#BenAtBerkeley: Triggered Cupcakes Melt In Berkeley Over Ben Shapiro Lecture

#BenAtBerkeley: Triggered Cupcakes Melt In Berkeley Over Ben Shapiro Lecture

#BenAtBerkeley: Triggered Cupcakes Melt In Berkeley Over Ben Shapiro Lecture

Think of all the things 600,000 dollars in cold, hard cash could buy. Track chairs for veterans; new homes for hurricane victims; tons of books for disadvantaged kids with no access to libraries. But, no. Instead, that’s reportedly the amount of money it’s costing to secure UC Berkeley and the special little snowflakes who have zero self-control when it comes to diversity of thought challenging their dogmatic worldviews. So who were they being “protected” from? Well, scary conservative commentator, Ben Shapiro, that’s who.

Yeah, Shapiro is a white supremacist, fascist Nazi…or something.

Yup, all of those LEOs were required because Berkeley’s Special Snowflake Brigade—armed with spittle and F-bombs—have no control over their emotions; they blame not themselves, but Shapiro for triggering their violent, intolerant reactions. VINTAGE Berkeley.

Ok, she jests. But that’s a pretty accurate impression of the “pathetic, lying, stupid jackasses” to whom Shapiro refers.

So what were the cupcakes so afraid of? Well, the truth:

Pretty frightening stuff, eh?

Meanwhile, here are a few highlights of the goings-on around Berkeley heading into last nights’ oh-so-dangerous oration by the ever-so-menacing, yarmulke-wearing Jewish dude:

Not the “sharperiest” knives in the drawer, are they. Or maybe they’re under the impression that Shapiro’s the heir to the evil SharpieCorp.

Fact check: false. Sorry, no. “Hate speech”—a made-up leftist phrase meant to silence speech they dislike—is, indeed, free speech. But valiant effort to shut down the scary Ben Shapiro. Here’s your Participant award.

Ever wonder what blatant, in-your-face anti-Semitism looks like? Behold Tariq Nasheed, King of Slander:

Pretty tolerant, I’d say, kinda like these folks a few days ago:

AntiFa terrorists beat a peaceful free-speech advocate in Berkeley, August, 2016 (Photo Credit: Time.com)

Let me beat you with this club whilst I scream “Love Trumps Hate!!!”

<Insert laugh track here>

By the way, this, uh, dude appeared on Tucker Carlson pre-Shapiro chat. Don’t bother trying to keep up with his “logic.” Believe me, it’ll just lead to a day of heavy drinking and a nasty hangover tomorrow morning:

Folks, THIS is the New Left in America. They are devoid of common sense, and fraught with hypocrisy and non sequiturs. They’ve hijacked the Democrat party, which is now as un-democratic a party as it gets. They are now full-blown, out-of-the-closet Communists. They—and by “they” I mean AntiFa and their ilk, not liberals like this guy—arrogantly fancy themselves the deciders of what is, and is not, acceptable speech, and of who does, and who does not, get to speak (see the nitwits over at ESPN for further reading). They believe that our rights are not inherent, but rather come from man, specifically THEM. And they believe that they are justified in using violence to impose their will. Despite Nancy Pelosi’s sudden, and overdue, ruminations otherwise, they are NOT the fringe of the Democrat Party; they ARE the George Soros/Hillary Clinton-approved militant wing of the Democrat Party who will flog us all into submission, because hey, the means justify the utopian ends. Or so they think.

Here’s another reminder of just who’s funding this domestic terrorism:

Seriously, Cupcake Nation: if you don’t like certain speech—truth bomb alert!!!—DON’T LISTEN TO IT. It’s really that simple. Go sip a latte. Watch “It.” Play Dungeons and Dragons in your basement with your little sister. But dammit, STOP with the attacks on free speech. People like me have had enough of your fascist, free speech-assaulting antics, and it’s far past time we push back. And were I the city of Berkeley—or any city in America for that matter suffering an infestation of AntiFa cockroaches—I’d impose an ordinance that requires repayment of any expenses the behavior of these domestic terrorists causes to be incurred. EVERY expense, including law enforcement, security for those practicing their first amendment rights, property damage…goofy counseling services for the perpetually offended. Until there are consequences above and beyond a couple of months of probation for these participation-trophy crybabies, there will be no end to their domestic terrorism.

