Breed Doesn’t Like The Fun Police

Breed Doesn’t Like The Fun Police

Breed Doesn’t Like The Fun Police

San Francisco, California has been one of the most locked-down cities since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, does not like being called out by “the fun police” on her most recent hypocrisy, however.

Just this past week, Breed was seen singing and dancing and having a grand ol’ time at a San Francisco nightclub earlier this week-without a face diaper! Take a look:

Is it me or does this clip make Breed look as if she thinks the rules simply do not apply to her? Hey, spitting into a microphone maskless about mask mandates while surrounded by police and security workers donning these mandated masks speaks volumes, I’d say.

While I’m eating and drinking I’m going to keep my mask off.”-London Breed

And while taking selfies. And while dancing on a crowded dance floor, London Breed will keep her mask off. From the page:

Because of the Delta variant, we have more cases of COVID-19 right now. You are required to wear a mask to stop the spread of the Delta variant. You must wear a mask even if you are vaccinated.”

And this:

San Francisco and 7 other Bay Area health officials have issued Health Orders requiring masks indoors in public places. Almost everyone must wear a mask from August 2nd.”

Students in San Francisco and Bay Area schools, K-12, for over 6 hours a day must wear masks, according to this. If your two year-old asthmatic child is on a plane and is having a hard time breathing and does not understand why he’s being forced to wear a mask, he may be called a “noncompliant passenger“. But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Anna Wintour, Megan Rapinoe and Billie Eilish, to name a few, could strut the Met Gala carpet, maskless, while onlookers and the help covered their faces.

We wanted to close New York fashion week and celebrate the museum and the fashion community. We wanted to be a symbol for New York.”-Anna Wintour

Eff you, Anna, you stick-up-the-ass, elitist pig. I’ve got your symbol right here.

As we hop back to the West Coast with San Fran Mayor London Breed and her maskless nightclub escapade, she had this to say:

My drink was sitting at the table. I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask. I was thinking about having a good time and in the process I was following the health orders. The fact that this story became about me and less about the artists and nightlife, which I will continue to enjoy in San Francisco, is very unfortunate.”-London Breed

Oh, you were in the spirit, Ms. Breed? How long until you and your buddy, Mr. Newsom squash that holiday spirit again by telling families they shouldn’t gather for Thanksgiving or Christmas or Hannukah? The only unfortunate thing (fortunate for us) I see here is that London Breed was called out. Still, she doubled down:

I’ve been very careful, not just because I want to set an example but because I don’t want to get COVID. I also want to make sure that I’m not someone transmitting COVID to other people.”-London Breed

I love these virtuous “I’ve been very careful” types. A few weeks ago, I had to travel to Arizona to check on my mom who had a pacemaker put in. I got this very passive-aggressive text message from her friend who has been “very careful” and was “very concerned” that my 15 year-old son had not yet had the COVID vaccine. The message was a long, text message of “brutal honesty” about how she did not agree with my stance and she did not want to pass COVID to him nor did she want to get COVID from him. Mind you, he had COVID with the rest of us way back in January. Mind you, she can hang out with her 25 year-old daughter who works from home (but travels frequently) and she can pay visits to the tattoo shop to get some ink on her arm. So very careful, she is, indeed.

Let’s break this down a bit more…I guess if you’re in the spirit and on the right side of this narrative, you can’t catch COVID from (even the aggressive Delta Variant) or give COVID to (even the aggressive Delta Variant) others-at nightclubs, at tattoo parlors, if you’re Speaker of The House in need of a dye job, or in your travels to $30,000-a plate dinners. Follow the science, you dumb hayseeds!

Breed was accompanied by Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and singer Raphael Saadiq. Both “safe” people, no doubt. Both were also not wearing masks while carousing. Several Bay-Area business owners called on Breed to address the hypocrisy. What did Madame Mayor have to say? That she and other nightclub goers “don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing.”

So now, we’re the “fun police”? To members of the fun-police-peasant society of individuals who have to wear masks eight hours a day at work, while sweating in your local gyms, while serving customers at a restaurant, we salute you. To members of the fun police who are told to mask up their children and get them their shots, keep calling out these elite twits. Yeah, Ms. Breed, some of us are proud members of the “fun police”. I guess we all know what you and your BLM cronies think about police so we should be on the lookout. It’s cool. We’ll continue to remain in the spirit of things and call y’all out on the carpet. The lowly serfs have spoken.

Photo Credit: Chad Davis/FlickR/CC BY-SA 2.0/Cropped

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  • Cameron says:

    People like her deserve no quarter. If they are not going to live by the rules, then they can’t complain when others choose to ignore them. And if it takes throwing them into wood chippers pour encourager les autres, that’s fine with me.

  • Lewis says:

    Thanks for that, Lisa. Having just had a “significant” birthday, meaning the years are piling on, I have decided I am not taking those “passive-aggressive ” emails from my own family any more. They can call me when they need some transfusions or whatever else they might need from me, but as for now I am not taking calls. Do as I say doesn’t get my attention as much as it used to! I am so sick of one set of rules for thee and one for me! Resist!

  • ROP says:

    After I get home from deployment wont be flying again. Don’t care. The more that comes out the more it is evident that weve been played.
    FDA came out that people are dying. Shot causes heart problems in young men. What else are we not being told ?
    Wont take the shot No Sir! My GOD is taking care of me. not you.

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