Michigan Governor Uses Her SledgeHammer To Ban Everything

Michigan Governor Uses Her SledgeHammer To Ban Everything

Michigan Governor Uses Her SledgeHammer To Ban Everything

The Governor of Michigan has a sledgehammer that she is wielding like an out-of-control derping loon. Oh wait, Marta was right. She is a derping loon.

Her feud with Trump was a whole bunch of grandstanding while her own state suffered. Then, at the very last minute, she finally signs the paperwork to request federal help. Oh, but that’s not all. The ban all the things sledgehammer showed up with a vengeance! 

“An extension of Michigan’s stay-at-home order barring residents from buying nonessential items or traveling “between residences” in the state except to perform essential activities went into effect Saturday morning.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) signed the order Friday evening after announcing it Thursday, also extending the order directing residents to stay in their homes until May 1. It’s one of the most aggressive orders a U.S. state has issued since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.””

What is on her list of nonessential items you ask?

Plants and seeds

Gardening supplies

landscaping services

Gatherings of any kind are prohibited



carpet or flooring

Not only that but businesses have been ordered to cease all advertisements of anything deemed non-essential. 

Here I thought Vermont was going too far with their ban. But Gov. Gretchen said ‘NOPE! Hold my beer!’ 

Right from the beginning of her briefing, we see she’s wrong on the necessity of needing to stage additional hospitals. 

“Michigan Medicine will not open a field hospital as it was initially planned due to the curve “significantly flattening.”

It continues to plan for a potential need, but there is no definite date on which the field hospital would open at this time.

“It appears from current COVID-19 cases and modeling that the curve is significantly flattening,” a Michigan Medicine spokeswoman said.”

Oh. Well, isn’t that something? As of Saturday, the number of cases was 22,783 and the number of deaths was 1,281. The population in Michigan is 9.987 million. I have to ask if all those deaths were directly due to coronavirus, or were there other underlying health issues involved given Dr. Birx’s statement about skewing the data earlier last week.

Never mind that. Governor Gretchen has her hammer and she is slamming it down with all her might! Even though many of the bans make absolutely ZERO sense and are driving businesses into the ground.

“David Tubbs, president of Tubbs Brother Inc., posted the open letter on his Facebook account. His dealership is located in Sanilac County in the city of Sandusky.

“Unless I am allowed to resume business, all of this will be gone,” Tubbs wrote. “All of my life’s work, all of my savings, all the jobs that we created, everything my team built. And the frustration is that it is being done by government decree.”

Tubbs continued, “It’s not the result of a poor economy, or bad business decisions. It’s because of a government imposed shutdown.””

Tubbs is correct. The government imposed shutdown is, as I’ve stated many times before, ensuring that the so-called “cure” is way worse than the disease. Landscaping and gardening is nonessential?

How unrealistic can you get?? Oh wait, they are our government officials. They deal in unreality all the time, so crap like this makes absolute sense to them. 

Again, Whitmer threw her sledgehammer around without thinking of, or more likely ignoring, the very real consequences of her actions. 

If you happen to be lucky enough to own two homes in the state…guess what? Don’t even THINK about deciding to head to your vacation home! That is now forbidden. What happens if there is a problem with the home? I guess you are SOL. What about owning rental properties? If something goes wrong with one of those, say a water heater breaks and floods, then what? Will an exception be made to purchase new flooring/carpet and paint to fix the damage? What about if it happens in your own home? Bet she didn’t think about issues like that did she? 

Never mind that guys! Let’s use a sledgehammer to ban everything, including American flags, and please do forget that Governor Gretchen spent more time feuding with Trump than ensuring her state had the resources needed to deal with this stupid virus. 

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  • SFC D says:

    Gretchen Whitmer is non-essential. Michigan voters need to prove it to her.

  • Jim says:

    “Landscaping and gardening is nonessential?”

    In Australia large chain hardware stores have been cleaned out of gardening supplies, equipment and home-renovation supplies as well as people take the opportunity to grow food for themselves and do necessary maintenance on their houses. Better to be constructively active than sit bored and irritated in front of the ‘idiot box’ drinking.

