Andrew Cuomo Licks China’s Hand. Xi Jinping Smiles.

Andrew Cuomo Licks China’s Hand. Xi Jinping Smiles.

Andrew Cuomo Licks China’s Hand. Xi Jinping Smiles.

With the tri-state area now the largest “hot spot” for the Wuhan* coronavirus, Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking a moment out of pounding the table to tweet the praises of Xi Jinping’s Ministry of Truth.

Really, Andy? You haven’t even received these “donated” ventilators and you are moved to praise the communist government responsible for this pandemic?

Shorter you:

“Thanks for giving me the fire extingusher after lighting my house on fire, China!”

Not to mention that those ventilators need to be thoroughly checked out by PPE wearing authorities because it looks like the ChiComs have no problem with shipping out unsterile

There’s an overlooked reason why hospitals treating COVID-19 patients are so short of protective gear. In January, just before the pandemic hit the United States, a key distributor recalled more than 9 million gowns produced by a Chinese supplier because they had not been properly sterilized.

… substandard or defective supplies

Thousands of testing kits and medical masks are below standard or defective, according to authorities in Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands. […]

Dutch officials said that the masks did not fit and that their filters did not work as intended, even though they had a quality certificate […]

Spain’s government encountered similar problems with testing kits ordered from a Chinese company.

It announced it had bought hundreds of thousands of tests to combat the virus, but revealed in the following days that nearly 60,000 could not accurately determine if a patient had the virus.

Turkey also announced that it had found some testing kits ordered from Chinese companies were not sufficiently accurate, although it said that some 350,000 of the tests worked well.

Even before the Wuhan* virus, President Trump has often talked about decoupling from China and moving manufacturing back to the United States. Now China is openly discussing taking advantage of the pandemic to consolidate their power …

For three years, the Trump administration has been trying to pressure China to stop its economic aggression and unfair trade practices, using tariffs, negotiations and measures to protect US industries. Beijing has hated this strategy from the start and only reluctantly struck a “Phase One” trade deal that addresses few of these issues. […]

Now, several Chinese government agencies and officials are talking publicly about how China can take advantage of being the first country to start recovering from the novel coronavirus (because it was the first country to contract it) to take over the industries of the future.

“They have a post-virus strategy, and it is already underway,” said Nate Picarsic, co-founder of Horizon Advisory, a consultancy that tracks Chinese government and economic activity.

Horizon issued a new report Sunday, drawn from official Chinese government and media sources, that spells out how Beijing is planning to use the downturn in Western economies to its benefit. China intends to seek out more foreign direct investment, seize market share in critical industries and try to stop the West from confronting its bad behavior.

Xi Jinping smiles.

So while America’s Pravda Media fusses about the daily briefings and New York City Mayor De Bolshevik gives the side-eye to Samaritan’s purse, Andrew “Nipple-ring” Cuomo can’t move fast enough to tell Xi Jinping “Yes, indeed, I do see Five Fingers”

… and for Andrew, all it took was a donation of 1,000 ventilators.

*you say COVID-19, I say Wuhan virus.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!

featured image, photoshop of Xi Jinping & PRC Flag, original artwork by VG Darleen Click

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  • Jack_of_Spades says:

    I say PRCOVID-19.

  • Scott says:

    Cuomo is an idiot! That is all, nothing follows…

  • Lloyd says:

    Cuomo would praise the south end of a north-facing jackass if he thought it would bring him votes some day down the line. He is a sleazeball !!

  • Scott says:

    OOh, it’s it’s not Chinas “hand” he’s licking Darleen…

  • Fiscal Con says:

    Czech Republic: Around 80% of coronavirus test kits sent from China were faulty, hygienists told Prague Morning. The test kits were va

    Netherlands: The Dutch government recalled around 600,000 Chinese masks out of a shipment of 1.3 million after they failed to meet quality standards

    Turkey: The Turkish government has stopped using Chinese-made test kits and reported that they were only 30 to 35% accurate, Middle East Eye reported.
    Pray that your loved one isn’t hooked up to a Chinese ventilator.

  • Mark G says:

    The joke going around Spain after the failure of the testing kits provided by the Chinese:

    I just took the government’s coronavirus test. It’s a girl.

  • Thomas w Allan says:

    NY thinks it desperately needs more ventilators and if current trends continue probably will so its his job to get these 1000 more ventilators and if it requires thanking the Chinese then so be it.

    Just make sure they work properly before using them and if they turn out to be sub standard as some of the stuff China is selling to the world, make sure u publicly state that

  • Spamf Roming says:

    The NYC death count is a LIE. They are counting EVERYBODY WHO DIES, REGARDLESS OF CAUSE, as long as they test positive. So if you die from cancer, heart attack, mugging, or run over by a train, they go on the list.

  • Dantes says:

    China knew it had a big problem with it’s Wuhan Coronavirus in December. The only logical response to keep parity with the rest of the world was to unleash it on the rest of the world. Mutually assured infection.

  • I R A Darth Aggie says:

    Come on, as Michael Yon says, it’s “Xi’s Disease”.

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