Another School Shooting And Where Are The Democrats?

Another School Shooting And Where Are The Democrats?

Another School Shooting And Where Are The Democrats?

Five high school students were injured and one student is now dead after another shooting at a Philadelphia high school yesterday.

Another school shooting. This one during a football scrimmage behind Roxborough High School, The city of Philadelphia approached 400 killings as of this past Monday, according to police data.

Another student not coming home. Another not playing football. Another not graduating and going to college.

I am absolutely outraged, I’m shocked. Quite frankly, I’m a little shaken. Schools are supposed to be the answer, they’re supposed to be the answer; we keep kids in schools so they don’t get involved in shooting.”-Philadelphia County District Attorney Larry Krasner

And that number is up three percent from last year.

Schools used to be a safe haven for our young people. To see that now our young people can’t even come to a scrimmage game and be shot is totally unacceptable.”-special adviser on school safety, Kevin Bethel

It’s an ongoing epidemic in Philly:

Just this past weekend, a two-year old was shot. Another child.

But don’t you worry, Mayor Jim Kenney will keep Philadelphians safe. He has to. I mean, he just signed an order banning guns in Philly recreation spaces, right? I mean, 18 incidents of almost 400 instances of gun violence were at city parks and recreation facilities this year alone.

It is unconscionable that anyone would bring deadly weapons where our city’s children gather to play. We will not tolerate the endangerment of children and families while they are in the care of our treasured community spaces, and we must do everything we can to protect the public, as well as the dedicated staff that make these facilities run.”-Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenney

Unconscionable. Well, this order will fix things right up! I’m sure the bad guys with guns will listen up and not take their guns to treasured community spaces like our parks…

…or our schools. It would be unconscionable for someone to, uh, break the law, right, Jimmy? Especially when you have DA is Larry Krasner, who has been soft on crime.

This unconscionable is also what happens when you slash $33 million dollars from a police department after being bullied by City Council members. This. We’re looking at Jim Kenney. We’re looking at mayors of big, Democrat-run cities that allowed this to happen. They have spent years locking people down, forcing people out of work and making it increasingly difficult for law enforcement to do their jobs. They have allowed their cities to become crime-ridden.

Now Philly is like “Dodge City” or something, isn’t it, Mayor Kenney?

On a national scale, the Biden Administration has been quite vocal about gun violence but, alas…where is Joe Biden on this one? Strange how he did not mention this in his inflammatory rant in front of the Liberty Bell. In Philadelphia. In a city that has been plagued by escalating violent crime in the past two years. In fact, one might say, the senile old jackass was inciting MORE violence in the middle of this city.

Nope. Not even a “thoughts and prayers” here, ladies and gentlemen. Or a “we have to act”. A fourteen year old boy has been has been shot to death but you know what Biden is concerned about? Hurricane Ian. What should everyone do to get ready for a Hurricane according to President Corn Pop? Well, before Ian pummels the coast, forget your tetanus shot, you had better get your COVID vaccine!

I mean, we cannot even make this crazy up anymore. Kids are getting shot in the streets and at football games and this idiot is talking about getting a useless vaccine as if it’s a legitimate element of Hurricane preparedness. And the mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney? Well, he is dreaming about being in Canada. “If only”, we had Canadian gun laws then Philly wouldn’t be “Dodge City”.  All of this can seriously make you wonder if you are living in an alternate reality. But we’re not. This is the world we’ve been transported to.

Things will remain the same until ANOTHER Democrat is elected. Then, they will get even worse.

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  • Skillyboo says:

    Wrong perpetrator(s). The media controlling the narrative makes sure some things go unnoticed and this is especially true when it applies to ethnicity. Never will understand why minority on minority crime is so overlooked! And the only times it matters to politicians is at election time or if the person committing a crime against minorities is White. We have, sadly, strayed so far away from truth for so long and allowed school indoctrination we may never get back to actually solving this crisis.

    • Scott says:

      Sadly, I’d bet that in Philly, the percentage of those crimes perpetrated by a protected demographic is much higher than the national average, mostly likely about 90%.. Which is why it will never be addressed, because to do so would be RAAAAYYYYCISSSSSS

  • Cameron says:

    Where Are The Democrats?

    They are too busy pleasuring themselves over the dead bodies.

  • GWB says:

    It is unconscionable that anyone would bring deadly weapons where our city’s children gather to play.
    So, you deplore cops bringing guns to city parks and such, right?
    It’s actually unconscionable that you would not make a distinction between law-abiding persons carrying a gun to defend themselves and others from criminals who work to harm society and individuals, regardless of their possessing a firearm.

    where is Joe Biden on this one?
    This one can’t be exploited for “white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism” and “evil scary guns!”

    “If only”, we had Canadian gun laws then Philly wouldn’t be “Dodge City”.
    Actually, Dodge City wasn’t nearly as lawless as Philly. And, if only we had Canadian laws… we wouldn’t be a free republic. I’m not trading my freedom for safety. So, pack your bags, Mr Mayor, and go north, old man!

  • George V says:

    John Adams, observed, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Functioning American society was therefore dependent on a moral people to operate smoothly. Religion provided the framework for that morality – things like “Don’t kill” and “Don’t steal”, while not totally embraced by all members of American society, were embraced by enough people that rampant killings and theft crimes did not happen.

    Morality based on these… dare I say it… “Commandments” has been erased from society. Unless rules like these are freely embraced by a majority of the population, the killings and theft will continue.

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