Biden’s team wants Trump to speak after silencing him

Biden’s team wants Trump to speak after silencing him

Biden’s team wants Trump to speak after silencing him

Biden’s pandemic team, not the Biden administration, wants Trump to tell his supporters to get the vaccine but seemed to have forgotten they stripped Trump of his right to speak.

Biden’s administration is realizing there is a worldwide pandemic happening. Luckily, Biden’s team was handed two vaccines by the Trump administration to combat it.

Biden was vaccinated in December before measuring for curtains in the White House. Veep Kamala was vaccinated before setting up her voicemail even though she clearly stated during the campaign debates she would not take a vaccine developed by the Trump administration. More on this in a moment.

Even better, Dr. Anthony Fauci made himself available to the incoming Biden administration and is continuing his crazy train of advice that no one listens to anymore. Current media touts Fauci as a great epidemiologist because of his early work in the 80’s during the early and later stages of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Dig a little and it becomes clear Dr. Fauci is a decades-long train wreck who should not be in charge toddlers, let alone a national pandemic.

Bruce Nussbaum, author of Good Intentions: How Big Business and the Medical Establishment Are Corrupting the Fight Against AIDS, lays out a sordid tale of Fauci’s kingdom building of his precious government agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NAIID) spending much of his efforts garnering government funding for “research” that didn’t do much while people died. Sound familiar?

“Tony Fauci’s managerial incompetence had exacted a staggering cost. By 1987, more than a million Americans were infected by the AlDS virus. Not a single drug treatment had come out of the government’s enormous biomedical research system. In the end, Fauci barely survived by handing over control of the government’s only AIDS drug trial program [to a pharmaceutical company].”

Fauci’s decades of ongoing failures continued right up until the Wuhan virus made the front pages, and his new gig was found in Trump’s inner circle. His gig was almost up under President Trump. However, Biden was inserted into office and kept Fauci around.

“Fauci is an excellent politician who survived four decades and five presidents — two Democrats, and three Republicans. Considering the mental acuity of the country’s incoming president, and the ongoing anxiety among its citizens, it appears the politically skilled but scientifically inept Fauci administration is not going anywhere soon.”

Biden’s pandemic team, headed by Fauci, can’t seem to get Republicans to take the vaccine developed under Trump’s watch. It would help if they actually gave Trump credit for developing the vaccine. Biden’s team now wants Trump to speak up about getting vaccinated, but forgetting he’s been silenced.

Monday morning, Biden stood before media and was asked if he felt Trump should encourage people to get the vaccine. Uh oh, Joe just got an unscripted question. What could possibly go wrong?

“I discussed it with my team and they say the thing that has more impact than anything Trump would say to the ‘MAGA folks’ is what the local doctor, what the local preacher, what the local people in the community say…”

Joe just told people to talk to their pastor. Where? At church? There are *gasp* large gatherings of people at church. Really?

A doctor’s office? A doctor’s office where preventative medicine is limping and backlogged from a year of closing and opening? Or maybe a Zoom call? Here’s a crafty idea, Joe. Why don’t you have Kamala go on the media circuit and tell people she was wrong in October for saying she wouldn’t get the vaccine? Kamala’s little snark in the debates might have something to do with getting the public to take the vaccine.

Interesting. Fauci went on the media circuit this last weekend pleading with Trump over the airwaves to tell Republicans to get the vaccine. He told Fox News Sunday,

“If [Trump] came out and said, go and get vaccinated, it’s really important for your health, the health of your family and the health of the country, it seems absolutely inevitable that the vast majority of people who are his close followers would listen to him. He’s such a strongly popular person…I cannot imagine that if he comes out that they would not get vaccinated. It would be very helpful to the effort for that to happen.”

Mainstream media continues their derangement syndrome over apparently Trump not telling people to get the vaccine. How dare he take the vaccine in private in January? How dare he not tell his followers (that is progressive-speak for “voters”) to get the vaccine? He spoke at CPAC, but who watches to CPAC?

