PA Rep Brian Sims Gleefully Harasses Women And Doxxes Teenagers

PA Rep Brian Sims Gleefully Harasses Women And Doxxes Teenagers

PA Rep Brian Sims Gleefully Harasses Women And Doxxes Teenagers

Pennsylvania Rep Brian Sims is making a name for himself as a loutish jackass of a human being. He proudly posted a Periscope video of himself harassing a woman who dared to silently protest the evil that is abortion.

“A few days ago, State Rep. Brian Sims, who represents parts of Center City, filmed video of himself engaging with a woman — or to use his own words, “an old white lady” — praying the rosary in front of the Planned Parenthood surgical center at 11th and Locust Streets. In the nearly nine-minute video, Sims yells with increasing aggression at the woman. “Shame on you. What you’re doing here is disgusting. It’s wrong,” he says to her while pacing alongside her as she calmly walks along the sidewalk. As the video continues, he admonishes her, “Don’t convince yourself that what you’re doing isn’t extremely racist. It’s grotesque.””

No Brian, what is grotesque is your behavior.

I cannot imagine what she was thinking or feeling about this cretin’s harassment of her. I don’t know how she managed to stay calm during those long 10 minutes.

Understandably, even though he is so proud of what he did that he also posted it on his Facebook page, others are not.

Elected officials should never engage in this kind of behavior. EVER.

Dan Crenshaw is absolutely correct. Brian Sims is NOT a positive role model for boys. Young men would be much better off emulating Dan Crenshaw, my husband, or many of the other fine men I know who wouldn’t dare dream of acting like this in public or in private.

Unfortunately, this isn’t Brian Sims first jackass rodeo. He has slammed Mike Pence and just three weeks ago, he called for TEENAGERS to be doxxed!

Teenagers. Doxxing is one of the worst forms of bullying there is. It’s a very short step from that to SWATting, which truly endangers lives. Yet Sims proudly and gleefully videoed those kids and offered a reward to anyone who could track them down! IMO there should be serious legal consequences to Sim’s actions.

Townhall even asked if Sims broke the law by video taping that poor woman.

“”You have a right to capture images in public places, but you don’t always have a right to record what people say. Pennsylvania’s Wiretap Law makes it illegal to record private conversations – which can include conversations in public places – without the consent of all parties to the conversation.””

Interestingly, this is what he had to say in 2013 after he was elected to office.

““The idea of not even changing a mind, but being able to work with a mind that is unchanging or work with a mind that is opposed to yours, you need to understand it. It sounds very elementary, and it’s something that we talk a lot about around here, the idea that nothing should be revolutionary about the idea that you have to understand the people that you work with. But somehow that seems revolutionary of late in this sort of modern discussion of American politics.””

I beg your pardon? In 2013 Sims essentially stated that he will be working hard to empathize and understand those who he disagrees with and who disagree with him.

Is it empathy when you specifically seek out a lone woman and harangue her at the top of his lungs?

Is it empathy to post the video of said harassment and call for supporters of Planned Parenthood to ‘push back’ at the protestors? Is this his version of Eric Holder’s ‘kick them?’

Is the definition of understanding that taping teenagers who are exercising their right to free speech and calling for people to dox those kids?

Is it understanding when, as people pushed back at him, the bully himself called everyone else a bully?

The answer to all the above is a resounding NO.

Brian Sims calls out white racism and white nationalism…

Yet he is absolutely ok with bullying women and children. Does anyone else see the problem with this? With him?

If I were his constituents, I would be deeply embarrassed that he is representing them. If he gets away with this behavior and his constituents don’t hold him to account, what is to stop him for going after others and crossing the line? Nothing.

Feature Photo credit: YouTube Screen Shot of Pa. House Video, cropped and modified

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  • Scott says:

    Brian Sims is a human piece of shit! and as such, he’s a perfect representative of the demonrat party

    • GWB says:

      I’m just going to say “Ditto!” to this, and avoid having to type all the vitriol I was pondering.

  • Kim Hirsch says:

    Welp, watching that video of Sims harassing the woman just raised my blood pressure about ten points. . . .

    But keep it up. This is how you get more Trump.

  • Truth says:

    Watch…bet he claims he has a “brain injury” from his time as a High School football captain…..Flippin ignorant piece of turtle turd.

  • zenman says:

    If he’s on Periscope or Twitter calling for teens to be doxed, he needs to be reported to both those platforms and also to the PA legislator for possible ethics violations.

    Registering your displeasure on the internet is a great way to signal your virtue, but until the rubber meets the road, the stamp on the letter, or hitting send on that email to the appropriate authorities, it’s just words in an echo chamber.

  • His-Highness says:

    Sims is a jerk, and a dangerous jerk at that. If he gains personal information regarding those teenage girls, he arguably can be charged with stalking them, and he should be. He should also be personally liable for any harm, no matter how small, that may be befall them.

    • GWB says:

      charged with stalking them
      Stalking a minor. THAT should be a fun prosecution! (And, sadly, par for Democrats.)

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