Carly Fiorina To Ladies Of ‘The View:’ “…You Guys Are Lemons?”

Carly Fiorina To Ladies Of ‘The View:’ “…You Guys Are Lemons?”

Carly Fiorina To Ladies Of ‘The View:’ “…You Guys Are Lemons?”

There are some people that just relish creating controversy. Some even seem to thoroughly enjoy sticking their foot in their mouth. And then there are those who use crudeness and cruelty to describe events or people..and then attempt to call it humor or comedy. And then there are some who fit all three categories. Yes, I’m describing the brain trust over at The View.

Last week, those witless wonders spent several minutes discussing Carly Fiorina and her debate performance. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a comedic breakdown of anything she actually SAID during the debate. Oh no, as Deanna pointed out last week, it was something else entirely:

A demented face that looks like a Halloween mask?? WOW. Carly handled her response gracefully and with considerable class. And, being no slouch when it comes to taking advantage of headlines, politics, and jabbing at so-called feminists, she ran a special campaign fundraising plea. How effective has all the media attention been? Well, the ladies *cough* of The View decided or were forced into having Carly join them again on today’s episode.


Keep in mind the hosts of The View are already on the defensive about this as evidenced by Whoopie’s finger wagging lecture the other day. Well, who ended up getting their you know what handed to them?? Well… when you start with a snarly comment about clearing the air…the ball landed in Carly’s court…and stayed there.

“You know what, look I’ve been called all kinds of things, Whoopi… I’ve been called a bimbo from the time I was a secretary to the time I was a CEO. I think we need to be able to have civil conversations in this country about our differences… so I’d just like to have a conversation about where we agree and where we disagree,” Fiorina said.

It was evident that someone sitting at that table wanted to see which buttons they could push.

Carly kept her cool and held her own against a panel of defensive crabby feminists.


Every single time they asked what they thought would be a “gotcha” question, it fizzled tanked  face planted spectacularly. For example, the media attention given to Carly due to the Halloween comment and the supposed “feud” was criticized.

Goldberg criticized the press Fiorina had garnered based on her “fake feud” with “The View.”

“I think ‘The View’ garnered a lot of publicity from this as well… I think that’s why you have me on your show [again].”

Paula Faris charged Fiorina was “clearly trying to make lemonade out of lemons” by exploiting her feud with “The View.”

“Oh, so you are telling me you guys are lemons?” Fiorina quipped.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ok sorry, I really couldn’t help myself. That retort of Carly’s is just GOLD! For once, this episode of The View is worth watching.

As you can see, the entire interview did NOT run the direction the “ladies” of The View had planned.

And she did. Carly bulldozed through that panel with grace, style, and the utmost femininity of anyone I’ve seen. I don’t have a chosen candidate as of yet, but I tell you this, if she can handle herself through the debates and when dealing with the harpies of The View as well as she did (basically she handed them their you know what..and they are still looking for it); then she certainly has the guts, grace, and iron to deal with major domestic and international issues along with arrogant world leaders such as Putin and come out on the winning side.

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