    • GWB says:

      But you’re a much more pliable dupe if you’re sitting in front of the ‘idiot box’. Drinking, or not.

    • Bart says:

      It’s no longer the idiot box, it’s graduated to the National Ritalin Tube. The idiot box just sits and watches it.

  • Cameron says:

    In the more ideal world, politicians like her would be in fear for their lives over doing things like this.

  • mike in houston says:

    Gretchen Whitmer is the Judy Hensler of Michigan

  • Chris Shears says:

    This whole thing makes me happy that I moved from Michigan to TN 4 years ago.

    • Douglas Loss says:

      Yeah, if Governor Lee tried anything remotely like that here in Tennessee, he’d be VERY lucky to only be ignored by the populace. We don’t take kindly to jack boots down here.

  • John M Casteel says:

    As horrible as Whitmer is, the Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel, is far worse, as unbelievable as that may sound. She’s dumb, vindictive, isolated and a social warrior of the first order. I know, she’s a lesbian so everything I said is sexist and homophobic. I guess I’ll have to live with that.

  • GWB says:

    It’s one of the most aggressive totalitarian orders a U.S. state has issued

    cease all advertisements of anything deemed non-essential
    Pretty clear case of violation of the First Amendment: prior restraint based on viewpoint.

    Gatherings of any kind are prohibited
    Also a pretty clear violation of the First Amendment.

    the number of deaths was 1,281
    And I’d love to know if those were clustered anywhere. I’m betting they are.

    “Unless I am allowed to resume business, all of this will be gone,”
    I’d rather he say, “I’m not shutting anything down. I’m a free citizen, selling to free citizens. We’ll practice good hygiene and such, but if you’re gonna shut me down, you’d better bring state troopers and have a bucketload of lawyers standing by, because you’re going to need them.”
    After all, what’s the worst they can do? Shut him down?

    Landscaping and gardening is nonessential?
    Absolutely. If you’re a totalitarian who thinks all food should come from gov’t farms, sold in gov’t stores, at cetrally issued prices. Also if you think everyone should live in gov’t provided housing that is nice and uniform and exactly the same. It’s almost like an East German communist was reborn into Gov. Whitmer’s body.

    Don’t even THINK about deciding to head to your vacation home!
    “There’s a plumbing problem, officer. It might flood the whole house with sewage, which would cause an even bigger health problem. So, yes, it’s essential travel.”
    Lying to an officer of the law? Darn straight. No good reason in that state not to.

    Will an exception be made to purchase new flooring/carpet and paint to fix the damage?
    Nah. I’ll just help them move into the governor’s house until the restrictions are lifted. What? How DARE YOU put up walls to keep them out!

    Gov Whitmer needs to face a recall – <a href="https://wwjnewsradio.radio.com/articles/recall-petition-seeks-to-oust-gov-gretchen-whitmer"oh wait! (As of 4 hours ago that petition was past 150,000 signatures. I pray they’re all legitimate.) And then she needs to be sued by every individual in the state who suffered in ANY way under her orders, for Violation of Civil Rights Under Color of Law. Not class action – INDIVIDUALLY. Put her in court until she dies of old age.

  • Aggie says:

    Think “Natasha Fatale” and all of these schemes start to make sense.

  • Central Scrutinzer says:

    I follow Half-Whitmers edict about not traveling between homes. When I leave my downstate home I go to the Up North Meijer first and then to the cabin. When I leave the cabin, I go to the downstate Meijer and then home.

  • cheeflo says:

    But if you live in an adjacent state and have a vacation home in northern Michigan, you’re good to go.

    Like most politicians, and all Democrats, she has more power than she can be trusted with.


  • Darla J. Arnold says:

    Yeah, I live in Michigan and the power has clearly gone to her head. The state was in such good shape from 8 years of republican governor that the only thing she could run on was fix the roads, huge pothole problem in Michigan. She has been in office 2 years, roads still not fixed, but we can’t buy car seats, seeds, paint or furniture either! She’s a keeper! BTW an earlier post was correct, as useless as Whitless is her attorney general is like Hitler complete with Jackboots. Beware the righteous fury of a progressive democrat!

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