Border Patrol releasing murderers, rapists, and Democratic voters into America

Border Patrol releasing murderers, rapists, and Democratic voters into America

Any bleeding heart pro-amnesty DREAMERS care to comment on this?  Please…I’m begging you.   Let’s see your explanation and excuse for ANY OF THIS.  And if I see the word “racist” anywhere in your response (or “BUSH!”), you will have quadruple back-flipped confirmed my belief that all liberals have collectively lost their minds.  You wish harm on Americans because you cannot let go of your fantasy that this is an “humanitarian” crisis.

From the CBS (yes, that’s right…CBS) article:

“Even if he’s a confirmed gang member, a confirmed criminal even by self-admission, we for some reason don’t send them back to their home country, we release them into our country.”

Cabrera added that morale among border agents is at an all-time low.

“Our agents aren’t allowed to do the job they were hired to do,” Cabrera told Fox News. “We’re walking more and more people out the door … they’re catch-and-release that have family units. The criminal aliens that are coming in, some of these young gang member kids that are coming in, and there’s no criminal history in the United States, we’re releasing them out the door and more and more it gets frustrating.”

And speaking of comments, please scroll down in the CBS report to the comments.  Often, comments from readers are very enlightening.  Remember, this is CBS…not Fox, and it’s not the Rush Limbaugh website.  I’d like you reflect on the outrage ALL Americans are feeling about the effort of the Left and the Obama administration to turn this country into complete chaos while they proceed with their Democratic voter drive.

Here’s my favorite comment:  

“Overburdened legal system? How about the over burdened townships and local municipalities that you are flooding on purpose? How about enforcing already existing laws and utilizing the three checks and balances in place instead of just changing things to your whims with the swipe of a pen?

How about you stop smiling in our faces, asking us to stick out our hands, dropping a big ole steaming pile into those outsretched hands, and telling us to “Eat up! It’s good for you, this is the truth, you can believe me, I work for you!”

Makes my blood boil every time I hear Biden, Pelosi, Reid, or anyone open their damn mouths about this acting like it is the American peoples problem. You manufactured this problem, and your reaction solution is getting fought tooth and nail because everyone knows it is absolute BS.”

We, at Victory Girls, have written extensively on the coming disaster that is the result of porous borders and a treasonous President.  More than one of us has begged our readers pay attention and get involved.  You can forget the Constitutional professor who swore an oath to defend and protect America to do anything about it.  Or any of the Socialist scumbags who continue to support and excuse the actions of this President.

What a mess of smarmy, self-congratulatory, hypocritical cowards.

And for those who got the vapors about the inclusion of “Democratic voters” in the title of this post, please consider this:  If the swarm of welfare sucking aliens weren’t inclined to vote Democratic (welfare sucking is a feature of a Democratic voter, not a bug) but rather Republican because they came to this country to become citizens, obey laws, not be a gang banger, and succeed in a free market society, Obama would have built a fence 25 feet high, across the entire southern border and ordered border patrol agents to shoot at will.

I rest my case.

UPDATED:  Hey!  If you don’t believe me about Democratic voters coming over our borders, maybe you’ll believe a….Democrat.

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  • Jodi says:

    Spot on, Catherine. Not surprisingly, my Democrat friends remain silent.

  • David says:

    I have mixed feelings about the whole mess. If it were truly mothers and their children coming in desperate need of help – I could see more of a case for allowing them in. But reports and photos are showing a lot of gang members, older teens and violent criminals crossing over. This isn’t good for anyone -including those here from Central America who are just as likely to be victimized as citizens are.

  • brat says:

    Amen! Well said, and I’ll repeat what I always say: PAY ATTENTION!!! To do otherwise is to continue disaster..

  • Tina says:

    And just think by letting the gangbangers loose your not only putting us in danger but those few that honestly did flee for lack of safety in their home countries the danger just followed them here.

  • William says:

    This is exactly how the Democrats rule the cities they control, like Detroit. The crime rates stay, scaring the people from actively protesting and breaking their spirits. Get them dependent on handouts and the Democrats can drop all the steaming piles in the voters’ faces they want and they will keep voting Democrat.

    All they are doing now is importing more crime and danger for the common folks while they sit smugly in their Lilly White gated communities and think they are safe from it all. Kind of like every other Third World state where the elite are isolated from their policies behind high walls and armed guards.

  • Jodi says:

    Gutierrez should be removed from office for treason. He’s advocating for a foreign invasion of our country.

  • Eleanor in Hell says:

    Invaders from Central America and Mexico are not your only worry.
    An open Southern border is a pathway for invaders from far and wide. Radical Islam already has sleeper cells throughout America; watch the left hand, not the right hand pointing to women and children. 🙁

  • M says:

    Gutsy, spot on article Catherine…. THANK YOU!

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