Anti-Abortion Violence Will Surge According to Dems

Anti-Abortion Violence Will Surge According to Dems

Anti-Abortion Violence Will Surge According to Dems

As we roll into our first month of Joe Biden in office, the Democrats continue with the “everyone in the opposition is violent” narrative to include anti-abortion activists.

Robin Abcarian is a columnist for The Los Angeles Times. You know, the paper that is having a drooling love fest over Kamala Harris these days? According to Abcarian, Americans need not worry so much about angry mobs at the Capitol because Trump is no longer in The White House but angry mobs of anti-abortion activists because Joe Biden is. The story goes something like this:

Generally, when the Republican Party has been in charge, anti-abortion activists breathe a little easier, knowing women’s reproductive rights will be foiled at almost every turn.”-Robin Abcarian, The LA Times

So dramatic. Foiled at every turn? And that’s not all. Abcarian goes on. Donald Trump appointed Supreme Court Judges and lower-court judges who are hostile to abortion rights.

Nothing says hostile like sucking an innocent life out of one’s body, crushing its skull or killing it with chemicals but I digress. The state knows what’s best, don’t worry. They will “keep the infant comfortable“.

But anti-abortion advocates, mainly Conservative Christians, are the hostile ones. Abcarian goes on to discuss Biden’s steps to rescind the Mexico City Policy and his opposition to the Hyde Amendment. Biden is also expected to order a review of a similar rule — sometimes called the domestic gag rule — that prevents U.S. healthcare providers who get funds from the Title X Family Planning Program from counseling patients on abortion. All of this called a “merciful” act by Biden according the Editoral Board at The Los Angeles Times.

Imagine celebrating forced childbearing. Don’t they write dystopian novels about that?”-Robin Abcarian, The LA Times

Hey, Robin, we’ve seen enough dystopian for a lifetime compacted in this year alone. The anti-abortion crowd comes nowhere near the woke mob. I would argue that most of the rational, thinking crowd who is anti-abortion recognizes that women, especially here in The United States, do not typically have fears of forced childbirth. In the age of consent, I would argue that most women here in The United States have the freedom to be sexually active with or without protection or abstain altogether. There is nothing inherently wrong with discussing options other than abortion with a pregnant woman. There is something completely wrong with women who are irresponsible, who use abortion as a form of birth control and want other responsible citizens to pay for it.

I don’t anticipate a reduction of violence. I have been in the movement for over 35 years, and I have watched this roller coaster, this increase in violence during Democratic administrations. It has to do with desperation and not feeling they can go through the regular channels — as you saw when they stormed the Capitol. It’s the same level of craziness.”-Reverend Katherine Ragsdale

What can be dystopian about this? Try someone preaching the Word of God calling abortionists “saints”. How does she explain Jeremiah 1:5? “I knew you before you were formed in the womb and you were destined not to be a prophet to the nations but to die by heart-stopping, bone-crushing suction?”

But what are Democrats worried about? Anti-abortionists storming clinics like they stormed the Capitol. That evil witch, Amy Coney Barrett, who wants women seeking medication abortions to pick up their pills in person, “instead of receiving them through the mail, as you can with most drugs”. Yeah, Robin, they are choosing to end the life of another. I don’t think asking for their signature at the pharmacy so they can do so is that big of a deal. If they can walk into an abortion clinic for the fourth time (as some women have), they can certainly walk into a drug store. If they can elect to end a life because it is “inconvenient”, they can certainly be inconvenienced a bit by coming in to sign for their meds. Sorry, not sorry. I don’t have much sympathy here.

You were 19 years old and not ready? Did you not consult your doctor on reproductive health care and choices before getting pregnant? You go, girl! The rage amongst Conservatives has little to do with abortions that may, for a legitimate reason, be (medically) necessary. The outrage continues amongst the anti-abortion crowd because of sheer irresponsible behavior of some Americans and some Americans’ desire to applaud it or fund it.

There’s been a normalization of violence unlike anything we’ve ever seen. But that is small potatoes compared to what we are apt to see in the next four years.”-Reverend Katherine Ragsdale

Ragsdale is not wrong here. If we look back on this dystopian year of a great plague, government dictatorships and shut downs, linguistic theft, cancel culture, schools being shuttered, the economy being tanked, Antifa in our cities, what’s one more thing that will normalize this violence? I know…eugenics! Don’t worry, the Dems will twist this. They already are. Be careful of Granny with the Bible quietly protesting abortion at the Capitol building. She may blow up a Planned Parenthood before she goes to Olive Garden or a Holiday Inn.

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