Amanda Marcotte Has Abortion Vapors Once Again

Amanda Marcotte Has Abortion Vapors Once Again

Amanda Marcotte Has Abortion Vapors Once Again

Salon’s Amanda Marcotte and her leftist cronies are about to have a collective aneurysm over the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) memo. Republicans are lying. Every chance they get.

We hear the shrieks a-coming from her Brooklyn flat. They lie, lie, lie. Double-double, toil and vapor gas bubbles erupt from Ms. Marcotte. Cue the histrionics:

On Tuesday, Axios leaked a three-page talking points memo from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). The strategy that the Republican campaign strategy group suggests is to lie. A lot. Lie every chance you get. Lie about everything, all the time. Lie so often that the media stops bothering to fact-check you and your opponents grow exhausted trying to disprove your lies. It’s a tried-and-true trick for the GOP.”-Amanda Marcotte

Ahh, yes. There is some projection here, I see. Yes, Projection. It’s a tried-and-true trick of Liberal Democrats, don’t you think, Amanda? Look in the freaking mirror for once. Unless you’re too afraid to. If I was as ugly and hateful inside, I would be afraid to face a mirror, too. I digress. And we roll this train along.

Marcotte references the document several times.

True to form, this short document is so packed full of lies that it’s impossible to debunk all of them.”-Amanda Marcotte

What is a lie, exactly? The fact that SCIENCE and studies have shown that BABIES feel pain anywhere from 12-20 weeks after gestation, they suck their thumbs, and they have a heartbeat after five and a half to six weeks gestation? All horrific lies the Republicans want Americans to believe.

What else, apparently, is a lie? Biden and the Democrats are making every American poorer, less safe, more dependent on other countries for energy, and making America weaker. Oh, really, Ms. Marcotte? Have you walked around New York City lately? Have you been THAT clueless of the impact Democrat leadership has impacted our cities. Don’t answer that. Here’s some lies from NYPD:

For the month of February 2022, New York City saw a 58.7% increase in overall index crime compared to February 2021 (9,138 v. 5,759). Every major index crime category saw an increase for the month of February 2022. Robbery increased by 56% (1,276 v. 818), grand larceny increased by 79.2% (3,762 v. 2.099), and grand larceny auto increased by 104.7% (1,083 v. 529).”-NYPD

Then, there’s my home city of Seattle:

We’ve had over a 95% increase in more shots fired, with a 171% increase in people being shot compared to last year. And last year was one of the highest years we’ve had on record.”-Police Chief Adrian Diaz

According to this, Seattle has surged to 721 crimes per 100,000 people. Aggravated assaults were up another 33% in the first quarter of 2022 and obberies are up 30% in 2022. Overall, violent crime is up 32% from last year as well.

The list of cities being impacted by violent crime under Democrat leadership rolls on. The City of Portland has an ongoing tally of shooting deaths they will attribute to “gun violence”. All lies. But, according to the delusional world of Amanda, all of these “lies” (mostly from liberal media outlets, by the by) pale in comparison to Republican lies.

Then, of course, there’s this lie found in theeeee document:

Inflation is skyrocketing, gas prices are rising”-NRSC

Clearly, Marcotte is living under a rock and has not bothered to look at the price per gallon as of late. And let’s not even throw in those food shortages that are “going to be real“, right? All lies. Moving right along. Americans don’t need fuel to get to work nor do they need food to feed their kids. All we need is late-term abortion, right Ralphie?

Bold-faced truth right there. Again, courtesy of a liberal media outlet. A racist former governor advocating for infanticide. But it is the Republicans who lie.

Most of the claims on this document are flat-out lies, and even when they aren’t — such as the fact that Democrats oppose ‘even limiting abortion to the first trimester’ — they are attempts to distract voters from the true view of Republicans, which is a ban on all abortions in any trimester. The entire GOP political strategy is geared around pulling the wool over voters’ eyes.”-Amanda Marcotte

Even when they aren’t. See? The Republicans told the truth here. Reading between these lines: Democrats do not oppose limiting abortion to the first trimester. Ergo, they do advocate for infanticide. Your point, Amanda? Come again, what did you say about someone’s “true beliefs and intentions“?

The document goes on to lie about the science, which is standard operating for the party of vaccine and climate denialists.”-Amanda Marcotte

Oh, Amanda. Don’t you think the whole “Republicans are anti-science-dumb-dumbs” has been a little overplayed? Don’t even talk to us about “science”. You all blindly followed a nutty doctor who pushed a pandemic, caused economic ruin for some, severe anxiety and failing grades for some of our kids and a vaccine that was marginal, at best, at being effective. You all do not get to talk to anybody about the science of things and your intellectual superiority. Get the hell off the sanctimonious high horse you are on.

The NRSC document paints a hysterical picture of Republicans under siege from ‘angry’ and ‘strident’ Democrats. If only!”-Amanda Marcotte

Amanda Marcotte paints a hysterical picture of liberal Democrats grasping at straws from “lying” Republicans! If only a child’s heartbeat was heard after the 5th week! All lies. Hey Amanda, maybe you should book that rhinoplasty appointment.

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  • Cameron says:

    “Hello, Mr. Marcotte? Me again. Yeah, I know she’s still blocking your calls. But you really have to reach out to her. She needs healing even if she won’t admit it.”

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  • Pebo says:

    Is that a rendering of a lizard on her shirt?

  • DonM says:

    I am so old, I remember when Amanda Marcotte was famous for avoiding any need for an abortion by only engaging in anal sex.

  • GWB says:

    We’ve had over a 95% increase in more shots fired, with a 171% increase in people being shot compared to last year.
    Good on ya! They’ve obviously been practicing and their shot placement is better!
    (And, yes, the first half of that sentence is a grammatical mess!)

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