NY State Of Emergency Shouldn’t Be About Guns. It Should Be About Coumo Himself!

NY State Of Emergency Shouldn’t Be About Guns. It Should Be About Coumo Himself!

NY State Of Emergency Shouldn’t Be About Guns. It Should Be About Coumo Himself!

Governor Cuomo should really take a good long look at the man in the mirror. As Cuomo declares NY state of emergency to address surge in gun violence, he refuses to acknowledge that his and his lefty cohorts in positions of power are to blame for all of New York’s (and those around the country) spike in crime over the last 18 months. The State of Emergency shouldn’t be about guns; it should be about Cuomo himself. 

As far back as 1999, Andrew Cuomo has been trying to find a way to circumvent the 2nd Amendment.  While working as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, he clearly stated his intent to use his position to declare war on the gun manufacturers as noted in the Washington post:

“If we cannot come up with a satisfactory resolution” through negotiations, “HUD would bring a class action suit on behalf of public housing authorities,” Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo said in an interview yesterday. “I think it’s a clear signal to the manufacturers that enough is enough. The status quo is unacceptable.”

And just a few months later went on to say:

“[Gun manufacturers] will suffer “death by a thousand cuts” if they continue to fight each of the communities that is suing them over gun violence.”

And he’s been trying to live up to that position ever since.  So when I read in the USA Today article that he will sign into law a bill making it easier to sue gun manufacturers, I have to wonder if he’s suffering the same kind of dementia that we all know Joe Biden is suffering from.  Does he not recall that his scheming with Bill Clinton in the way back when led to the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, signed into law in 2005?  It specifically PROTECTS gun manufacturers from being sued for the bad actions of an individual using their product.  Much like you can’t sue an auto manufacturer when a drunk ass idiot plows down a bunch of unsuspecting victims.  And SCOTUS has upheld the bill as constitutional multiple times.  So does he think the ever more conservative crew on the Supreme Court is going to reverse those opinions??  What the heck is he smoking?

But Granny-Killing Cuomo can’t let go.  I literally had my soda shoot out my nose when I read this quote:

“[M]ore people died from shootings in New York over the July 4th weekend than of COVID – 51 shooting deaths compared to 13 COVID deaths.”

No $#!& Sherlock, you already killed half the old folks when you sent COVID patients to the nursing homes!

It’s like he can’t even begin to see the correlation that keeping people out of work under the guise of COVID safety won’t affect poor communities more than wealthier communities.  He throws out this little statistic without stating the obvious:

“He cited state statistics that showed about 4,000 youth aged 18 to 24 accounted for 49% of the cities’ shootings.”

Hmmm… I hate to name the elephant in the room, but where exactly do you think these 18 to 24 year-olds live? The Upper East Side?  Nope, not so much.  According to this graph, it’s primarily in areas with heavy concentrations of gang violence, so race-on-race shootings.  And this isn’t some racist rant about POC, but how poverty affects violence.

Screenshot from Areavibes.com

Cuomo also wants to use this State of Emergency to circumvent the catastrophic “Defund the Police” outcomes without inflaming the Progressives who would shoot him for refunding police departments directly. I’m sorry… was that too soon?  Instead, he’ll just use this State of Emergency to use $139 million from the state coffers to:

“[B]olster its law enforcement presence in cities where the shootings are on the rise and put additional state resources in crime-ridden areas”

This allows officials to address the problem without actually addressing the problem.  You know, like the turnstile of criminals rotating through the liberally-lead Attorney General’s office?  The mandates to not enforce laws already on the books, because IT’S NOT FAIR!!!  No, that would be just too simple a view.  Instead, he’ll just stay in lockstep with all the other Democrat-lead hellholes around the country that are seeing record-breaking crime. 

You might have noticed that even the MSM has been recognizing all the upticks in shootings.  I’m sure they think they are assisting the Left by highlighting the gun use, but I predict this is going to backfire.  When CBSN reports in the video below, do you think voters are so stupid to think this is about guns?  Or the fact their leaders aren’t protecting them?

Yeah, as an Austinite, I had to roll my eyes the other week when I heard that Mayor Adler was joining several other mayors from across the country to have a big pow-wow about gun violence.  Joining Adler were:

  • *  Dayton (OH) Mayor Nan Whaley, USCM President
  • *  Chicago (IL) Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot
  • *  Houston (TX) Mayor Sylvester Turner
  • *  Savannah (GA) Mayor Van Johnson II
  • *  San Jose (CA) Mayor Sam Liccardo
  • *  Tom Cochran, USCM CEO & Executive Director

If you take the time like I did, to double check what I suspected, these are ALL cities run by Democrats; all have seen sharp increases in violent crime in recent months.  So I don’t know about you, but do you take your dieting advice from the 400 lb. man sitting next to you at the ball game with 3 hot dogs, a bag of popcorn, and a pack of Twizzlers?  Or do you ask the hottie on the treadmill at the gym? 

I’m just sayin’.  Why would Biden look to incompetent A-holes who clearly don’t know how to manage crime to you know… answer the question on how to manage crime?  

I’ll give you a prize if you said they were conspiring to find a way to subvert the 2nd Amendment and leave all the guns in the hands of criminals.  Cuz I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda of the impression that if a dude is breaking into my home in the middle of the night, he ain’t too concerned about whether he got the proper registration for his Glock?  Ya know what I’m sayin’?

So yeah, Cuomo’s State of Emergency declaration addressing gun violence should be self-directed because

  1. This isn’t going to actually impact gun violence.  You know that and he knows that.
  2. It’s a deluded re-tread of his failed attempts to sue gun manufacturers as he did back in the late 90s.
  3. Is an attempt to pacify the legitimately fearful citizens of NY after the voter’s chose Eric Adams in the primary race for NYC Mayor.

If he doesn’t do something dramatic now (no matter how ineffectual) it’s going to be a blood-bath come 2022.  And just in the off-chance that all his initiatives with this phony baloney, sleight of hand, takes awhile to legislate, it will give cover to a bunch of other Democrat governors to cover their own asses in the run up to election day.  As they like to say… Never let a crisis go to waste!

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Featured Image: “Bloods Don’t Die” by Tony Fischer Photography  CC BY 2.0 , Cropped and Modified

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  • tim ferrell says:

    “lead to”, or “led to”? Why is proofing so neglected these days? It is not just here, I know, but it takes a lot of impact away from the piece when one has to wonder if the writer double checks anything before “publishing”. It’s disappointing at such an otherwise good page…

    • Cameron McNabb says:

      Hey Tim, I really appreciate the kick in the butt to better proof my work. It’s not an excuse, but sometimes when you are writing after a long day at work, it can be a challenge to see all the finer points. I went back in and fixed it (and a few others you missed!) Have a great day!

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