Biden’s Call For National Day of Prayer Omits God

Biden’s Call For National Day of Prayer Omits God

Biden’s Call For National Day of Prayer Omits God

Barack Obama was not a big fan of the National Day of Prayer. In 2019, he only issued a proclamation. Proving that the Biden/Harris Administration is Obama 2.0, Joe Biden has also issued a paper proclamation. It omits any mention of God.

We have been beaten over the head with Joe Biden’s devout Catholicism. From the Voice of America:

During the transition and his first month in office, the president attended Mass weekly and also goes to church on his religion’s major holidays. At his inauguration, a Jesuit priest offered the invocation. And in his initial speech as president, Biden quoted St. Augustine, a key early church philosopher.

Behind Biden’s desk in the Oval Office is a photo of him meeting Pope Francis. At Monday evening’s White House ceremony marking 500,000 coronavirus deaths in the country, the president made the sign of the cross, as a military band concluded playing the Christian hymn “Amazing Grace.”

Church attendance is super groovy. Making signs and using symbols is very nice. Joe Biden is more like a Cafeteria Catholic. Cafeteria Catholics pick and choose what to believe from the Bible and which Church Doctrine to follow. For example, ripping babies from the womb is specifically against God and Church Doctrine, but Biden is cool with that. Which is why I shouldn’t have been surprised by Joe Biden’s Proclamation for the National Day of Prayer. You can read the whole thing here. Note the wokey-woke language in the first paragraph:

Throughout our history, Americans of many religions and belief systems have turned to prayer for strength, hope, and guidance. Prayer has nourished countless souls and powered moral movements — including essential fights against racial injustice, child labor, and infringement on the rights of disabled Americans. Prayer is also a daily practice for many, whether it is to ask for help or strength, or to give thanks over blessings bestowed.

I bet Americans prayed their knees off during World War I and World War II. Biden was in the Senate on September 11, 2001. I also bet that Americans prayed with everything they had that day that God would heal our Nation. Our Nation has faced some pretty horrific problems and praying to God has been a tradition since 1775. The Continental Congress prayed to Divine Providence. Biden couldn’t even mention Providence in his proclamation. Harry Truman signed the National Day of Prayer into law in 1952. From Truman’s first proclamation:

Now, Therefore, I, Harry S. Truman, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim Friday, July 4, 1952, as a National Day of Prayer, on which all of us, in our churches, in our homes, and in our hearts, may beseech God to grant us wisdom to know the course which we should follow, and strength and patience to pursue that course steadfastly. May we also give thanks to Him for His constant watchfulness over us in every hour of national prosperity and national peril.

Truman gave God a mention. Donald Trump also gave God a mention or two in his last call for a National Day of Prayer:

In our times of greatest need, Americans have always turned to prayer to help guide us through trials and periods of uncertainty. As we continue to face the unique challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans are unable to gather in their churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship. But in this time we must not cease asking God for added wisdom, comfort, and strength, and we must especially pray for those who have suffered harm or who have lost loved ones. I ask you to join me in a day of prayer for all people who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and to pray for God’s healing hand to be placed on the people of our Nation.

Some of our favorite Twitter Conservatives noticed that Joe left out God in HIS proclamation:

Franklin Graham noticed too:

Reverend Graham is too right. Joe Biden probably never saw this proclamation. It was probably written by some random 22 year old staffer who thinks that the mention of God is offensive. Franklin Graham is a very good man. He gives old Joe the benefit of the doubt that Joe wouldn’t leave God out of a call for a National Day of Prayer. I am not a good Christian and I am sure that he would. I don’t usually encourage people to watch the video. Please watch this one. Franklin Graham’s prayer is powerful.

Finally, if you don’t pray to Divine Providence, to God the Creator, who do you pray to? What is the point?

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  • Joanie Gee says:

    Don’t many Catholics pray to Mary?

    • James Thompson says:

      As a Catholic the answer is no.

      • Scott says:

        Strictly speaking, that’s not true James.. the “Hail Mary” prayer is directed to the Mother of God.. that being said, prayers are also offered to various saints, in addition to God. I think it would be more accurate to say yes, Catholics at times pray to Mary, but we only WORSHIP God..

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    You see why Satanism is so simple; there’s just the one Big Red Dude.

  • GWB says:

    In 2019, he only issued a proclamation.
    Ummm, Toni, why would 0bama issue any proclamation in 2019, when Trump was President?

  • GWB says:

    Biden quoted St. Augustine
    They mean slandered him, right?

    praying to God has been a tradition since 1775
    Ummm, I’m going to throw a Nikole Hannah-Jones flag on this one. If you’re talking first Anglophone settlements, that tradition started on April 29, 1607, when the Reverend Robert Hunt led a first public prayer near Jamestown.
    If you’re talking Spanish language settlements, St Augustine was founded in 1565, and there was a Huguenot settlement north of there in 1564. I’m pretty confident those communities had regular public days of prayer.

    Glad you brought this up, Toni. It’s important to recognize upon whose grace we rely, especially in these times of revolution and the surrender of our freedoms.

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