Anti-Quarantine Protests Against Draconian UnConstitutional Overreach

Anti-Quarantine Protests Against Draconian UnConstitutional Overreach

Anti-Quarantine Protests Against Draconian UnConstitutional Overreach

Anti-quarantine protests took place around the country yesterday because Americans have had enough of the draconian quarantine rules that are hurting our economy. 

Michigan’s ‘gardening is bad, but abortion is essential’ Governor signaled that she would extend the lockdown if protests continue. Washington’s governor lectured the masses about risking lives. The mainstream media scolded protestors for their lack of masks and not adhering to the 6′ social distancing metric. 

“They faced each other in a busy intersection in downtown Denver, the din of honking cars blaring around them. The man, wearing turquoise medical scrubs and an N95 mask, stood silent and resolute, blocking traffic in the middle of the road.

Opposite him, an unidentified blonde woman poked her head out the window of a silver Dodge truck. “This is a free country. Land of the free,” she yelled at him, pulling out a homemade poster displaying those very words. “Go to China if you want communism. Go to China.””


“Indeed, many say the faceoff — between a woman in a stars-and-stripes jersey demanding a return to normalcy, and a man in medical garb blocking her path — illustrates a rift that is now tearing at the seams of the United States: between those who want to reopen society despite the coronavirus pandemic, and those working on the front lines to handle its devastation.”

The “rift” is because rational thought has been run over by the media/social media hysteria that has been ramped up to nuclear levels since mid-March. 

A few things to mention before going on. 

  1. It is not verified that the two nurse protestors in the article are ACTUALLY nurses of any kind
  2. They appeared in scrubs and a 3m face mask. Said mask now has to be thrown away due to guidelines. Good job wasting a critical piece of PPE and for what?
  3. Because the state governments deemed MANY medical procedures as non-essential the medical layoffs and shutdowns of hospitals around the country is massive. Mayo Clinic is a prime example.

Why are people protesting? Because they NEED their jobs back. Because if the economy doesn’t start reopening up, the sheer number of business failures, craft breweries for example, will be catastrophic. Because the cure really IS becoming worse than the disease. 

As Knox County Mayor Kane pointed out after eight suicides were reported in a span of 48 hours, the lockdown is the problem. 

“How can we respond to COVID-19 in a way that keeps our economy intact, keeps people employed, and empowers our people with the feeling of hope and optimism, not desperation and despair?”

Jacobs, who has libertarian tendencies and a very impressive grasp of Austrian economics, explained to his constituents that many so-called experts are offering them a false choice: healthy people or an open economy.

“In fact, we must have a healthy economy if we expect to have healthy people,” Jacobs said. “We don’t have a choice.”” 

Is it any wonder that he drafted a plan to reopen Knox County that even the public health officials agree with?

Due to the lockdown, oil fields are idle because the number of vehicles on the road and planes in the sky dropped like a rock. Leading to this result. 

Excellent job lockdown cheerleaders. Is it any wonder that Texas has a reopen plan in the works? 

Why the anti-quarantine protests?

Because our supposed betters in the government told us to stay home and flatten the curve so the hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed. We did that. But THEN our supposed government betters started telling us that:

  • Buying clothes is non-essential
  • Parents don’t need car-seats for their children
  • Don’t you DARE buy seeds for your garden!
  • Urging people to become a nation of tattle tale Karens – de Blasio I’m looking at YOU!
  • If Anne Frank can survive the lockdown, the anti-quarantine protestors need to sit down. 
  • Deploying drones, yes DRONES that will yell at people who aren’t social distancing correctly.

This is just as bad, and in fact makes things worse.

How very ….1984 and unConstitutional of them. Meanwhile, protestors are mean!

Photo Credit: meme via Facebook

BULLSHIT. We can do both. We can and absolutely DO empathize with the medical personnel who are on the front lines. We can ALSO empathize with the medical staff who are laid off AND sympathize with the many folks who are in pain right now because THEIR medical procedures were deemed non-essential. 

We can ALSO sympathize with the small business owner, the waiters/waitresses, bartenders, clothing store sales associates, interior designers, eye doctors, chiropractors, dentists, pilates instructors, hair dressers, and massage therapists who sit idle and see their income at ZERO right now.

The anti-quarantine protests aren’t against our front-line healthcare workers. What these protests are doing is shining a light on the draconian lockdown regulations, and Constitutional overreach by government entities that are demonstrably causing more harm than good.  

Feature Photo Credit:vperemencom via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • DAVE says:

    WAKE UP!!! THE GUY IN SCRUBS WAS PROBABLY A COP ANYWAY — if the “health care heroes” are sooo busy ( I AM a provider, I know how this works…) how do they have time to just stand in the streets ? See any ID badges? Recent Tik Tok videos are a giveaway also… ALL my medical cronies ( Orthos, neuros, ID folks) are convinced that this is a load of crap and a VAST overreaction. Remember, LIFE is not merely the avoidance of DEATH — this is the time to assert the Constitution and Freedom. Have at it!

  • GWB says:

    she would extend the lockdown if protests continue
    IOW, “I’ll give you something to cry about!”

    DRONES that will yell at people who aren’t social distancing correctly
    Are they smart enough to fly those drones outside of baseball bat reach? How about beanbag round reach?

    It’s hard to tell who comes off worse here
    Embrace the power of “tying for first place.”

    BULLSHIT. We can do both.
    Thank you for the directness. “Uncritically accepting the direction of bureaucratic ‘experts'” is NOT the opposite of “Let us go back to work.”

    demonstrably causing more harm than good
    And there’s the rub. The experts the media went to (that informed all the “OMG! Shut it all down!” actions) want to claim their advice is why we have so relatively few deaths that arose from Winnie The Flu. But it’s yet one more untruth. The curve was never (except in a few places) going to go as high and steep as they worried it would. And their actions likely didn’t help much, anyway (at least one state that went draconian had their curve “flatten” starting the the day before the draconian shutdown was implemented).

    • Nina Bookout says:

      Bean bag rounds can only go about 35 feet. However, there is another round on market that, depending upon which you purchase, has a reach of 75 or 130 feet. I know, b/c I manufacture it. 😉

      And yes, we can do both as long as we quit listening to the media hysterics, step back and reengage in rational and critical thinking.

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