Slow Joe’s Slow Roll on Afghan Refugee Exit Plan

Slow Joe’s Slow Roll on Afghan Refugee Exit Plan

Slow Joe’s Slow Roll on Afghan Refugee Exit Plan

An eight year old could have planned this better. Like seriously, if you told an eight year old that everyone was going to need to get out of a burning building, the first thing they would say is “We’re going to save our friends, right?” Instead, Slow Joe’s slow roll of the visa processing plans, ahead of the withdrawal, left America’s friends behind.  When the Washington Post is willing to throw Slow Joe under the bus, you know it’s a bad day for everyone.  As they report

“[T]he administration showed little public urgency to expedite visas for Afghans in the months before and immediately after Biden’s announcement in April that the United States would pull U.S. forces out. White House officials said bureaucratic backlogs and delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic slowed the process but that it ramped up dramatically as summer approached.

I have been trying hard to keep my vitriolic tone to a more civilized tenor, but I have been stewing on this $#!&-show for days now and I just don’t think I can contain myself.  I have wept and then raged, then exhumed my father’s spirit and yelled “Nuke ’em.  Just nuke them all!”  And I wasn’t just talking about the Taliban.  I had a moment of such primal ferocity, that leveling the entire DC complex seemed like a rational response.  The horror that we have just unleashed on the world will be felt for decades, if not millennia.  If we survive that long.

I have been thinking about my father quite a bit this week.  For one thing, I am finally about to bury him.  After 18 long ass months, I am finally able to put him to rest.  We have waited that long in order for my sister to be able to leave the UAE and be allowed to go back to complete her DOD assignment there.  To say I am bitter about the global panic over COVID is an understatement.  Rioting all of last summer is fine, but having a funeral wasn’t.  Sorry, I digress.

My father was a 30-year Air Force pilot.  A “full bird” colonel.  His last assignment in Austin was Head of War Plans.  He would have been appalled by this disaster.  If watching the circus of our last election hadn’t have killed him, this would have.  

I remember September 12, 2001 like it was yesterday.  Many of us do.  But I especially remember calling my dad and asking him what the hell happened and why?  I will never forget his very awful and honest answer.  “Honey, I’d have to take you back to the 40’s to answer that fully, but the short answer is that there has been a battle in Afghanistan forever.  And as long as they were killing themselves, we just didn’t care.  We backed one side and not another.  This is the fallout.”

So we can point fingers at George W. Bush and Obama and Donald Trump for getting us over there or not getting us out sooner, but if we’re honest, we just didn’t care either.  We certainly seemed united when Congress voted overwhelmingly to start this war.  Most of us, on both sides of the aisle, had long ago concluded that we had drifted far afield of our original mission.  It was time to call it.  This could seriously have been an honest to God victory for Slow Joe, but as his old boss once said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to F*%& things up.”

And my God, he sure as hell has.  Every day, he seems to have a new explanation as to why we didn’t make sure to get our own American citizens and Afghan allies out of there before our full withdrawal.  But the biggest lie of all has been that they didn’t want to leave.  Mmmm, yeah.  I’m sure so many of them were convinced the Taliban was going to play nice that they would bet their literal lives and the lives of their children on that.  Human nature doesn’t work that way.  How do we know this?  Because the Kabul airport was overrun with Afghans the other day.  They were literally willing to risk holding onto a freaking plane FROM THE OUTSIDE!  Let that sink in.  They knew that their life was as sure as over the moment our C-7s and C-130s were on the ground.

Joe Biden had seven f’ing months to develop the plans.  Hell, he campaigned on this idea.  And he KNEW who our allies were.  Matt Zeller, who co-founded “No One Left Behind” had been telling Biden’s team for MONTHS.  If you haven’t seen this clip, it says it all:

What I don’t get, is a poll from this past Sunday that shows an approval rating of Biden’s handling of this mess at over 20%.  TWENTY PERCENT!  Like who are these people?  

I can tell you who they are.  They are the graduates of colleges all over this country.  They are the Karen’s who think wearing pink vagina-shaped hats is what women’s lib is about.  Tell that to the young women in Afghanistan as they are being raped.  All women matter.  Until they don’t.  The 20% of Biden boot lickers who don’t know enough history to fill a thimble because they are too full of 1619 propaganda.  America will suck FOREVER because of slavery!  But Biden allowing young Afghan women to be sex slaves… that’s all good.  What ev’s. 


No.  As many other analysts have noted, most of us were fine with getting out of Afghanistan.  It was the how we got out that was so mind numbingly bad.  There are only one of three conclusions you can draw from this fiasco:

  1. Biden is incompetent and can’t figure out that 2+2 equals 4.  Every time.  No matter how racist you think I am for saying that.
  2. He just didn’t give a rats ass.  Just like he didn’t give a rat’s ass about the Vietnamese.
  3. Both answers are not mutually exclusive.

As the Washington Post’s article concludes:

“At every stage, the administration expressed nominal support for the SIV [special immigrant visas] program” while saying that bureaucratic hurdles prevented faster work, said Rep. Peter Meijer (R-Mich.), who is part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers that pushed the White House to move more quickly.

“At every point that had an excuse thrown up, we went and fixed that excuse,” Meijer said. “So at the end of the day I can’t help but come to the conclusion that they just didn’t want to deal with this issue and put up every roadblock possible.”  

For a man who campaigned on being the kindler, gentler, spokesperson for the United States, I’ll leave you with Slow Joe’s own words from 1975.  When someone tells you who they are.  Believe them.

“I may be the most immoral son of a gun in this room,” Biden said at a Democratic caucus in early 1975 as he argued against aid to Cambodia, according to the Wilmington Morning News. “I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about morality, our moral obligation. There’s a point where you are incapable of meeting moral obligations that exist worldwide.”

Featured Image: “Independence Day – Afghanistan” by United Nations Photo is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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