Women Should Never Vote For A Democrat Candidate

Women Should Never Vote For A Democrat Candidate

Women Should Never Vote For A Democrat Candidate

Derek Thompson, a staff writer for The Atlantic, has written a short article explaining why women are reliable voters for the Democrat Party. The Atlantic is reliably Liberal, and not shockingly, Mr. Thompson’s premise is as flawed as the women who vote for any Democrat candidate. Women should never vote for a Democrat candidate.

Just as the Democrat Party claims to be the party with the best interests for black voters, they make the same claim for women. The truth is that the Democrat Party didn’t support either the 15th Amendment to the Constitution or the 19th. From the National Federation of Republican Women:

When the Republican Party regained control of Congress in 1919, the Equal Suffrage Amendment finally passed the House in May of that year and in the Senate in June.

When the Amendment was submitted to the states, 26 of the 36 states that ratified it had Republican legislatures. Of the nine states that voted against ratification, eight were Democratic. Twelve states, all Republican, had given women full suffrage before the federal amendment was ratified.

On August 18, 1920, Tennessee became the 36th and final state needed to ratify the amendment. The U.S. Secretary of State certified the amendment on Aug. 26, 1920.

The Democrat Party is still the party of old, white men. Looking at you, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

With that bit of history exposed, let’s get back to Mr. Thompson and his Atlantic article: “Why Men Vote for Republicans, and Women Vote for Democrats”. According to Mr. Thompson, it’s Ronald Reagan’s fault:

With the nomination of Reagan for president in 1980, the Republican Party moved sharply to the right on a handful of issues relevant to women. The party dropped its support of the Equal Rights Amendment, embraced an anti-abortion position, and courted conservative Christians who lamented the effect of working women on “traditional” families. Although Reagan handily won election, he lost women by eight points. “It wasn’t until Reagan that Republicans clearly showed women that there are sides,” Kathleen Dolan, a political-science professor at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, told The Washington Post.

Oh, puh-leez. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was first proposed in 1923; by 1980, it hadn’t passed and was largely superfluous. The anti-abortion position was logical and science-based. Not to mention that whole penumbra theory of the right to privacy, on which abortion was legal, is flawed. The Supreme Court way overstepped it’s bounds. And, I have never figured out why it benefits women to murder a baby in the womb. Even a serial killer get the right to a jury trial before he is sentenced to death. And, it wasn’t women working that Conservatives decried; it was the destruction of the family, which can be laid at the door of the Democrat party.

The Democrat Party supported no-fault divorce, and Ronald Reagan signed the first state law in 1969. I will lay that at his door. The no-fault divorce led to wives who had, perhaps, never worked being left to raise children on their own. As Mr. Thompson notes, this led to:

Perhaps because the Democratic Party has become reliant on winning female votes, its policies are attuned to women’s priorities. Women are more likely to live below the poverty threshold and rely on food stamps and other welfare services—part of a global phenomenon known as “the feminization of poverty.” This fact may make them more receptive to Democrats’ relatively consistent promises to expand the welfare state.

This is not a conundrum. Women are poor because of government policies and then become reliant on government help. That, and some women are selfish and enjoy being victims. Help me, I am a poor woman, oppressed by the patriarchy. Without government I will be trod under foot by corporations. By the way, government programs, like welfare hurt everyone. This video is long, but it explains the dangers of welfare and poverty programs long term.

It’s not only about the waste, fraud and abuse. It is about the creation of more victims.

If women truly love the Constitution and want a better life, they will never vote for a Democrat candidate again. All politicians don’t care about people. They care about power. Stay focused on logic and vote without emotion. Thinking that women vote on emotion is sexist. I am going to suggest that we all take Immanuel Kant’s advice in his Categorical Imperative:

“Act only on that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law [of nature].”

If an idea or law cannot be applied morally, universally, it is no good. If we truly are strong women, we don’t need the patriarchal government or nanny state to do it for us. Vote Republican.

women work for the vote (2)“women work for the vote (2)” by Oregon State University is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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