Black Hammer Group “Liberates” Colorado Land For CHOP Commune

Black Hammer Group “Liberates” Colorado Land For CHOP Commune

Black Hammer Group “Liberates” Colorado Land For CHOP Commune

The Black Hammer communist and virulent anti-semite group has “liberated” 200 acres in Colorado for their own new and improved commune.

Hammer City will be built in the high mountains of southern Colorado. Their goal?

“Black Hammer advertises the project as building “a city for all people of color to be free” regardless of their “nationality, gender, age, mental/physical differences” or other characteristics.

Additionally, the organization promises that the commune will have employment, “food,” “housing,” and “healthcare” in addition to “[n]o cops, no rent, no Coronavirus, and no white people.”

Woohoo!! The ultimate DREAM! Food, water, and housing will magically appear while the Covid Wuhan lung rot will magically disappear! The land is amazing and all who reside there will magically thrive. 

“Our comrades who had the chance to visit the land sang only praises of the land-how the land is perfect to build our eco-friendly and durable earthbag homes, the beautiful rivers and streams that pass through it, and the amazing flora and fauna we will be living in community with,” the post reads.


Hate to burst their bubble, but burst it I will. Two hundred acres of high mountain land in Colorado is rocky, it’s full of clay, and definitely not easy ground to work with while building an earthbag home or planting a garden. Furthermore, the planting and growing season in Colorado is VERY short. Oh, but wait, perhaps they’ll be as successful as the CHAZ/CHOP kiddies were in Seattle with their garden! 

Keep in mind, most of the “gardens” in the Seattle CHAZ/CHOP had a base layer of concrete, cardboard on top of that, a few bags of dirt dropped onto the cardboard, and then seeds thrown in willy nilly. A thriving garden?? Yeah…no. 

Try building a thriving garden right now, with hopes of harvesting throughout the summer and before the first freeze in the fall in Colorado. 

Where will they get the garden soil from? How will they pay for it? Where will they get the lumber from if they are going to build raised garden beds? How will they pay for it?

I mean seriously, if these folks, who also advocate that Anne Frank is a bleach demon while insisting that burning her books and saying as much isn’t anti-Semitic, really want to not be beholden to anyone, then they should be immediately self-sustaining…right?

I have more questions. 

Where will they get their water from? The three streams that traverse the property? Unless they build a piping system, the only way they can get water from those streams is to use the bucket method. How long will it take for the commune members to start bitching about how much “WORK” it is to get water for food, drinking, and bathing?

Oh, and the state of Colorado plus the federal government might frown on taking water from the streams. 

Speaking of which. For long-term water needs…anyone know how to dig a well? Probably not. 

How about their power sources? What will they use for lights in the evening? Battery-powered lanterns? Oil-lamps? 

What about a heat source for hot water, and cooking food? Will they be toting BBQ grills up the mountain for their cooking needs, or go the very old-fashioned route of cooking over an open fire? Let’s hope they don’t start a forest fire. 

How do they plan on communicating their reparation demands (the Mao Level will cost you $199 – yay big spenders!) to the world from their new little commune? Carrier pigeons? 

Keep in mind Black Hammer also thrilled to enjoy the flora and fauna they’ll find. Let’s hope they have purchased the appropriate books with which to identify the plants that are edible and the plants that aren’t. Meanwhile, about the critters that roam through Colorado. Bears aren’t pets, nor are they friendly, especially if it’s a mama with cubs. Think they have any idea what to do if someone gets bit by a rattlesnake? Do you think they are planning for any an all medical contingencies such as falling down the mountain, getting stuck full of cactus, encounters with snakes, etc? I doubt it. 

Don’t get me started on the transportation questions! Oh wait, horse and wagon?

These folks are colonizing in order to …PROTEST colonizing. In an area that is 10,000 feet about sea level. An area where the winters aren’t friendly at all, and it can start freezing by Labor Day. 

Good question! Just wait until they find out they have to pay property taxes! I wonder, will any of the reparations donations be earmarked for those taxes?

I tell you what? This is even better than any reality show on TV right now, plus it’s giving the madness what was the Seattle CHAZ/CHOP a run for it’s money. I give Black Hammer three months at most and will be quite amazed if any manage to make it through the winter. 

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Feature Photo Credit: Fence, logs, mountain trail by MKMKennedy via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Scott says:

    ” Let’s hope they have purchased the appropriate books with which to identify the plants that are edible and the plants that aren’t.”.. You’re nice than I am Nina, I hope the exact opposite…The longer these fools are there, the more they’ll shit up the area.. Give it a year (or likely less), and it’ll look just like the ghettos they came from..

    I say build a fence around it so the damage can be contained, and once they starve to death, or more likely kill each other off, the ground can be reclaimed with minimal effort..

  • cirby says:

    It’s already being called “Donner City.”

  • NTSOG says:

    Jones Town Mk. II?

  • John C. says:

    Well, if it’s for colonized people, the British Isles were colonized many times, by many waves of people. The Romans took the place 2000 years ago; the Normans a bit over 900 years ago. And the unspeakable things the English did to the Irish! The Irish still hold Oliver Cromwell in the same deep regard the Jews hold Adolf Hitler, for much the same reason. It’s a pity these people are such racist bigots.

