Stephen Colbert Supplies Trailers For Tonight’s Show Trial

Stephen Colbert Supplies Trailers For Tonight’s Show Trial

Stephen Colbert Supplies Trailers For Tonight’s Show Trial

Stephen Colbert wasn’t funny when he played a fake news person on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. Colbert’s Late Show has never been funny…ever. He’s worse than Jimmy Kimmel as a Lefty Boot Licker. For epic boot licking, read out Deana’s piece on the Biden visit to the Kimmel show here. Painful. Mr. Colbert’s latest saliva covered gifts to the Democrats are trailers for the January 6 hearings that go primetime tonight.

The American people, who saw cities burn and businesses destroyed, get that January 6, 2021 was a very bad riot, but not an insurrection. The American people are sitting around the kitchen table discussing gas prices and the availability of baby formula (in the United States????). They don’t care about the televised January 6 hearings. Although I still want to see the murderer of Ashli Babbitt indicted. To counter the viewing malaise of the public, the Dems have brought in producer James Goldston to up the viewability quotient with slick production values. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Lizzo is going to perform “Scuse Me” at intermission.

Just like with Top Gun: Maverick or Downton Abbey: A New Era, if you really want to get backsides in seats to watch, you need a couple good trailers. Enter Stephen Colbert. Is it just me or down Colbert look like a less manly version of Rachel Maddow? Anyhoo. Colbert’s trailers are even more humorless and less fun than his dancing vaccine syringes skit from last fall. In case you forgot:

Mediaiate covered a January 6 trailer and the Colbert introduction:

“Here’s the thing. Hearings only matter if people are hearing them,” Colbert said on Wednesday night. “Which is why we here at The Late Show have put together a promo guaranteed to put asses in the TV seats.”

But wait…there’s more:

“Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, under the Capitol megadome, it’s the hearings on January 6, 6, 6,” the trailer began.

The trailer goes on to promise a “constitution-crushing lineup of insurrectionist mayhem,” which features, “explosive revelations about: The Wine Gremlin; the Oxy Ogre; and … whoever the hell this is … bringing the pain to former president Schuckasaurus!”

“Need more to make you care about the fall of democracy?” the trailer continued. “OK, how about the thing you crave most: Another, even sadder season of This Is Us. Every episode is a funeral!”

But wait — there’s more!

“How about boobs! With 2-dollar gas. Only you can save democracy like the founders intended: By watching TV!” the trailer concluded.

I know ten year olds that could write better copy than that. Oof.

If you wish to watch the January 6 Hearings trailer, it begains at 1:58 below:

Colbert did a second trailer called The Insurrectionists. Colbert and CBS are all in on these hearings, with any luck the ratings will suck bigly.

If you are going to watch, ugh, make sure you take you blood pressure medication and keep a low dose aspirin close by.

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