Look, if we lose our first amendment rights, we’re done as a nation. And that’s the very goal the follicular-challenged, basement-dwelling losers who call themselves “AntiFa” want: the death of America as we know her, replaced by oppressive communism with authoritarians like Hillary Clinton…

Pennywise, the Dancing Clown from Stephen King’s “It.” (Photo Credit: Nerdist.com)

…and Bernie Sanders in charge of every aspect of our lives. And I’m thankful every day for brave, unrelenting voices like Ben Shapiro’s for exposing their dangerous agenda. And an electorate that booted Queen Hillary to the curb. Here’s hoping Pennywise entices Queen Hill, and her fascist army lead by George Soros, back into the sewer from whence they came.

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  • meyou says:

    I believe 99% of Left-Wing, mentally ill agitators are homosexuals and unable to accept it. George Soros & son’s money helps a lot, too.

    • Buck Wheaton says:

      But we are told that there is no difference really between being gay or straight. On the one hand, it is just a choice, on the other hand gays are just born that way, on the other hand the fact that AI software can determine gay or not from a picture of your face and gay people say that violates their privacy, and on the last hand a option piece in today’s Guardian tells us that we are all “gender fluid” so get over it.

      But the one constant here s this is all coming only from Progressives who seek to cast off thousands of years of social structure and jump into a new definition of what it means to be human even they clearly have no idea of the full consequences and have no intention to be responsible for any bad outcomes.

  • Joe Miller says:

    Letting people get away with criminal behavior seems to become more expensive over time. Who could have predicted such a thing?

  • GWB says:

    We’re on to you, Adolf Jefferson Stonewall Beauregard Shapiro

    Heh. I love Iowahawk. 😀

    Not the “sharperiest” knives in the drawer

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed (though they are definitely tools).
    Not the brightest bulb in the array.
    Not the fastest bus on the motherboard.

  • Lynn says:

    “Look, if we lose our first amendment rights, we’re done as a nation.” Exactly so. Maybe $600,000 to keep antifa thugs from hurting anybody isn’t too high a price to pay for free speech in a place like Berkeley. Maybe it will even cut into the budget for bringing someone truly dangerous, like Linda Sarsour or Hillary Clinton to campus.

    And p.s., Shapiro wears a yarmulke.

  • MikeyParks says:

    Did the police unmask the rioters? That would be the key to breaking up Antifa. Simply rip their masks off and take pictures to post all over the Internet.

  • Ruth says:

    That Isaacson guy was suspended from John Jay College for posting that it was a privilege to teach future dead cops.

  • SDN says:

    “They—and by “they” I mean AntiFa and their ilk, not liberals like this guy—arrogantly fancy themselves the deciders of what is, and is not, acceptable speech, ”

    Then you’re foolish. The Democrat Party is to Antifa EXACTLY what “moderate Muslims” are to ISIS: they are the logistical and moral support that makes the violence acceptable and unpunishable.

    • Mark says:

      “The Democrat Party is to Antifa EXACTLY what “moderate Muslims” are to ISIS”


      • Jodi says:

        I don’t disagree, SDN. The PARTY is exactly that. But all those who identify as Democrats/liberals etc are not. (Though how anyone can vote for a party that supports and funds domestic terrorism is beyond me!) I’m distinguishing here between the Party and the average Dem voter. Remember, many Dems (many of whom are really libertarian-leaning, btw), turned off by the Dem Party, voted for Mr. Trump. And many chatted civilly with Mr. Shapiro on Thursday night.

        Thanks for visiting our blog. 😉

  • Thucydides says:

    The cop who shot the Antifa thug in the n**s with a pepper ball round demonstrated another means of dealing with communist thugs. We should stop and consider that example as well…….

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