Biden: Should He Run In 2024?

Biden: Should He Run In 2024?

Biden: Should He Run In 2024?

We know you probably spit out your coffee at the notion of Joe Biden making a 2024 run for the Presidency. Fox News conducted a few “man on the street” (cue the hysterics because I said just “man”) interviews just the other day:

In a city that overwhelmingly went blue in 2020 (roughly 80%), residents of Alexandria gave their input on Biden’s (ahem) accomplishments. Get a load of this:

Fighting the pandemic with the availability of vaccines. I think he’s a great president for the four years he’ll be here, and I’m very pleased with that.”-Woman on the Street

Hmm. Really? We had no idea Biden was in charge when Operation Warp Speed started. We thought he was still hiding in his basement talking to geese and making with the fireside chats of why he would make a better President than Donald Trump.

Some were less impressed with Biden’s record as of late. One woman said she “couldn’t think of anything”. Another man said that Biden “didn’t have one big accomplishment”.

Here’s what another man said:

Bringing his sobriety to the presidency. Bringing a sense of decency back, bringing stability back, bringing the thought process back.”-Man on the Street

Sobriety? And, pray tell, which thought process of Biden’s is he referring to? There is no thought process with Joe Biden.

Tell us, is there a specific thought process to the ongoing inflation Biden likes to call “The Putin Price Hike”? Is there a specific thought process to what is going on at the gas pump? Was there a thought process to the seemingly endless mask mandates? Was there a thought process to the current (and possibly soon to get worse) “gonna be real” food shortages across the United States? Was there any specific, sober, thought process of pulling out of Afghanistan? Just asking for a friend.

Was Joe Biden of sober mind when he discussed Title 42 and communicable diseases at the southern border? Oh, yes. Right. This is not Joe Biden’s doing. Joe Biden gave all matters of border issues to VP, Kamala Harris to take care of tout-suite (that means right now, Kamala, but I digress, you clearly speak French because you have an accent).

And, speaking of Putin, what type of sobriety and stability is Joe Biden offering to Ukraine?

Every American taxpayer, every member of our Armed Forces can be proud of the fact that our country’s generosity and the skill and service of our military helped arm and repel Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.”-Joe Biden

Repel Russia’s aggression on Ukraine? It is almost as if this delusional ficus tree of a President is talking about mosquitos at dusk on a warm, summer’s night. We still know those relentless SOB’s bite at our ankles and suck our blood in our sleep. While some die, others still swarm about and cause a world of hurt. Repelling is not quashing nor should it be equated as such.

Keep patting yourself on the back, Joe. Maybe Jill will give you an extra pudding cup tonight. And because Joe is doing such a bang-up job, he has stated his intentions to run again to one Barack Obama. Yay for us. More sharting in the Oval Office. There’s talks of Sanders, Warren, Clinton, and yes, even Harris…

Oh, heavens, no!

I believe he thinks he’s the only one who can beat Trump. I don’t think he thinks there’s anyone in the Democratic party who can beat Trump and that’s the biggest factor.”-Unnamed Source, The Hill

Dear, Sweet Baby Jesus. More self-congratulatory MALARKEY.

Welp, I guess that is an all-time, record-breaking achievement we can chalk up to President Joe Biden. Malarkey. The New York Post‘s Michael Goodwin sums it up perfectly:

It feels like yesterday when Joe Biden promised there would be ‘No Malarkey’ in his White House. To underscore the point, he had the words painted in giant letters on a bus he used in 2019.

However you translate malarkey — ‘bulls–t’ is the best option — it’s clear Biden broke his promise there wouldn’t be any. In fact, spreading malarkey here, there and everywhere is the hallmark of his presidency, which is why his party is in a panic.”-Michael Goodwin, The New York Post

I think we can all agree that we are tired of malarkey. Biden Our current President lives in the land of Malarkey. He’s lived there for quite some time-arguably, his whole damn career. Unfortunately, it does not appear he is taking a flight out of there anytime soon. We seriously need to think about 2024 before he decides to take us with him on the BS-err-Malarkey bus for another four years.

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  • Scott says:

    God help us if the side saddle governor of Colorado were ever to become president.. he’s gotta be one of the most worthless governor’s in the nation… And his “husband” working to destroy hunting and ranching is just the rancid cherry on top of the shit sundae

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