AOC: Garbage Disposal Mysteries And Parody Accounts

AOC: Garbage Disposal Mysteries And Parody Accounts

AOC: Garbage Disposal Mysteries And Parody Accounts

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really is the gift that keeps on giving. The cow fartastic Green New Deal was just the tip of the iceberg. A few days ago she discovered that food doesn’t come from the grocery store, you can grow it in DIRT like magic!! Last night, however, she stumbled across a mysterious contraption known as a garbage disposal.

When I first saw that tweet this morning, it thought it was the AOC parody account. But much to my consternation, I found out it was real. 

“The “Green New Deal”-touting Bronx Democrat wondered whether the device was “environmentally sound.”

“This DC apartment is bougie and has things I’ve never seen before…,” Ocasio-Cortez captioned the video, later noting: “Is this what social mobility is? Using kitchen appliances you never saw growing up?””

Granted, it’s understandable that she didn’t know what a garbage disposal is. They’ve been banned from NYC homes and restaurants since at least 1997. However, she grew up in Westchester. Garbage disposals are allowed there. The only reason I can think of that she didn’t know what it was is that she never stepped foot into the kitchen.

However, for her to question if such a device is environmentally sound? I had to laugh. What is it about a garbage disposal that is environmentally unsound? The scary monster noise it makes? Grinds up your food waste so it doesn’t stink up your trashcan and house?

For someone who is all in for touting the Green New Deal while helping spike the NYC Amazon move, she doesn’t understand the realities of capitalism and markets.

The jokes really do write themselves. Speaking of jokes however, an AOC parody account was just banned by Twitter.

It wasn’t just the AOC parody account that was banned.

“The politico who created and manned the account, Mike Morrison, also had his personal account permanently banned. Morrison, who believes the bans were politically motivated, had nearly 60,000 followers before his seemingly unprovoked exile.

According to screenshots provided by Morrison to Human Events, Twitter acknowledges that clearly-marked parody accounts are allowed but Morrison’s content posted to the AOC parody account was apparently too similar to comments actually made by the socialist.”


“Human Events noted that Morrison’s mock-AOC account followed their rules with regard to online parody:

Twitter rules require all parody, newsfeed, commentary, and fan accounts to indicate “non-affiliation” in both the account name and bio. The AOC Press Release parody account used the word “parody” in both its account name and biography.

“I think Twitter banned AOC Press for the increasing amounts of attention it’s been receiving lately,” Morrison said of the ban.”

Twitter is evidently doing everything they can to protect their precious AOC. Even from herself given that much of what she says and posts really is laughable on multiple levels.

The new rules seem to be that the Democrat left can mock anyone they choose and still keep that coveted blue check mark. They can harangue and harass without repercussion, and they can craft political cartoons against conservatives that garner wild applause. But a parody account mocking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? BAN!

Political humor is a necessity now more than ever. While I do laugh at AOC’s commentary, I also pay attention because people actually take her seriously. Yet for Twitter to ban a parody account that was able to mock AOC without being mean and nasty?

The left can’t handle being mocked and has lost what little sense of humor they had.

What is next on AOC’s tour of discovery? Finding out that her hardwood floors comes from REAL trees and rain actually comes from those clouds in the sky?

Feature Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Shot, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | SXSW 2019, cropped and modified

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  • Ralph R Jaeger says:

    Wait until she discovers toilet paper!

    • Scott says:

      If she does, she can tell Tlaib and Omar, considering their backgrounds, I doubt seriously they know about it..

      • Greg says:

        Didn’t she attend Boston College? Disposals weren’t banned there, were they? It is truly astounding that anyone would be such awe of a common household appliance, let alone put it on Instagram.

  • GWB says:

    They’ve been banned from NYC homes and restaurants since at least 1997.
    Actually, they were banned *until* 1997. They are still banned for commercial places.
    That’s why it’s likely AOC might have never seen one – at least if she never really got out of NYC. (And Westchester does NOT count as “outside NYC”.)

    for her to question if such a device is environmentally sound?
    Well, that’s sorta why they were banned in NYC. They were afraid all the food waste would clog up their oh-so-excellent sewer system, and it would end up in the water they were dumping into the rivers, rather than in one of those barges taking their trash to somewhere else.

    also had his personal account permanently banned
    Yeah, pretty clear it’s politically motivated when they do that.

    still keep that coveted blue check mark
    You do know that the blue check only signifies that they actually are who their handle says? I couldn’t twit under “@GWB” because – despite it being my actual initials – that has been used for President (43) Bush for so long it’s sorta “his”. If I used my actual name, though (and no one else had actually already grabbed the blue check), I could send them proof of my identity and they would give me a blue check, too.

    The left can’t handle being mocked and has lost what little sense of humor they had.
    Yep. An entire chunk of the American electorate (and its techno-elites) has lost their cotton-pickin’ ever-lovin’g minds.

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