Wasn’t it nice of them to point out Trump told people to get the vaccine at the recent CPAC event? How would anyone know? Trump’s CPAC video has been pulled off mainstream media streaming services.

Here at Victory Girls Blog, we will take this opportunity to speak in small sentences and short words so progressives can follow along.

Trump isn’t telling his voters because he can’t. Reread this sentence if it didn’t make sense. Again.

Here’s another angle, Trump’s ability to make a public statement was yanked in January. Read this slowly– he couldn’t make a public statement in January because no one would publish his statements. If they did, they were deplatformed.

Trump can’t make a public statement anywhere. Twitter permanently banned Trump’s prolific Twitter account in January, and he’s been banned from all major social media since. Parler was deplatformed by Google, Apple, and Amazon because they considered allowing him to have an account.

How in the heck can Trump be expected to make a public statement? MSNBC has the gall to get up in Trump’s business for not making a statement? Who has a headache by now? I do.

Mr. Trump, if I may even dare to use this forum to speak for you.

To Psaki, Fauci, mainstream media, social media platforms and all those dolts who now suddenly realize this pandemic is a real thing. You had your chance to cross political lines in 2020, put on your big people pants, and be at the front of the international pack in terms of response, vaccine, and scientific breakthroughs. You were handed all those things when you set up your offices in January. Additionally, you played a huge roll in shutting down free speech in the silencing of President Trump who handed you these gifts. It is just rich that you now want him to speak up and make a statement for you.

To you we say, pound sand.

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  • John A Wilson says:

    Here in Chicago there’s a major campaign to get black and brown folks to get the vaccine because there is massive mistrust of government programs in the communities of color against taking the vaccine. Who was putting the words into Fauci’s mouth? The polls they refer to are probably fake. IMO.

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Hasn’t Trump put out several statements? I’ve certainly heard and seen them in the news, including the mainstream media. I bet Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, talk radio, and other outlets would be quite happy to have Trump on. I even bet if Trump said he was going to hold a press conference the mainstream media would be there to cover it. Trump is a master of self promotion. If he wants to say something about getting vaccinated that would get widespread coverage, he knows how to do it. I hope these sentences are short enough for your reading comprehension.

    • I hope that this one has small enough words for you, Q. He said to take it at CPAC. That was gone the next day.

      But maybe ONE syllable is not within your range of comprehension.

    • Shelby Gallagher says:

      If you’ve seen these statements on the news of Trump saying he recommends people take the vaccine….then why is Fauci going around saying it would sure help if he did? Why are MSN-BSers losing their collective minds that he hasn’t? Did you watch the video link? The scope of whining is impressive. I covered these details in this piece.

      I should’ve used even smaller sentences….I knew it.

  • Joseph Archer says:

    Scotus allowed election fraud. Only chance….

  • AlbertaLyle says:

    Gee, if only there was some mechanism by which public figures could communicate with us. Say in small blurbs of 140 characters, or with comments and pictures on a metaphoric wall, or something like that. And we could follow them to have an idea of their thoughts and feelings about issues.

    I don’t know what you would call such a communications product though……

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Thanks for your response, Lil’ Miss Bullet Shelby. You wrote the following: “Trump can’t make a public statement anywhere.” “Trump’s ability to make a public statement was yanked in January.” I was responding to your pissing and moaning that Trump had no platform to make a public statement. I wasn’t commenting on Fauci’s appeal for Trump to make a public statement. I was commenting on your contention that Trump, who is a master at getting media attention, was unable to get coverage from the media. I haven’t followed Trump much recently, but I was aware he’d said something about vaccinations at CPAC. I guess there was some media coverage of this, otherwise how would I have known? This morning I saw that Trump had recommended getting the vaccine in an appearance he made on Fox so I googled “Trump covid vaccination,” and saw that this has been covered by CNN, NPR, and ABC, and many other news outlets. You wrote: “Trump isn’t telling his voters because he can’t.” If this is so, how was he able to go on Fox and recommended that people watching, who are very likely to be his voters, get vaccinated? I don’t agree with his CPAC speech being yanked, but he has had many other outlets to make statements besides CPAC, and as I mentioned, I knew he’d made a statement about vaccinations at CPAC.

