Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell” And The Media

Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell” And The Media

Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell” And The Media

You know Clint Eastwood’s movie about Richard Jewell and the media rush to judgement is going to be good when the press throws a tantrum about it.

The timing of this movie couldn’t be better given that we’ve been treated to Fake News from the media for several years now. Furthermore, many of those whining about how this movie (which many haven’t seen yet) shows how wrong the media was, are the ones who are part of the problem!

The Atlantic Journal-Constitution has their panties in a bunch over this movie. Why? Because it makes their reporter and reporting on the story look hideously bad. Guess what guys? It was. So what do they want?

You see, they don’t like that the movie seems to show that AJC reporter Kathy Scruggs had some type of sexual relationship with one of the FBI agents. The AJC is now demanding the studio put up a disclaimer saying that this particular part of the movie is “fake news.” 

I find it so very interesting that the AJC is super worried about how their publication and reporting looks in the movie given that the AJC has NEVER apologized to Richard Jewell, nor his family for their role in destroying his life. What’s great is that Warner Brothers has told AJC to go pound sand. Meanwhile, Clint Eastwood’s response is perfect. 

“I think the Atlanta Journal (sic) probably would be the one group that would be sort of complexed about that whole situation because they are the ones who printed the first thing of there being a crime caused by Richard Jewell. And so they’re probably looking for ways to rationalize their activity. I don’t know for sure. I haven’t — never discussed it with anyone from there…”

I love that Clint points out that they are trying to rationalize their culpability regarding Richard Jewell. Their pearl clutching over this makes them look even worse than they already are.

This mea culpa from Henry Schuster, a CNN reporter in Georgia at the time, infuriated me. Why? 

“We in the media got it wrong, even though our reporting was right. There’s the paradox: Jewell really was the FBI’s main suspect. Yes, the FBI has a lot to answer for, but this is about our responsibility. Suppose that CNN had been more nuanced and called Jewell a person of interest; our repetitive and relentless coverage would still have made it look like the authorities thought he was the culprit.”

Oh that’s just great. Your reporting was correct, but we were kind of sort of wrong. And golly gee, I’m oh so sorry that I wasn’t man enough to apologize directly to Richard Jewell when I had the chance. Bullshit.

You WANTED that scoop and you got it. You never stopped to think that Jewell was acting the way he was because, hello! cameras, tv studios, and reporters yelling questions at you would make ANYONE nervous? It is very evident that you still don’t get it. You still refuse to understand that, in the interests of the scoop of the decade, you rushed the  story and then kept hammering away at Richard Jewell and refused to investigate any further.

Fast forward to today. Henry, has the media learned its lesson on rushing to judgement as you imply in your cute little non-apology editorial? NO.

Russia Collusion

Covington Catholic 

Christopher Steele, the DNC, and the Dossier

Carson King 

The WSJ’s awful take on the Jersey City attack

The list is very long.

But noooooo! Let’s have the media snivel about how just one aspect of a movie makes them all look bad!

You see, reporters NEVER sleep with their sources! Yeah, about that.

According to Will Bunch, this movie is one we don’t need right now. Why? Because it will supposedly empower all us deplorables who hate the free press. No Willie. What we HATE is that YOU as a member of the press has been working 24/7 for the last fifteen years or more to destroy this Republic from within.

What the media doesn’t like is that Clint Eastwood’s movie hits too close to home. Furthermore, what the media ALSO doesn’t like is that we are fighting back against their chosen narratives and the Fake News that many of them peddle.

So yes, this movie is needed now more than ever.

Richard Jewell saved lives. And for that he was hounded and vilified by the media and the FBI.

I plan to see “Richard Jewell” this weekend. I hope our readers will as well.

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  • Incentives determine everything. The media wants stories that will sell papers and commercial space or time. Law enforcement wants to close cases as rapidly as possible. With these factors alone, we can explain the majority of America’s current problems with both institutions.

  • It’s a sad thing – but whenever an MSM outlet claims that their “journalists” did not do some thing, I am inclined to believe that they did.

    In this case, I find it quite plausible that their “journalist” was hopping in bed with an FBI agent (especially as there are many KNOWN cases of just that behavior to get scoops from government officials).

  • twolaneflash says:

    The day before the Centennial Park bombing I took my wife and three children there for the concert. I was holding my 7 year old daughter on my shoulders so she could see. A man who was standing next to us turned out to be Italian security and gave my daughter an Italian souvenir Olympic pin. What happened the next day became deeply personal for us. I followed the whole sorry episode unfold on tv and in The Urinal and Constipation, including the hunt for Eric Rudolph. Having watched the actions and behavior of both the FBI & corporate media since that time, I am convinced America is better off without either. Such corruption cannot be cleansed, it must be buried.

  • GWB says:

    It appears the movie bombed on its opening weekend.
    Let’s get out there and see this movie. Clint needs to be rewarded for doing this right (so it seems).

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