Biden: “Strike Teams” Will Go Door-To-Door Pushing Vaccine

Biden: “Strike Teams” Will Go Door-To-Door Pushing Vaccine

Biden: “Strike Teams” Will Go Door-To-Door Pushing Vaccine

“Strike Teams” will be at your door in the near future. If you or someone in your household hasn’t gotten vaccinated, you will very possibly get that knock on your door.

President Biden outlined several strategies Tuesday to persuade more Americans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, including “door-to-door outreach” in targeted communities and stepped-up efforts to get vaccine to primary-care doctors and pediatricians who can encourage adolescents to get shots as they head back to school or get ready for fall sports.

There are several things wrong with this idea. 

One: The CDC and the vaccine manufacturers still haven’t answered the questions surrounding the very concerning heart issues for young men and teens who’ve been vaccinated. 

Two: Kids and teens are the ones LEAST at risk for this damned virus! 

Three: The door-to-door “strike forces” issue smacks of government overreach and major intimidation. 

The language Psaki used was deliberate. It is designed to have people ready to jump right into that line, drag their children into that line…EVEN THOUGH there is NO LAW that says we HAVE to get the vaccine!

“Strike Forces” will be showing up at your door to tell you that the government has viewed your medical records and discovered you don’t have that Covid vaccine. 

How many socialist communist governments in history have engaged in such behavior? Too many. The U.S. really REALLY shouldn’t be going down this road.

But Biden is here to bumble around and tell us that getting everyone vaccinated, whether they want to or not, is the “patriotic” thing to do. 

Oh sure, that’ll make everyone sprint to the nearest vaccine site won’t it? Ummm, yeah. I doubt it. In response to questions, good ole ‘circle back’ Jen Psaki had this to say (emphasis added via Legal Insurrection):

PSAKI: “By the end of the week, the United States will be nearing 160 million people fully vaccinated, which the President will touch on today as well, which is critically important, as fully vaccinated people are protected against the Delta variant. He will also stress how the administration will continue its effort to work with governors, local leaders, and across the public and private sector to get more Americans vaccinated by making vaccines available in more health care settings and respond to hotspots. The President will outline five areas his team is focused on to get more Americans vaccinated. One, targeted community by community door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring they have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is. Two, a renewed emphasis on getting the vaccines to more primary care doctors and physicians, something that we’ve seen as a very successful tactic with reaching groups with lower vaccination rates in the past few months.”

Guess what guys? We KNOW how accessible the damned vaccine is!

But here’s a key point. How many people have been vaccinated thus far? 160 million plus. 

How many people had the virus? 34,600,521 as of this morning.

How many people have recovered? 29,112,082

So, essentially, over 205 MILLION people are protected from the virus. 

Oh, but wait! People who’ve gotten vaccinated are coming down with the virus again? 

So, the vaccines don’t work? Or do they? But the variants as with the multiple flu variants we’ve dealt with over the years are now something we have to deal with? Doesn’t anyone in the government understand that the vaccine hesitancy is precisely because of news like this?

Back to this entire door-to-door crap with “strike teams.” Which communities or states will be targets? Likely the ones with the lowest vaccine rates, which includes my home state of Wyoming.

I can just picture it now. Some group showing up at your door, and instead of demanding your papers, is SHOWING you the papers and demanding you get a vaccine. 

‘I’m the government and I’m here to MAKE YOU COMPLY!’

Guess what folks? It is precisely THIS that we fought the American Revolution. It is actions just like this that got us into World War II. It is actions like this and the shut down of information and critical thinking that have led many to view China and our own government with rightful suspicion. 

Keep in mind, NONE of these vaccines have received FDA approval. NONE of them. Yet now our government is tossing the Constitution aside and will be showing up at our doors with “strike teams” to force the vaccine hesitant to get the shot? 

I couldn’t agree more. We are a REPUBLIC and it is about damned time we started holding politicians accountable for that. The Biden Administration is going to far with this move. It is authoritarian and totalitarian. 

In this Republic the government ONLY operates on OUR say so. This idea of sending “strike teams” door-to-door is antithetical to who we as Americans are. It’s time, past time, for us to put our foot down. 