    Your portrayal of Trump, who is a master at getting media attention, as some poor thing who had no means to get a message out about getting vaccinated was ludicrous. As I said when I first responded to your histrionic article, Trump could have gone on outlets like Fox if he wanted to get a statement out about vaccinations to his voters, as he did yesterday. And as I said, Trump has put out written statements that received widespread coverage in the press, so how can you say that his ability to make pubic statements was yanked in January? Was he being prevented from going on Fox News and making a statement about vaccinations until yesterday? Yes, Trump was banned from Twitter, and his CPAC speech was taken down, but he certainly has had many other outlets to get out a message.

    Okay. Lil’ MIss Bullet, run along and poilsh your firearms. I hear the kraken is coming soon so you’ll want to be prepared.

  • Shelby Gallagher says:

    Sigh….Q, let me repeat my question, if Trump is making all these public statements (BTW I saw his clip from Hannity from last night), then why are the MSN-BSers excoriating him for not? They have the same search engine you and I have. Why are they losing their mind saying (lying) that he hasn’t? Why is Fauci making the same statements?

    Trump’s ability to make a meaningful public statement was yanked in January. I stand by that statement and the proof of that argument I made.

    For the rest of you who have read this far, this is leftie-troll cookie cutter behavior you’re seeing from Q. First, jump in the argument and go down a rabbit trail to a nit-picking degree, while not applying the same nit-picking standards to his position. It’s puts the opponent on the defensive and takes you off your argument. It is never good to be on the defensive–it’s a position of weakness. It’s also pretty pointless and simply turns you into a keyboard warrior in desperate need of sunshine.

    The final thing they (leftie keyboard warriors) do is personally attack their opponent with insults. He did this several times in his little tirade, which simply makes him look like a middle school bully. He will never answer the question I pose and he will continue to insult me. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    I won’t engage in his tactics, and he won’t answer my question. He also will continue to read pieces we put out on VG looking for ways to be nit-picky instead of actually considering the argument, write a nasty comment and insult the writer. My tactic is to stand by my work, my words.

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  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Ll’ Miss Bullet Shelby, you say you don’t engage in insults yet you wrote, “Here at Victory Girls we ill take this opportunity to speak in small sentences and short words so progressives can follow along.” Instead of insulting one person, you insulted an entire group of people, which is par for the course for Victory Girls, yet you take issue when one person (you) is insulted. As to your question, until yesterday, the only statement I was aware of that Trump made about encouraging vaccination was his speech at CPAC, . As I said, he could have gone on outlets like Fox news like he did yesterday at any time to encourage people to get vaccinated. He could have put out a written statement. Hasn’t he done this several times? Did you not see the coverage of the written statements Trump has released in which he has criticized his opponents? They received plenty of press coverage. Your contention that Trump has been unable to make any “meaningful” public statement is ludicrous.. His appearance on Fox yesterday shows that it’s ludicrous. I checked again and his comment on Fox yesterday got coverage from many media sources. He could have gone on various media outlets anytime he wanted or released a public statement. Trump was vaccinated in January, yet somehow he couldn’t have used his own vaccination to make a public statement as other well known people have?

    Your analysis of the left was interesting. Why don’t you turn your critical eye on yourself and your behavior? Okay, now run along and make some deer jerky for your bunker supply like a good Victory Girl, Lil’ Miss Bullet. Oh, I’m sorry, did I engage in a personal insult? I’m sorry, but I’m just following the example of your leader, Donald Trump, who regularly makes personal insults and uses derogatory nicknames for others, I’ll take your comments about personal insults seriously when you call out Trump’s use of personal insults and you don’t engage in insults yourself.

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