AL Lawmaker: Don Jr Should Have Been Aborted

AL Lawmaker: Don Jr Should Have Been Aborted

AL Lawmaker: Don Jr Should Have Been Aborted

Not to slam the South here, but what kind of lawmakers are they growing down there in Alabama? Recently AL State Rep. John Rogers made comments defending abortion that would make VA Gov. Ralph Northam flinch. This led Donald Trump, Jr., to push back again Rogers, and then all hell broke loose from the AL lawmaker.

Here’s what Rogers originally said on the AL house floor:

Other than being barely intelligible, Rogers’s comments were monstrous. Kill them now or kill them later? Who says that? Well, okay, other than Democrats or Planned Parenthood shills, but I repeat myself.

Apparently the good people of Alabama — which also just passed one of the most stringent abortion laws in the nation — were also disgusted by Rogers’s remarks. So did he attempt to clarify or revise his comments?

Nope. Rogers doubled down:

“We’ve closed 13 rural hospitals in this state. . . We have put hundreds of people in jail. Making it hard for you to get food stamps. In other words, if you’re on drug tests, you can’t get food stamps.”

“And then you’ve got at least two people a night dying in our Alabama prisons. It just doesn’t make sense. So why do you want to bring these people in the world and then deny them the right to process and live in Alabama?”

Um, maybe, Mr. Rogers (what an ironic name!) it’s possible to do two things at once? Like reform prisons AND defend unborn babies?


Credit: Ondrej Vanecek @ flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Now, enter Donald Trump, Jr. You know that Don Jr. is a lot like his dad — he won’t back down from a fight. So he responded to John Rogers with this tweet:

Once again, Rogers fired back, and just dug himself deeper into his hate-filled hole. Not only did he say that Don Jr. “should have been aborted,” but he also called him “retarded.” Yep, he used the R-word. Or, if  you prefer, went full — well, you know.

Will AL State Rep. John Rogers get away this? Of course he will! That’s because he has the big D after his name, and the media give a pass to Democrats who make outrageous remarks that would land any Republican in hot water. Exhibit A: President Barack Obama, who in 2009 told “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno that his bowling skills were like “the Special Olympics.” Oh, the mainstream media gave him a small slap on the wrist, and Obama later apologized to the head of Special Olympics. But then it was all good — time to move on and embrace the Most Brilliant President Ever.

But Rogers is “speaking truth to power,” as liberals like to say. Donald Trump, Jr., is the Spawn of Trump, so calling him “retarded” and saying he “should have been aborted” is perfectly A-okay. Can you imagine the hair-on-fire if a Republican had wished a Democrat had been aborted? Or called that person “retarded?”

Not only that, but Rogers’s screed will no doubt help him win re-election in his Birmingham, AL District 52. That’s because in 2014, Rogers handily won his district by taking almost 77% of the vote. Then in 2018, Rogers ran unopposed for a slam-dunk victory. Moreover, he’s been in office since 1982.

Alabama, it’s time you took out your trash, because John Rogers goes far beyond your crazy uncle at Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the people of AL District 52 will keep voting him in again and again.


Featured image: cropped, Gage Skidmore @ CC BY-SA 2.0. 

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  • Scott says:

    Same problem as in Baltimore. To be truthful, the other major reason he’ll get a pass is the color of his skin.. If you criticize him, you must be a racist.. then again, that and the “D” are the only reasons he gets reelected every time.

  • Skillyboo says:

    What a terrible outlook on life. “…kill them now or you kill them later…” If that is his true feelings the people who keep electing him should do some question what he really wants for them. Seems like less constituents to represent, based on that vile remark, is his goal.

  • David Byler says:

    what an appalling man ………

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