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  • JAW3 says:

    I always ask for ID when some political goof comes to the door and that policy will apply to the vax nazis. And it always helps to get their id’s. I got the vax but I will not cooperate with a vax nazi door knocker. Come take my vax id out of my cold dead hands, punk!

  • Bruce Hayden says:

    “ I always ask for ID when some political goof comes to the door and that policy will apply to the vax nazis. And it always helps to get their id’s. I got the vax but I will not cooperate with a vax nazi door knocker. Come take my vax id out of my cold dead hands, pUnk!”

    Good idea.

    I don’t expect to see someone at my door here in rural NW MT. Just isn’t done. About the only thing that you can do door to door is religion, and maybe Amway. But if someone does come to my door pushing the vaccine, I think that the discussion will quickly change direction. What are the fatality rates of COVID-19 under 20? 20-30? What are the complication rates in these age brackets? Why are you pushing vaccination of demographics where more people, per capita, are probably dying from the vaccine than the virus? Do you know what an EUA is and means? That the EUA arguably doesn’t apply to those under 30 or so, because risks and rewards are supposed to be stratified? What is the current ratio between the original alpha and the delta variants? So far, what is the best estimate of infectivity and lethality of delta, as contrasted with alpha strains (last I saw, Delta was growing quickly, displacing alpha, with a fatality rate of roughly 1/10 – approximately that of the seasonal flu)? Did you know that there is evidence that the vaccines very often cause miscarriages? Do you like the blood of dead teenagers and babies on your hands? Do you sleep well at night, with all this blood on your hands?

    If we all start asking these types of questions, this sort of approach by the Biden Administration isn’t going to go very well.

    • Scott says:

      Well, given their penchant for unrestricted abortion, I’d guess the answer to your question about them liking the blood of dead babies on their hands would be a resounding YES… Never forget that they are self centered ghouls.. you can’t make an omelet and all that..

  • ROP says:

    First Question Is this legal Answer NO its not
    Second I don’t believe Biden and the rest got the Jab. Saline maybe

    If they show , call the police and say you are fearful ( which with the government you should be) and say you have intruders on your property and they mean you harm, Press charges

  • Scott says:

    “EVEN THOUGH there is NO LAW that says we HAVE to get the vaccine!”.. Actually, there’s a law, albeit an old one that say the government CANNOT force you to get it (though not in so many words), If I recall correctly, it’s THE CONSTITUTON!..
    Had a physical yesterday, and my doc asked about the “vaccine”.. Don’t think he was planning on getting such a detailed dissertation on why i have not, and will not be getting it.. But in the end, he let me finish my rant and didn’t push further, so good on him.
    Our county Sheriff just posted to facebook (not on there, so can’t link) a response to this BS.. It had a picture of him at the range, Cowboy hat, boots, jeans and tooled leather belt, along with tactical armor with SHERIFF clear on his back. It said “Going door to door my A**, NOT in my County”… Colorado may have turned blue (assuming it’s not all because of voter fraud), but my county sure as hell hasn’t!

  • SFC D says:

    Is this an admission by the federal government that they’re tracking who is and who is not vaccinated? I do not foresee this program working out very well in SE Arizona. Hey, NSA, since I know you’re reading this, pass this along to your fellow three letter agencies: If you’re at my door, you better have a warrant.

    • I can hope that the strike team visits Bowie first. With or without a warrant, the bodies will probably never be found.

      Unfortunately, I live over a bit more west, where the Brown Vagina, Dupnik’s Doppelganger, and the Grijalva Cartel hold sway. But they’d better still have a warrant.

    • SDN says:

      I can absolutely guarantee you they are tracking who’s vaccinated; the company I work for built the software for HHS to do so. And no, it isn’t a HIPPA violation; Obamacare and the HITECH legislation require doctors to send the data on vaccines in general to the government.

  • ROP says:

    Sound like the candy man to me. Any of you older folks know what I mean.

    Also a large number of people with the D variants ( sic) had been vaxx now we know what the jab does. Creates
    variance replicants of itself to continue the infection and spreads.
    They tried to dispel that shedding takes place but I and others that haven’t got ( nor will ! ) the vaxx and work with people who have are having skin eruptions like a rash and poison ivy. It goes away after a few days so I guess our immune system is beating it. Just one of the many problems this vaxx is causing and the lies they are spreading.

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