    • Lewin Wickes says:

      And do not forget the Saxons, the Angles, the Danes, the Jutes, the Vikings, etc. Why, it’s a multicultural wonder!

  • jack burton says:

    Colorado has some of the toughest water rights laws in the country. There are lawyers in the state who build entire careers doing nothing but water rights cases. I foresee real problems for these good folk if they plan on using the water that passes thru the property. It is not their water.

  • Shivv says:

    Hope none of them have sickle cell, because that thin air at elevation will not be kind. There used to be a guy on the Steelers who couldn’t play in Denver because of it.

    Also, don’t kid yourself. The second things get rough they’ll come back to civilization and blame everyone else for things not working out.

  • gebrauschund says:

    Was anyone else reminded of this little ditty from the 70’s?

  • Bruce gv says:

    Most of the stuff is probably irrelevant. The important thing is surviving the first winter. How are they going to stay warm? Gets pretty cold up there. Need both shelter, a heat source, water, and food. For heat, they might haul a lot of firewood up the hill there, or maybe use a lot of propane, which again they would need to haul up there. The water will of course be frozen. They could, of course, dig a well. Except that they would be digging through solid rock – probably something Iike granite. A lot of granite there. And it isn’t likely to be near the surface. Maybe a couple hundred feet down – if they can find it in the first place. A normal person would have the well put in professionally. But these guys probably can’t do that – because they don’t really own the land they intend to squat on and professional well drillers won’t drill wells where they would have to trespass – as here.

    I give them first real snowfall. Late September or early October. When they run out of pot and munchies. That is why I don’t think that things like water rights are that important.

    Looks like there is only one woman in the entire crew of squatters. Addressing that problem from a communist point of view, as they are presumably duty bound to do should have interesting ramifications. Where is the equity of one guy getting all of the sex? Sharing is the equitable solution…

    • GWB says:

      Going to disagree with you on one point: they apparently do own the land they have “liberated”. They appear to have bought it (based on their own claims).

      As to the sex, why should only the woman be required to share? /communism

  • John says:

    Jack Burton, one more reason we stay east of the Mississippi! Greeeeeeen!

  • Steve says:

    May I suggest that we wish most fervently for their success, in order that “all people of color… regardless of their “nationality, gender, age, mental/physical differences” or other characteristics” move there and leave the rest of us in peace? It is preferable to have a localized, walled-off tumor than a general metastasis.

  • Sheila Garrett says:

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to building Hammer City, where will usher in a new #world where no one lives at the expense of another

    Please continue to support us at! You can also Cashapp $BuildHammerCity!


    • just another tech guru says:

      Sheila, your link went to a “Campaign not found” page. Please fix, my wallet is busting to do good deeds!

  • Cbiscuit says:

    I just keep thinking of how much wood it will take to stay minimally warm enough to survive a winter at 10.000 feet. I spent a winter at 7,000 feet probably 100 miles south of them and recall how cold -24 degrees was. Glad we had electricity. My mother told of when my parents were first married in the 30’s they would wake in the morning at times with frost on the pillow from breathing. The issue was not the methods of warming a house. The issue was how expensive it was for many people.
    Notice their survival is based on enough donations to “import” food and energy to their utopia.

  • Eric says:

    I bet that the first thing they plant is marijuana.

  • Pray for that poor dog says:

    This is probably going to end poorly, as communes do. The only one in that I care about is the dog, which will likely end up on the menu before too long.

  • Rich Vail says:

    They’ll be done by christmas…

  • FretlessT says:

    Socialism is self-limiting. In this case, thankfully, only stupid people will die.

  • Idawizard says:

    I have three weeks on my betting board. I feel for the people that will have to clean up these idiots mess. Guaranteed, it will be a mess.

  • Paul Carrier says:

    10,000 ASL… this should be fun to watch.
    Any idea the exact location of the land they are trying to buy.. (not liberate, buy) ?

    Also.. do you think the producers of the movie “Hammer City” might be interested in this copyright infringement ?

  • Mike S says:

    These hippies are worse that the hippies from the ’60s and ’70s. I lived in two different communes and got the hard cure for communism, and it didn’t even cost me my life. The organizers skim the best of what comes in as “donations” and try to run everyone’s lives. Jim Jones was not an aberration, any situation where people are recreating society, some dysfunctional control freak (or group of control freaks) will wrest control and micromanage said society.

  • B. Carnahan says:

    Wait – wasn’t this originally land of the Ute Indians? So Black Hammer is just another group of colonizers, right?

  • Lewin Wickes says:

    If these fools really want to know how its done, they should study the Hutterite communities of the Midwest and Canada. These are essentially socialist communities. They provide everything for their members. They live well. They have been successful for well over a hundred years. But there’s a catch: YOU HAVE TO WORK.

  • Poor Lazlo says:

    Dear Hippies. Do us all two favors
    Give up before the snow, or at least bring a satellite phone with you.
    That way the poor dogs and cats unlucky enough to belong to you won’t get eaten before you get help.

  • Russ Wood says:

    Terry Pratchett had it right in “Good Omens”. Writing about a bunch of hippies that tried a commune in Wales, and failed miserably, he wrote “They found out just why the whole press of humanity was to get AWAY from Nature”.

  • Max L. Smith says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. No further proof needed.

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