Anti-Vax Protestors Attempt Shut Down Of Dodger Stadium Vaccine Site

Anti-Vax Protestors Attempt Shut Down Of Dodger Stadium Vaccine Site

Anti-Vax Protestors Attempt Shut Down Of Dodger Stadium Vaccine Site

Anti-vax protestors tried to get the Dodger Stadium vaccine site shut down yesterday. 

“One of the largest vaccination sites in the country temporarily shut down Saturday because dozen of protesters blocked the entrance, stalling hundreds of motorists who had been waiting in line for hours, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Los Angeles Fire Department shut the entrance to the vaccination center at Dodger Stadium about 2 p.m. as a precaution, officials told the newspaper.

The protesters had members of anti-vaccine and far-right groups, the Times reported. Some of them carried signs decrying the COVID-19 vaccine and shouting for people not to get the shots.”

However, the LAPD disputes the assertion by the media and social media that the site was shut down. 

So, we already have shifting narratives regarding if the site was shut down or not, as well as speculation that vaccine doses had to be thrown out. Did people lose out on their vaccine because of the anti-vax protestors? That remains unclear. Would LA County public health admit that that was the case? Given how LA County has so badly bungled the lockdowns, I’d say they’ll do their best to keep info like this under wraps for as long as possible. I mean, hey! It worked for Andrew “Nursing home death governor” Cuomo, it should work for LA County…right?

The media is already working to paint this as a right-wing protest. Be prepared to see multiple media stories throughout the day that somehow work to paint these anti-vax loons as right-wing and/or as Trump supporters. Why? Because some of those idiots posted requests on public social media asking that Trump/MAGA hats and attire to be worn in order to have their “statement” resonate with the sheeple. Are your eyes rolling?? Mine certainly are. Others aren’t so amused.

“Los Angeles-based singer Adam Michaelson, who brought his 81-year-old mother to the stadium for her first dose of the Moderna vaccine, estimated the demonstration delayed them for about an hour.

“It’s just disappointing,” Michaelson said in an interview. “I realize there are people who have been anti-vaxxers for a while but to take this extra step of trying to prevent other people from getting it just to me seems like a whole new level of evil.”

Michaelson said he and several other drivers nearly left the site when one protester who was dressed as a police officer directed them out of line.”

First of all, it is disappointing and should be infuriating as well. IF that protestor really was dressed as a police officer, then Michaelson should’ve been sitting down with the LAPD and providing a description of that person. Secondly, if it is true that there was at least one anti-vax protestor masquerading as a police officer, then they were putting lives in danger whether the protest was peaceful or not and said anti-vaxxer needs the book thrown at him or her. 

Quite honestly, the anti-vaxxers aren’t helping themselves here. If they want to be taken seriously, this it not the way. 

Then again, I also understand how this entire Covid mess has fueled the anti-vax paranoia. You have Fauci saying one thing and then another on multiple occasions over the last twelve months. The CDC is behind the curve on everything. Just Friday the CDC decided to mandate masks on all public transport…EVEN THOUGH masks have been required by all public transportation companies since..APRIL. 

It also doesn’t help that Biden expressed anti-vax concerns. Nor does it help that Kamala, during the Presidential campaign, emphatically stated that she wouldn’t get the vaccine.

But now, suddenly, both of them have been vaccinated while our unbiased media fan-girl squees over Joe Biden’s charm or something. Given all that from the Biden/Harris team and others, is it any wonder that anti-vaxxers are MORE freaked out than usual?

Oh but wait! Biden is doing an AMAZING job fighting the Covid! 

Pretty awesome when he’s riding on the coattails of what President Trump put in place with Operation Warp Speed! Oh, and the Biden Administration decided that the Gitmo 9/11 terrorists were eligible for the vaccine, until public outcry put the kibosh on that asinine move.

Meanwhile, about those Dodger stadium anti-vax protestors… Attempting to stop people, especially the ELDERLY from getting vaccinated is a bold move, and a stupid one. But that is how the anti-vaxxers roll.

Look, anti-vaxxers can have their opinions. Everyone can. But attempting to physically stop people, especially the elderly, from getting vaccinated because of your misguided fear gains you zero respect and earns you derision and anger.

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