Guest Opinion: Migrant Real Estate Notice – Aspen

Guest Opinion: Migrant Real Estate Notice – Aspen

Guest Opinion:  Migrant Real Estate Notice – Aspen

“Attention Border State Governors: Aspen, Colorado may well be able to accommodate over 1000 new arrivals.”

Although winters in Aspen Colorado tend to be dramatic and harsh, Aspen’s playground atmosphere and cool summers can only benefit those who seek a better life. Service positions are readily available in the many tony restaurants and shops, while snow removal and resort operations are in constant need of seasonal employees.

Colorado’s  Marijuana sales and service can readily accommodate those migrants familiar with the cultivation and marketing of Cannabis. Aspen boasts numerous dispensaries.

Aspen, Colorado’s Chamber of Commerce civic motto is “Defy Ordinary”. Though not listed as a sanctuary city, their website is extremely helpful.  

Local Authorities may want to update signage so as not to confuse civil, economic or religious sanctuary with the famous John Denver Sanctuary which is a small memorial park with attractive pathways and gardens.  Be advised there is no public parking at the John Denver memorial but the city recommends you use the nearby parking garage.

Aspen’s proximity to Arizona and shared border with New Mexico place the city of Aspen and the state of Colorado in a unique geographical position to welcome new immigrants immediately upon their arrival in the United States. Border State Governors should take advantage of this quirk of placement in the few more weeks before winter.

Migrants will find the people of Aspen, progressive, welcoming, and enormously helpful even if found in a downtown railway station, one toke over the line.

“Migrant Real Estate Notice” will return next week with another attractive locale.

Hat Tip VDH for giving Madame X the idea: Martha’s meltdown model – Victor Davis Hanson (





Today’s Guest Opinion satire writer is an anonymous person who chose the nom de plume of “Madam X”. She declined providing a bio at this time.

Featured Photo is “Downtown Aspen” from Wikipedia, and used under CC-BY-SA-3.0.






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  • Scott says:

    Hey now, I got 5 years before I can retire and leave Cali-East.. Please don’t make it any worse than our side saddle governor already has, at least until I can jump ship.

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  • Micha Elyi says:

    Didn’t take long before one of the haters, Scott, showed up to dump on California.

    Scott is reversing cause and effect. Remember, for over 150 years net migration was from the Colorado direction into the Golden State. For the cause of California’s present difficulties, look at the residents of the 49 less popular states and their kith and kin.

    Too bad California didn’t have something more robust than agricultural pest inspection stations at its border crossings. A whole lot of trouble in California caused by westward migrants could have been turned back.

  • Ampleforth says:

    I’m going to Aspen on my mini-bike.

  • American Human says:

    Recommend (all in New York)
    Carnegie Hill
    Battery Park
    Upper East Side

    I heard there is plenty of room and the people are happy and welcoming to immigrants (as long as they arrive with a few million $$)

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