Ben Carson Blasts Back at Media Bias (videos)

Ben Carson Blasts Back at Media Bias (videos)

Ben Carson Blasts Back at Media Bias (videos)

Dr. Ben Carson has been rising in the polls, so the media jackals have descended upon him, trying to find whatever dirt they can on the retired neurosurgeon turned presidential candidate.

CNN began snooping around Carson’s long-ago childhood, a time when he described himself in his 1990 autobiography Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story as having a “pathological temper.” From attacking his mother with a hammer to an attempted stabbing of another boy, Carson wrote that after the stabbing event, he prayed to God for deliverance: “Lord, despite what all the experts tell me, You can change me. You can free me forever from this destructive personality trait.” After that prayer, he became a “different person,” as he described in his book.

Not satisfied, CNN snooped around and found nine people from those old days in the Detroit neighborhood where he grew up who did not remember Carson to be violent. None of them challenged the stories, but they couldn’t remember these incidents from 50 years ago, so CNN has decided they had the ultimate “gotcha” on Ben Carson.

Dr. Carson appeared with Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel on Thursday night to defend himself.

CNN wasn’t about to be outdone. On Friday’s edition of CNN’s New Day host Alyson Camerota tried to further bury Ben Carson with a series of ‘gotcha’ questions of her own. She started by implying that Carson thought people who were on government assistance were “stupid.” The normally mild-mannered Dr. Carson fired back in what turned out to be a lengthy and very heated exchange, with Carson arriving at the nub of the matter: the media will do whatever they can to discredit a conservative candidate:

“So, just to be clear, people who support food stamps or Medicaid or welfare…”

“I didn’t say that, now you’re trying to put words into my mouth. Why don’t you listen to what I just told you?”

Camerota quickly switched to another tack, citing a speech in which Carson joked that the nation would be “Cuba” if it weren’t for Fox News.

“You mean that if Fox News didn’t exist, we would be a communist country?”

“No. Again, there you go with sensationalism. That’s what you try to do. You hope somehow that will resonate with people who don’t think for themselves. I’ve got news for you, people are a lot smarter than you think they are, and they know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Dr. Carson, you said it! Dr. Carson, I’m quoting — I’m not even quoting you, I’m playing your words. You are the person who said there are a lot of people who are stupid and without Fox News, we would be Cuba.”

“Are you honestly telling me that you didn’t know what I was talking about when I said that? Are you honestly telling me? If you are, you might fit in that category.”

Here is the dustup between Camerota and Carson:

It continued:

Now POLITICO is piling on with a story that Carson lied about being accepted to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, although his campaign manager says that Carson, as Detroit’s top ROTC high school student, was introduced to representatives from West Point. The representatives told him that with his performance he could possibly get an appointment to the academy, but Carson did not seek admission. Attorney and blogger Ben Shapiro points out:

But Carson never said he applied. He said he was extended a full scholarship offer. What’s more, West Point doesn’t offer scholarships: all admission is free contingent on serving in the military afterwards. It thus seems probable that Westmoreland or another military figure tried to recruit Carson, telling him that he wouldn’t have to pay for his education – and that Carson read that as a “full scholarship,” and never applied.

Click to enlarge. Ben Carson in ROTC; third from left. Credit: CNN.

I wonder why the media sycophants didn’t hammer Barack Obama when in his own autobiography Dreams From My Father it was discovered that Obama created composite characters for his narrative? Why didn’t they press Obama when his past associations with anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright and radical Bill Ayers were revealed?

Even days before the 2008 presidential election, news anchors Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose admitted they really didn’t know much about Barack Obama.

Dr. Ben Carson is a brilliant surgeon, but unfortunately he is a political naif who has not experienced the brutality of political brinksmanship, and the media jackals smell conservative blood. I wonder if they would attempt such a beat down of Senators Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio? I rather doubt that we’ll ever see that.

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