Harvard Sort Of Rescinds Manning’s Fellow: Bradley Blames The CIA [VIDEO]

Harvard Sort Of Rescinds Manning’s Fellow: Bradley Blames The CIA [VIDEO]

Harvard Sort Of Rescinds Manning’s Fellow: Bradley Blames The CIA [VIDEO]

We reported yesterday that Harvard had gone into extreme virtue signaling by inviting Bradley “Chelsea” Manning to teach security as a Visiting Fellow. People who take their oaths seriously and don’t steal classified intel that jeopardizes lives and national security interests, were not amused.

Former CIA Director Mike Morell’s resignation letter was EPIC. He laid into Harvard with style, and left the university reeling from the clue bat he whapped upside their heads.

Morell has real, genuine credentials regarding security, national security, and intelligence gathering. Manning never did.

Morell has never been convicted of stealing and dumping classified intel into the hands of Wikileaks over a temper tantrum. Bradley Manning was.

Well, when former CIA Director Mike Pompeo cancelled HIS scheduled appearance there on Thursday, Harvard got a clue. The full statement from Harvard Kennedy School’s Dean Elmendorf yanking Bradley’s fellow is here.

Some highlights:

Sometimes Harvard invites speakers who are controversial. No, REALLY?

Some speakers previous actions are abhorrent to many members of our community. You think?

Chelsea was only invited to spend a day at Harvard as a Visiting, not Senior fellow. Oh, that makes it all better? NO.

This invitation wasn’t intended to honor the little creep in any way, nor did Harvard intend to convey that the university endorsed or legitimized a criminal. Yeah, but that’s what happened.

Elmendorf still thinks there would’ve been value in having the emoji riddled lying little creep speak as people might learn something. Such as how mental he is?

And finally: 

Therefore, we are withdrawing the invitation to her to serve as a Visiting Fellow—and the perceived honor that it implies to some people—while maintaining the invitation for her to spend a day at the Kennedy School and speak in the Forum. I apologize to her and to the many concerned people from whom I have heard today for not recognizing upfront the full implications of our original invitation. This decision now is not intended as a compromise between competing interest groups but as the correct way for the Kennedy School to emphasize its longstanding approach to visiting speakers while recognizing that the title of Visiting Fellow implies a certain recognition. [Emphasis Added]

As one of our other bloggers said, that was a whole lot of words wrapped around a statement that could’ve boiled down to this: “We seriously f%*ed up, invitation rescinded.” By the way, Harvard didn’t issue the statement until midnight. Perhaps they were hoping this would go away?

There was great rejoicing at this news from everyone, except Bradley.

Here’s a sampling of his reactions, if you can handle it.




Bradley REALLY loves him some emoji’s, doesn’t he? Not only that, but he’s channeling Hillary with his blame game! It’s the CIA’s fault! It’s that police state thingy! It was someone else, not me, the cute convict that I am! Then again, Bradley has never accepted responsibility for his actions.

The responses to his little whine fest are quite humorous.


Time Magazine inadvertently made a funny with this headline:

Here’s the deal. Bradley Manning can cry in his Cheerios and throw smug emoji-riddled tweets up all he wants, but it still won’t change the facts. His temper tantrum led to lives and our national security being put into significant danger. Manning was convicted and put into prison. Manning, to this day, refuses to accept responsibility for his actions.

However, Harvard will still let the little punk speak. So, the title was yanked but not the speaking gig. Noah Rothman is correct, Harvard went full-on passive-aggressive in trying to mute the backlash to their insanely stupid invitation.

Harvard should be embarrassed by this debacle, but they aren’t. Virtue signaling must be the John F. Kennedy’s School of Government’s new motto. President Kennedy would be so proud.

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  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Let’s see….

    Fellow became pretend-lady (biological science denier of binary chromosomal make-up).

    Lady then wants to become a Harvard Fellow. (Hey Harvard, have you been pinged yet on that gross sexist construct?)

    Sometimes you just can’t write more ironic (and moronic) plot lines than what the Left comes up with.

  • GWB says:

    this is what a military/police/intel state looks like … the @cia determines what is and is not taught at @Harvard

    Ummm, no. This is NOT what a police state looks like, Bradley. (WTF is an “intel state”, anyway?) This is what it looks like when people finally begin to live in a state I call “reality”. Someday you might try it – but it would probably send you crying to your safe space.

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