Carville: Liz Cheney will be next House Speaker

Carville: Liz Cheney will be next House Speaker

Carville: Liz Cheney will be next House Speaker

Carville predicts Liz Cheney as new House Speaker. The Ragin’ Cajun Carville is up to his elbows in predictions once again. James Carville, the 78-year old who helped get Bill Clinton elected is once again forecasting the 2024 Presidential ticket as well as a new House Speaker for the New Year of 2023.

We will pass on his proclamation that Biden will pardon Trump for now. Cause, damn. However, is there some street cred about the 2024 Presidential ticket being void of both Biden and Trump? Possibly.

James Carville predicting that Biden won’t be on the ticket is nothing new to most people. It seems that no Democrat wants Biden near their campaigns right now. Whether it be a medical leave of absence or Biden finally being forced into retirement to enjoy the grandkids, Carville probably has this one right.

But the fortune-telling of Liz Cheney becoming House Speaker in 2023? Now, I know what you are thinking; no way on God’s green earth will Liz Cheney become Speaker of the House. Right. I know. I get it.

Consider all the things that you thought would never happen, but happened anyway? I’ll wait.

Now, think about when Kamala ran for President but became Vice President. Think about men being allowed to compete in women’s sports. How about those Covid lockdowns? Or the mask mandates. And small businesses being shut down. Didn’t see any of that coming either did you?

It’s possible Carville is right.

Seeing Liz Cheney becoming House Speaker is tame compared to what we’ve already been through so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carville called this one correctly.

So yes, it could happen. You know as well as I do that our big government will do whatever it wants and get away with it.

While James is no dummy, he has been known to be a little nuts.

And here he is on CBS News just a few days ago. Does it seem like he’s having second thoughts about his predictions?

Oh well, but don’t be shocked if good ole boy Mitch and RINO Lizzy are conspiring as we speak to make Carville’s prediction come true.

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