Ben and Jerry’s: Taste The Rainbow of Hypocrisy

Ben and Jerry’s: Taste The Rainbow of Hypocrisy

Ben and Jerry’s: Taste The Rainbow of Hypocrisy

Ben and Jerry’s, hippie, Vermont ice cream outfit has come up with a new ice cream flavor this past week called “Pecan Resist”.

Now you can join the “resistance”, one ice cream bite at a time. I mean, who doesn’t want a big, double-scoop of Linda Sarsour-style hate?

This comes one week after a deadly anti-Semitic synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. Linda “Women’s-March-I-Believe-in-Sharia” Sarsour. The “feminist” icon in a hijab. seriously? Are they all chooming up over there at Ben and Jerry’s?

Mmmm. Tasty, don’t you think? Yet, feminists will gladly put a pint of this in their shopping carts and post pictures of themselves licking it up on Instagram. Oh, and lookie! You can even sign a petition on The Ben and Jerry’s website to join said “resistance”!

Ben and Jerry’s wants to promote:

“those who are leading the resistance to the current administration’s regressive agenda” and they are “celebrating the activists who are continuing to resist oppression, harmful environmental practices and injustice.”

Regressive agenda? Has anyone taken a look at some of the women at The Women’s March? The irony in all of this? Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were raised in the Jewish faith. Oy. And lots of it.

And let’s not even get into Sarsour’s partnership with buddy-ol-pal Louis Farrakhan. “Anti-termite” Farrakhan. End-the-white-man Farrakhan (though some feminists are completely down with this). “Jews caused the holocaust” Farrakhan. “Hitler was a very great man” Farrakhan. “Interracial marriage is evil” Farrakhan. Do I need to go on?

I was never a big fan of Ben and Jerry’s to begin with. Highly overrated, in my opinion. But hey, if Progressives want to have a Pecan Hate ice cream party, more power to them. If other women having their vaginas cut off sounds like feminism to you, knock yourselves out, ladies and male feminists. If “intersectionality” means supporting a cause and a person behind such cause who is clearly bigoted and racist (but looks good in a hijab), go for it. If you’re of the mindset that anti-Semitism is “not as bad” as anti-black racism or Islamophobia, Pecan Resist may tickle your tastebuds. Ben and Jerry’s defends this partnership:

We’re comfortable with the idea that the people and the causes we partner with may have a point of view different from our own on some issues. They can be controversial, just as we can. Linda may not agree with everything we’ve done. But the work that she has done to promote women’s rights, as co-chair of the Women’s March, is undeniably important and we are proud to join her in that effort.”-Ben and Jerry’s

The fact that Ben and Jerry’s is completely tone deaf is undeniably important, too. Hear that? It’s the sound of my debit card purchasing Haagen Daz. Thank you, Ben and Jerry’s for promoting the resistance. We can RESIST our support. Next on the roster of flavors? Che Guevara Cherry? Socialist Sorbet? Alinski Crunch? Pol Pot Peanut Brittle? They all have one thing in common–nuts lots of nuts. Shovel it in! After all, you are what you eat.

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  • Kate says:

    I realized years ago that the owners and makers of Ben & Jerry’s were anti-American and now I see they are also subversive, I have just said “no” to buying their stuff for all time.
    What is so wrong is they are actually capitalist but promoting socialism at the same time, they are hypocrites.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    In a lot of ways, I think this is great.
    Supposedly, Lenin once said “Capitalism will sell us the rope we will hang them with”. But he was wrong.
    A better saying would be something like: Capitalism will buy the Revolution, and use it to get rich selling t-shirts.

    Real revolutions need privation, hunger, actual suffering, real oppression, and people who truly have nothing left to lose. To succeed, revolutions require painful sacrifice, discipline, courage, and a willingness to tolerate an increased amount of the actual pain & suffering that led to the need to revolt in the first place.
    The “revolutionaries” in the USA are just play acting, pretending to be tough radicals for the joys of virtue signaling. Buying an openly sold, overpriced luxury food item to openly signal one’s devotion to a pretend resistance to a pretend dictatorship is the ne plus ultra of pretend revolutionary activity.

  • Robin H says:

    Ben and Jerry’s is owned by Unilever! They sold out YEARS ago! I do like the fact that the granola crunchers think their money is going to “The Resistance” but it’s really going to Big Food. Unilever also owns Talenti, Breyers, Popsicle and Klondike.

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