Blame States For Lack Of Economic Recovery, Not Trump

Blame States For Lack Of Economic Recovery, Not Trump

Blame States For Lack Of Economic Recovery, Not Trump

The faltering economic recovery in the United States isn’t the fault of President Trump, no matter what Steven Rattner says in the New York Times.

According to Steve, President Trump has been lying about the facts of the economic recovery. Plus, those tax cuts were wrong!

“To accomplish only that much, Mr. Trump needed one of the largest tax cuts in history, a cut that grossly favored business and wealthy Americans while exploding our deficit. Almost 85 percent of the benefits of the bill went to businesses and to those with incomes above $75,000.

Americans in the top 20 percent of incomes received a 2.9 percent increase in their after-tax incomes while middle-class Americans got just a 1.6 percent increase. Businesses responded to the cuts by raising dividends and share buybacks to record highs while an initial increase in capital investment quickly faded.

The Trump administration claimed that the legislation would pay for itself through increased economic activity. That, not surprisingly, turned out to be another lie. The deficit jumped to more than $1 trillion last year from $681 billion in 2017, the calendar year before the tax cut.”

Did he even read what he wrote? Since when are tax cuts supposed to be retroactive? Seriously, when was ANY tax cut passed that went back one or several years in the past and cut taxes? That would be in the realm of NEVER. 

But that’s fine. You see, even worse than the tax cuts… that pesky virus thing! Let’s hit the high points shall we?

A. President Trump handled everything badly

B. Economy contracted by 10.6 percent

C. Unemployment rose to 14.7% with 22 million jobs lost

D. Minorities, especially Blacks were hit the hardest

E. Job growth in July was less than in June

F. More layoffs and furloughs coming soon 

G. More businesses will close permanently

I could go on, but you get the gist of Steve’s point. It’s all Trump’s fault that this is happening to us!

Except for a couple of things. 

The states that continue to mandate arbitrary rules and lockdowns. 

In Colorado, Polis dictated that bars could only stay open until 10pm, but just recently moved that to 11pm. Meanwhile, there are over two hundred restaurants around the state that have closed permanently. In my community, there are seven businesses just along the Main Street that have also closed permanently. 

In New York City, De Blasio is working overtime to kill the restaurant industry. In-house dining at restaurants? We have no plan declares De Blasio! 

““It’s jaw-dropping that there’s no plan for the more than 25,000 eating and drinking places and 300,000 workers in our city,” Rigie said.

“If there’s no plan to reopen in the near term while the rest of the state is open indoors, what’s the plan to support New York City’s small businesses and workers while they’re shut? Where’s the rent relief?” Rigie asked.”

Arbitrary rules by Governors who would rather blame Trump for all their woes instead of realizing that it has been THEIR mandates, THEIR rules, and THEIR temper tantrums that are killing the local economies.

Another thing not mentioned in Rattner’s cute editorial?

The Riots. 

Will Milwaukee ever recover from the riots that have decimated a significant portion of the downtown area and destroyed several hundred businesses? It will take decades to do so I’m afraid. Chicago is just as bad.

Portland is now into nearly ninety days of destruction and looting in the downtown area. It is spreading to the suburbs as well. Portland isn’t alone, Overland Park Kansas is seeing rioters tromp through neighborhoods demanding free crap and reparations for imaginary woes. 

A Quiznos in downtown Denver, run by a family for twelve years, was trashed this last weekend for no good reason.

A car dealership was set on fire last night in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Yet Steve goes on Morning Joe this morning and gravely opines that our economy is in a shambles. 

The thing is, the recession we are in COULD end this year or at some point after the first of 2021.

The economic issues we are dealing with have NOTHING to do with President Trump, and everything to do with how states have mishandled the lockdowns. The states suffering the most should blame their state and local leadership for the economic hardships they are facing. 

Quick question: Did Steve have anything to say about Joe Biden’s promise to totally shut the economy down if scientists tell him to do so? Not that I can tell.

You know what would HELP our economy recover?? Two things:

End the arbitrary lockdowns by power-hungry governors.

Shut the riots and looting down HARD before more businesses get destroyed.

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  • opus says:

    The Media has gotten so over the top that any person who is not a half wit recognizes what they are doing. They won’t figure it out until the tears roll again in November. Their collective stupidity is a real head scratcher. Trump is certainly not well spoken and boorish at times, but as a guy that despises the majority of politicians I don’t get the pathological hate for him by the Media. When they help elect him again the exploding heads will be amusing.

  • Harlan says:

    Reality is not what “is”, but what the libs and dims SAY it is.

    They couldn’t pull it off without the fake news “media”.

  • Rdm says:

    Divide the economic recovery into red states and blue states. I imagine there is a significant difference.

  • Dale says:

    If I heard right, Georgia leads the nation in economic recovery. Kemp may have done it right.

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