Alisyn Camerota of CNN Suffers From A Broken Spirit (And Maybe A Bit Of TDS)

Alisyn Camerota of CNN Suffers From A Broken Spirit (And Maybe A Bit Of TDS)

Alisyn Camerota of CNN Suffers From A Broken Spirit (And Maybe A Bit Of TDS)

Journalists want justice. Journalists want to report with objectivity. And, some (okay, most) journalists are downright depressed since the Mueller report findings have been revealed. Take CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.

She’s not only “disheartened”; her spirit is broken. Flash forward to about 3:15 to hear how “broken” she is.

The New Day anchor expressed her disdain for what she feels, was an obstruction of justice.

…I think that I am channeling many members of the American public who feel that these past two years have been disheartening for people who believe in justice .. the reason that I say that is because you see in the Mueller report ample evidence laid out of obstruction — of what Robert Mueller considered obstruction — but nothing happens. You see violations of the emoluments clause, but nothing happens. You see nepotism, but nothing happens.”-Alisyn Camerota

Once upon a time, Camerota was across the street at Fox News. She’s gone full CNN these days. Hey, it pays the bills, right?

Keep talking, Alisyn. Maybe you’ll bring CNN’s ratings up a tick. After all, being broadcast in every airport in The United States isn’t helping them get out of that dismal abyss.

Want to know what’s disheartening? Take a look at this figure from Time Magazine:

Mueller’s office has not yet filed an expense report for the last six months of his investigation, but including the DOJ’s contributions, the total reported cost so far is $25.2 million.”

$25.2 million dollars wasted…but Alisyn Camerota needs a cry room and a stuffed animal because she, like most Americans, wanted justice. She, and her fellow journalists on the quest for the “truth”, wanted their (painted) narrative to be the right one. The rug has been pulled out from underneath all of them and now they have egg all over their faces.

Alisyn Camerota’s “broken spirit” is laughable. She is busted up because (sigh) justice. Never mind the most recent reports on our economy–good news that came out of even the most liberal of news outlets yesterday. Clearly, Camerota and her cronies were blindfolded from the years 2004-2012. She wants to talk broken spirit? Come into my parlor. How about apologizing to the world over about what a terrible country we are? And we couldn’t possibly forget about the statistics of welfare and entitlement programs during these years. I especially loved the era of the academically superior…one that still continues to plague us with the pretentious, condescending attitudes of those that think they know what is best for us working Americans. Fast and Furious does not come to mind, it has been forgiven and forgotten. Oh, and we cannot forget how our President at the time, along with his Secretary of State, left people to die that one night in Libya. Yeah. Go on about justice, journalists!

And while the talking heads stick to the teleprompter, right before our eyes, the left is still attempting to break the American spirit. We see this every day in our liberal cities and their lax policies on trash and drug use in our communities, their crack down on what law enforcement can actually do about these situations. Our neighborhoods are not safe nor are our children but we need to be the “betters” and suck this up. We need to acknowledge a “human condition” and have “compassion” for those who have no regard for the law. We also see this spirit being broken down daily in the rhetoric that has become so mainstream-and the utterances of various disparaging remarks made at Christians and Jews (all while we are told to respect others’ beliefs). We hear up-and-comers and rich old coots foolishly rave about their love affair with socialism and watch as some pat themselves on the back for railroading a corporation out of town-a corporation that would have provided jobs to people and in some cases, better economic stability to a community. We watch as Democrat lawmakers push for open borders and their sanctuary cities with no penalties for illegal activity while immigrants work hard to come to the United States, the legal route, with a strong desire to make a better life for themselves and their families. Then, there’s the name-calling, the fighting, the back-biting, the flat-out refusal to get anything done because of “collusion”. Because they want to “impeach the MoFo” and they’re hurt and offended by his Twitter feed. To top all of this off, there’s the occasional moment where a political figure in office equates a national tragedy-a day where hateful individuals tried to break our spirit as Americans-to “some people did something“-all while “fact-checking” journalists come flocking to defend this person and this utterly disgusting remark.

But never you mind all of the above. Pull out the fuzzy slippers and the hot cocoa because justice (sniffle, sniffle, lip-quiver, whimper) is a thing of the past. Poor Alisyn Camerota’s “spirit” is broken because she and her colleagues on the left will have to spin a bit harder. Maybe they’ll spin themselves right out of planetary orbit. Godspeed, CNN. May the fourth be with you.

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  • Scott says:

    Hmm, I thought of half a dozen comments on this whiny “journalist” and other leftists, but not one of them was appropriate for a family friendly blog, so I’ll just go with Good post Lisa!

  • GWB says:

    Journalists want justice.
    And that’s the whole problem with media right there. They learned from their elders (all those distinguished men and women on the evening news – back when it was still just in the evening) and journalism school that theirs is a crusading profession (let’s leave aside the fact it doesn’t meet the criteria of a profession). They’re out to protect the little guy! They’re out to right the wrongs! They must comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable! (Yeah, that’s not really justice, either.) And, because their elders were progressives (though they were able to hide it a bit when they had the monopoly on media), every progressive thought is right, and every other thought is wrong.
    From there, it’s a quick slide into being nothing but Democrat operatives with bylines.

    disheartening for people who believe in justice
    See what I mean? She really means “people who believe like I do.”
    Interestingly, her statement is true. It has been disheartening for those of us who actually believe in justice, and not some progressive bullsh*t version, to witness the travesty that has been the Mueller investigation.

    of what Robert Mueller considered obstruction
    Yes, and what he considered obstruction is NOT what the law considers obstruction. There’s that whole disconnect with actual justice theme again.

    violations of the emoluments clause
    Not according to the actual LAW and CONSTITUTION you don’t. But, somehow this person is considered a “professional” instead of just a “moron opining ignorantly on the law and politics.”

    like most Americans
    Many. But not most. At least not if you put the appropriate scare quotes around ‘justice’. If you mean actual justice, then yes. But then that’s not what Alisyn wanted.

    We need to acknowledge a “human condition”
    Which is funny, because progressives don’t grasp the “human condition” at all. Their biggest failing is not understanding actual human nature in any way. Probably because they worship themselves, rather than someone worthy of praise.

    You only left one thing out of those fantastic final 3 paragraphs:
    What they – those who consider themselves part of the elite classes – really want is for us peasants to shut up so they can get on with ruling over us.
    Oh, it will be a benevolent rule – not like Hitler or Stalin. More like Mao or Castro or Chavez. Because they truly want the best for us, we denizens of the lesser classes.

    Yeah, you have two of those fingers, too, don’t you?

  • David Byler says:

    well said, well said!

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