Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH™ – French Fire Brigade Fail Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH™ – French Fire Brigade Fail Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH™ – French Fire Brigade Fail Edition

Paladin is still narrowly concerned with the arrival of the French Fire Brigades. Determining
when first responders appear at the scene of a fire should be the easiest thing to know. The call
comes in at 00:00 and Authorities arrive on scene at 00:01. But absolutely none of this
information is available.

Reader Scott commented on the previous post, “the fire report, which at least here in the states
would include times for everything, from dispatch, to enroute, to on scene times for every piece
of apparatus.” And, “nationwide (US), 4 min. is considered the standard for response times.”

As for gay Paree . . . looks like no one knows and no one wants you to know. And if things keep
on this way, you may never know.



Let’s recap:

  1. First Alarm about 6:20.
  2. Second alarm about 6:40.
  3. The Spire Collapses about 7:40-7:55 PM (It’s becoming more and more difficult to nail down an exact time.)
  4. The original, LIVE — CNBC TIME-STAMPED report shows 19:41, local time.  That’s 7:41 PM. No observable evidence of official fire response.
  5. INSIDER has a couple of posts that show the Spire falling at 7:55 No observable water streams.
  6. Roof Collapses about 8:07 PM.
  7. Reuters Time-Lapse video story shows no sign of Firefighters  until about 8:07.  ABC 7 NY captures two firehoses (an Aerial Ladder & ground hose) spewing water at about dusk – 8:00 PM to 8:10 PM.
  8. Final sunset at 8:42 PM.  The French Fire Brigades are finally on scene.


Even if the Parisian Fire brigades appeared at the moment the spire collapsed at 7:43 – 7:55 PM they failed to reach the fire with proper equipment for an hour and a half from first alarm. As time passes it’s becoming even more difficulty to ascertain an actual timeline.

Get a load of this crap: a phony Tomo Animated Re-Creation Video – Note how the vid animation has TWO fire trucks pulling up outside the doors of Notre Dame under a timestamp of 18:20.

That would be 6:20 PM Paris Time. No such thing occurred.

Meanwhile published reports are contradictory. The Scaffolding Firm claims yes, workers were smoking, and no – no cigarette butt started the fire, and yes – cigarette butts were found in the Cathedral.  After the fire.

Experts say last worker left after 5:50 PM . No workers on hand when the fire broke out. If the workers left 30 minutes before the first “ignored” alarm, or 70 minutes before the second alarm an errors and omissions insurance policy might cover somebody’s mess, as the workers on site were not responsible. Big CYA.

Need clarity?

Three unnamed agencies are investigating. Whose coordination or lack thereof will seal whatever chance there is to arrive at the truth.  Just like the 2017 Vegas Massacre. A million cameras and nobody knows nuttin’.

John Dietrich over at American Thinker has noted how authorities are crafting the narrative . One extremely informative voice on the causes of the fire may well have to be silenced. Chief Notre Dame Architect Benjamin Mouton (ret) gives an interview on French TV  on April 16, the day after – where he brings into question the whole narrative so far.

This 12 minute video on France’s LCI is shocking stuff. Start at 1:31.  Here’s a stable link to the Architect Mouton Interview.



Bottom line – Benjamin Mouton Notre Dame Architect (ret) says 800 year old Oak doesn’t burn so well, and there were massive, safe and redundant fire prevention/sensors in place.  New electrical installation. And “no work” going on at the site of the actual fire outbreak.

More shocking than anything, this vid has been out since April 16 – and no, nothing, zip from the lickspittle media. Watch it.  (Kudos American Thinker and World Net Daily.)

Naturally, Facebook seems to have censored “Truther”  Oak Burning Vids.  But what’s left of the clips pretty much confirm what Chief Architect Mouton says. Oak don’t burn so good.  BTW the Chief Architect (ret) has vanished from public speaking.

An establishment UK documentary production promises a minute by minute account, so . . .

Exactly when did the French Firefighters arrive on scene?



Featured photo:  Time, Photographer Raphael Lafargue—Abaca/Sipa USA. Additional photo: Jokideo.




Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies
as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.    


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