Andrew Cuomo Blows His Top. So What Else is New?

Andrew Cuomo Blows His Top. So What Else is New?

Andrew Cuomo Blows His Top. So What Else is New?

Andrew Cuomo, the current infatuation of the DNC to replace Slo Joe Biden, is OUTRAGED!!! OUTRAGED, I tell you!!! that Rhode Island is taking measures to keep New Yorkers slipping into their state under quarantine.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to go to war with the state of Rhode Island over its actions in sending the National Guard after visiting New Yorkers to make sure they self-quarantine for 14 days. He is threatening to sue the state for its new policy of targeting visiting New Yorkers by using law enforcement to ensure they self-quarantine.

As Victory Girls’ Kim Hirsch pointed out earlier, Cuomo seems to enjoy tossing out threats, calling a possible quarantine of the tri-state area an “act of war”.

Oh, the humanity!

And while Gov. White Knight blusters, other governors have taken notice of New Yorker arrogance and acted accordingly.

Governors in Texas, Florida, Maryland and South Carolina this week ordered people arriving from the New York area –including New Jersey and Connecticut – and other virus hot spots to self-quarantine for at least 14 days upon arrival.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) announced Friday that any person entering the state will now be instructed to self-quarantine.

“Here in Massachusetts we’re doing everything we can to keep people at home and prevent the spread,” he said at a press conference. “Starting today, all travelers allowed into the commonwealth are instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days.”

It’s true that New Yorkers tend to feel they are the center of the universe and are surprised if challenged on that view. No where more famously illustrated than the oft-parodied 1976 New Yorker Magazine Cover poking fun at how New Yorkers view the country west of the Hudson river.

low resolution, editorial use only
That would also include Andrew Cuomo and his missing irony gene. Flashback 2014:

Gov. Cuomo has a message for conservative Republicans — you don’t belong in New York.

Cuomo said Friday that members of the GOP with “extreme” views are creating an identity crisis for their party and represent a bigger worry than Democrats such as himself.

“Who are they? Right to life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay — if that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Cuomo feels New Yorkers have the absolute right to move freely about the country while the rest of you hicks wishing to come to New York?


Add to that, Andrew Cuomo feels Rhode Island’s law enforcement measures are an reactionary insult and can’t we be more positive? Yet, why should other states trust New Yorkers when even other New Yorkers don’t?

People with second homes in the Catskills region of New York are being warned to stay away in venom-laced Facebook posts and blunt messages from county officials. […]

A backlash has grown on the outskirts of the New York region as wealthy people flee to summer homes to avoid the densely packed city, which has become the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis.

The only thing worse than the DNC putting up Cuomo for President is to try and tap NY City Mayor De Blasio.

But hey! There’s about three and a half months until the Democrat Convention! Who knows?

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!

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  • Lloyd says:

    Andy is running for President. He cares little for New Yorkers, especially upstaters. With the Democratic party in such disarray, he may well become the candidate for 2020. Please, please….take it from this New Yorker: He would make a lousy President.

  • Rosie, Queen of Corona says:

    Grew up in NYC. Escaped to bucolic small town upstate, but the rot is following as all the city leftists go Green Acres but bring their pernicious voting habits with them. Hence no plastic bags, statewide rent control, early voting, etc. etc.

    Get out of NY altogether. Anyone want to buy our summer cottage?

  • windbag says:

    New York is a great place to be from.

    I grew up in upstate. Left in 1983. Rarely return. I pity/admire friends and family who have stayed and scratched out a living. Cuomo said America was never all that great. Well, that sentiment won’t attract a majority of voters. Cuomo and his dad are/were dreadful Governors who have been at the helm while the state has run aground. It really is sad, because the state is beautiful, even NYC. We last visited there over 20 years ago. No intention of returning any time soon.

  • DonM says:

    Generations of dairy farmers in upstate NY can’t make a go of it, and have sold out to Amish families, who don’t raise cattle, they grow grass, which when harvested, is shipped to Vermont, to dairy farmers who can raise cows and profit, because they are not burdened with being subject to the regulations promulgated by downstate legislators. Remington, after hundreds of years in business in NY has moved to Alabama.

  • GWB says:

    It’s true that New Yorkers tend to feel they are the center of the universe
    Well, if you mean NYC, right now, with the Wuhan Flu, they are the center of the universe! They should feel proud that all these states are recognizing their primacy! THEY are the only place being quarantined! It’s great to be number one, isn’t it?

    can’t we be more positive?
    I am! I am absolutely positive ain’t nobody from NYC coming around here!

    wealthy people flee to summer homes to avoid the densely packed city
    Hey, it worked during the plague! What? These folks don’t want to be compared to aristocrats against whom the populi revolted? Hmmmmmm….

  • Generalissimo Andy’s myopia puts his focus primarily on NYC and the metro region. We, here in fly over upstate are here to provide water and power and ‘vacation spots’ for his peeps inside the golden line that makes up his primary constituency. He wants to send active cases of Coronavirus upstate to ease the burden on the hospitals in NYC. This entire cluster F&*( is his fault as he was told to purchase ventilators and masks 5 years ago and instead spent the money on illegals and eco energy projects. I hope those windmills and solar farms are helping his favorite peeps as they are economically useless if you take his subsidies out.

    Fact is that Andy has been trying to find something to build a legacy on and has failed miserably since his first year in office. He is not liked. He is abusive and abrasive and panders more than anything else. He is a silver spoon fed, never had to work a day in his life, never had to worry about a roof over his head the food on his plate man-child who will NEVER be able to come close to the legacy his father left behind and that is killing him. This is why he is so obviously drunk on his power myth in his mind.

  • Donald John says:

    Andrew Cuomo is being hailed for his heroic confrontation of problems caused largely by . . . Andrew Cuomo. He’s been governor for nearly 10 years, so why are NY hospitals lacking capacity, short of supplies, and understaffed? The governor has been intentionally squeezing hospital support for a decade now. It’s always been known that NYC would be ripe for a contagious disease, but leaders like Gov. Cuomo have stayed unprepared on purpose.

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