval Office put out some transcripts

So yeah, this week has not been a good one at all for Team Biden. What to do, what to do…

Guess it was time to “break the internet,” as Jen Psaki once claimed would happen, and distract everyone in the media by yelling “SQUIRREL!”CAT!”

Yes, the media’s long-awaited wish has come true – the Bidens have a cat. And naturally, the media took the bait and aren’t pressing the Biden White House for… oh, let’s say, a TRANSCRIPT of the Zelensky phone call. Would these “defenders of democracy” have been so distracted if Donald Trump had brought in a pet animal during the first impeachment? Yeah, that’s a bet no reasonable person would take, because we all know the answer.

Let’s see, we have a new dog (and the quiet rehoming of the previous one), and now a new cat. The new puppy was announced just after the blocking of the Build Back Better bill and the White House’s fallout with Senator Joe Manchin. No better time to announce a new furry distraction to the media!

Yes, the cat is a pretty tabby. THAT’S NOT THE POINT, MEDIA. And how much do you want to bet that the cat gets a mention on every single network news show tonight?

Team Biden is desperate to change the subject. The cat ought to be a sufficient enough distraction to get the media off their backs until the weekend officially starts, right? However, even as pretty as Willow the cat is, I don’t think she will be enough to stop people from noticing if a shooting war begins in Ukraine.

Featured image: Willow the cat via Jill Biden’s official government Twitter account

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  • AF JAG retired says:

    Yes but this neglects the important questions. What role has the cat played in President Biden’s talks with Putin? What is the position of our NATO allies on the cat? Most important, is this cat part of an effort to cover up that the Bidens have allowed the White House to become infected with rodents?

  • […] elderly man to be walking or training a puppy, but Biden has had the dog for five months now, and Willow the cat for four months. Even Jill Biden’s Twitter feed has only shown the pets once each since […]

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