AOC: Communists Love A Party In Miami

AOC: Communists Love A Party In Miami

AOC: Communists Love A Party In Miami

As COVID-19 and the dreaded OMICRON cases spike in New York City, Notorious Queen of Word Salad, AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been spotted sipping cocktails in Miami.

I know, color us shocked. “The Girl From The Bronx” apparently needed an escape to Ron DeSantis’ Florida.

The “overall Democratic message” for the end of 2021 if you’re watching AOC “Tax The Rich” toasting her Casper-white, Birkenstock-loving (probably castrated) beau with a martini at a Miami restaurant while both are (GASP) maskless? More rules for thee, and not for me.

The trip to Free Florida speaks volumes as New York City reports its highest number of daily COVID cases yet-almost 44,000– as of yesterday. AOC’s trip to Florida also illustrates the tone-deaf hypocrisy of the left, considering her response to Ted Cruz’ trip to Cancun. Remember that one?

I don’t care what Cruz said at CPAC, but I do care that it appears Texas was just a layover stop for him between Cancun and Orlando to drop a pack of water into someone’s trunk and abandon his constituents again as they get slammed with $16,000 electrical bills.”-Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Champion for the People, AOC, didn’t drop off any chicken soup for her old neighborhood in the Bronx, suffering from record cases of COVID. Nope. She got the hell out of there. She left behind all of the doom-and-gloom that is New York City these days with vaccine passports and mask mandates and escaped to sunny Florida with her boyfriend where she can sip overpriced cocktails and dine al fresco. I mean, it is so stressful, calling out these Republicans on their hypocrisy. AOC spent months on end calling out Ted Cruz. This went on into April of this past year:

Ted, this is pretty rich coming from someone who fled their own home (and responsibilities) during an environmental crisis to cross the border and seek refuge in Mexico.”-Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

The Liberals were so quick to jump to her defense! According to them, this is a “non-story”. AOC has no impact on the State of New York’s response to COVID, so they say. How petty are the haters, observing this “hard-working” grifter-I mean-woman enjoying a little sun in Florida? Or, perhaps, she was on the way to see her Abuela? Or, maybe she is scoping out a new bartending job? I know, I know. For crying out loud, Conservative bigots! Let the Congresswoman vacation in peace!

It’s true that AOC doesn’t spend a whole heck of a lot of time in her actual district in New York. But, then again, who would want to? Apparently, Amazon did and she ran their asses out. Currently, I am in the Pacific Northwest, snowed in. It’s cold, it’s dark, we have limited daylight and Seattle is a ghost-town. Anybody who has been to Pike Place Market lately can attest to this. No hustle and bustle, no flying fish. Restaurants are closed up. Businesses have been all but lucky to stay open amidst the pandemic. Many have shuttered their doors. Why is Seattle this way? Why are many large cities in the same predicament? Let us look at their leadership, driven by larger governmental leadership and agendas.

Even educated liberals cannot fathom why this is the case. I have watched these conversations take place. Guys, you have voted for this. The same educated liberals will comment about how petty The National Review is to call out AOC, enjoying the benefits of Conservative ideals and work ethic, in the “Republican cesspool” of Florida, while they sit socially-distanced in their homes advocating for Socialism, more vaccine mandates and continued lockdowns. “Let The Congresswoman enjoy a well-deserved vacation“, they say. She works sooooo hard.

Personally, most of us would love a well-deserved vacation in a warmer climate with some semblance of normalcy. If I could, I would be in Florida right now, away from the cold and snow, maskless and sipping a Mojito with my toes in the sand. In my case, if I were to do this, I would be categorized a “super spreader not making things any better” in liberal la-la-land. But AOC, the bloviating buffoon that she is, however, gets a pass on this?

Florida is so dangerous & scary that AOC decided to go on vacation in Miami this week. You know it’s a free state when even a Democrat can enjoy cocktails without being forced to show her papers or wear a mask.”-Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Governor Ron DeSantis

There, there. We know. In with more liberal justification from our intellectual superiors. Comrade AOC needs to relax. The rules do not apply here. Good Socialists like AOC need to take a well-deserved respite where they can plot, scheme and plan other ways they can strategize and manipulate and save us lowly commoners from ourselves.

Photo Credit: Original Artwork By VG Darleen Click.

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