Baker Flips, Pass The Stoli and Popcorn

Baker Flips, Pass The Stoli and Popcorn

Baker Flips, Pass The Stoli and Popcorn

Pass the Stoli and the Popcorn…Former FBI counsel, James Baker, has flipped and will now be helping AG Barr in his investigation into the Obama Deep State. This bombshell comes just one day after it was announced that Attorney General Barr has launched a criminal investigation into the investigators of President Donald Trump.

While all liberal news outlets are talking about Rudy Guilani’s late night butt-dials, this is going down. Mostly, it’s being largely ignored. But this is important and it can be pivotal.

I have had a longstanding relationship with the inspector general’s office, because I firmly believe in the appropriateness and the need for effective oversight of the FBI.”-James Baker, Interview with CNN

This is about to get really interesting.

Time to instigate the so-called investigators, I’d say. Actually, that time has long since past but we’ll take it where we can get it.

It was reported that The House Judiciary and Oversight committees concluded in late 2017 that the DOJ under Barack Obama had treated Trump and Clinton unequally by affording Clinton extraordinary accommodations, while potentially abusing surveillance powers to investigate Trump’s associates. Some of the cronies who should be worried? McCabe, Clapper, Brennan. Schiff, who is already obnoxious as hell, will go into overdrive. Hillary Clinton will continue to whine about not winning the presidency as she always does and our friend Barack? Well, he will continue to go on his merry way, in the background, feigning ignorance and watching the puppet show. He can’t sully his cigarette-stained fingers with this trash. He has a reputation amongst his followers to keep as the “best president in American history”.

Nothing to see here. Interesting how John Brennan has been keeping his mouth shut and not going on his normal Trump Twitter tirades. Awkward silence from the ones who cleared Sally Yates to Use Strzok’s 302 Flynn Report to Get Him Fired. McCabe? Comey? Hello? Are you guys there?

The web gets thicker…after all…

That it does, Hills.

And Schiff spins some circles:

Isn’t that special? Except, you thought you and your Deep State friends were above the law, Mr. Schiff. And now, the law is coming back to give you all a very deserving bite in the ass. Work this story any way you would like to your benefit. You are going to need all of the help that you can get. These new developments can put a halt on the impeachment frenzy as of late but we are certain we will hear cries from the Democrats about how they need to pick up the pace in the process and of course, we’ll hear all about the measures they wish to take from the good little reporters. We anticipate more will unfold in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the show because I’m sure we will have plenty in the way of drama and good old-fashioned gut-splitting comedy as these clowns backpedal, side-step, and fling each other under moving buses. Who will be the next to cooperate? Fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be one bumpy ride. We will wait, albeit patiently, to watch the walls close in and this house of cards topple over.

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  • GWB says:

    Pass the Stoli
    You mean the vodka or the German pastry? Or both?

    Rudy Guilani’s late night butt-dials
    Guys, this is why you never keep your phone in a back pocket or a purse. (OK, it’s one reason guys shouldn’t keep their phone in a purse.)

    John Brennan has been keeping his mouth shut
    I’m betting that was on the advice of his attorney.

    A judge just confirmed
    No one is above the law
    Sorry, Schiff-for-brains, but that’s not how “rule of law” or “equality under the law” works.

    • You also make sure the d*mned thing is turned OFF, even if it goes in your shirt pocket. Some months back, the wife called me at the store to make sure I wasn’t having a stroke – half a dozen texts of sheer gibberish.

      There are many days that I “forget” to pick it up when leaving the house. I hate land lines enough already.

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