Lincoln Park Shooting Latest Democrat Fail

Lincoln Park Shooting Latest Democrat Fail

Lincoln Park Shooting Latest Democrat Fail

Mass casualties in Chicago from unchecked crime are so ubiquitous as to be routinely ignored by media. The latest shooting, in tony Lincoln Park is emblematic of the consequences of Democrat policies. Epic policy failure that Democrats are willing to do anything to keep you from noticing.

A Chicago man was robbed at gunpoint and shot three times in an upscale neighborhood early Friday morning, according to authorities. (snip)

The suspect then appears from behind the wall, approaches [Dakotah] Earley and demands his property while holding him at gunpoint.

Earley appears to comply initially but then begins to fight back against the suspect. The pair eventually land in the street with the suspect on top of the victim. A second suspect eventually stands over both the first suspect and Earley.

The first suspect appears to fire twice at Earley, who remains on the ground, before demanding he give up his phone password, FOX 32 reported.

Earley can be heard saying something and moaning in pain before the suspect shoots him once more in the head.

So why should we care what happens in a city that has already racked up just this year 937 killed or wounded? Because maybe we should be concerned that problems of Chicago start in the mayor’s office. An office that hasn’t seen a Republican behind the mayor’s desk since 1931.

Because the evidence, and the bodies, from Leftwing policies are piling up and Democrats have instituted Operation Distraction to keep it from you. The PR arm of the Democrat party – Media – has taken the leak of Justice Alito’s draft on Roe v Wade and used it to crowd out most other news. And even now they are using it to smear the right wing as the “potential source of violence”.

Say, what? There have been decades of the Annual March for Life in Washington D.C. with attendance in the tens to hundreds of thousands. Not one instance of violence. But now, with a possible fulfillment of their goal, pro-lifers are going to take to the streets and commit violence???

And if anyone feels that it is the right wing targeting SCOTUS judges at their homes, time to take the red pill and see through the delusion.

This is far more dangerous than the usual Pravda media gaslighting. As Democrats dominate the news cycle shaking their fists at ultra-MAGA voters as the most dangerous people in the nation, Creepy Joe’s administration’s aggressive open border policy has deadly consequences

California has a vast network of highways and interstates that run through nearly the entire country. Law enforcement sources say because of weak drug laws in the state coupled with the access to major highway systems and its proximity to the border, California has become a prime location for cartels to set up shop and distribute deadly drugs.

But to hear DHS Sec. Mayorkas tell it, there’s no problem at all. It’s being managed and it’s all Trump’s fault anyway.

You’ll be shocked, of course, to learn that Mayorkas’ crass dissembling before the Senate on May 4 wasn’t covered by any of the Pravda media. DHS isn’t about protecting American citizens from foreign threats. It is about protecting the Democrat Ruling Class and its policies from citizens.

The closer we get to mid-terms, the more blatant the distraction from epic Democrat fail.

Pity the next ten or one thousand Dakotah Earleys between now and November. Even “good” neighborhoods suffer at the hands of Leftwing policy.

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  • Cameron says:

    In their eyes, none of this is a failure. Criminals are that way because of oppression and systemic raysism. And when they bring their ways to the nice parts of town? Well, it’s Not Fair that there are nice towns and every square inch of this nation should be equal.

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