“Woke” Liberal Claims Dressing a Child as Queen Elsa Promotes White Supremacy

“Woke” Liberal Claims Dressing a Child as Queen Elsa Promotes White Supremacy

“Woke” Liberal Claims Dressing a Child as Queen Elsa Promotes White Supremacy

To kids, it’s all about going door-to-door with their best buds collecting candy and dressing up. Our son spent some of his weekend getting his costume together for tomorrow night. A cut-up flannel, a biker vest with angel wings, a bandana, a crossbow, an ear necklace, a little bit of “dirt” make-up (his bangs already hang in his face much to my Marine husband’s vexation) and lo-and-behold, we have ourselves a young Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.

I am sure we will see our share of zombies, ghosts, goblins, witches, reapers and the like. But I am sure someone, somewhere is going to get upset at the Ninjas, the Hula girls, the Geishas and God forbid, the parent who dresses her baby up as a burrito!

Cosmopolitan-you know, the magazine that is the “go-to” for (ridiculous) sex tips (I can’t even on some of these), is now throwing around social justice and virtue (cough, cough). I love it. They tell women how empowering it is to whore around and abort “mistakes” after a night of indiscretion but now express their concerns on parenting kids. It’s precious. Last week, Cosmopolitan and REDBOOK claimed dressing your non-Pacific Islander daughter as Moana constituted an act of “cultural appropriation.” This week, social justice parenting blogger, Sachi Feris, who runs the site, Raising Race Conscious Children, claimed in Cosmopolitan that there are few Disney-themed costumes that are, in any way, appropriate for “woke” babies. It is not okay to dress your child as a Disney Heroine of Color because you’re risking claims of racism but look out-if you dress your child as Queen Elsa you may just be perpetuating white supremacy-specifically “white beauty”! From Feris’ post, Moana, Elsa and Halloween:

“There is one thing I don’t like about the character of Elsa. I feel like because Elsa is a White princess, and we see so many White princesses, her character sends the message that you have to be a certain way to be “beautiful” or to be a “princess”…that you have to have White skin, long, blonde hair, and blue eyes. And I don’t like that message. You are White, like Elsa—if you dressed up as a character like Moana, who has brown skin, you would never change your skin color. But I’m not sure I like the idea of you changing your hair color to dress up as Elsa—because I think Elsa’s character could also be a short, brown-haired character like you.”

“No,” my daughter refuted. “I want you to make be a long, blonde braid like Elsa’s.”

The rambling doesn’t end there, Feris tells her daughter that since she is white, she can dress up as Elsa but she doesn’t have to have a long, blonde braid. She can be “brown-haired Elsa” like the rest of her “woke” friends of “woke” parents. More on the topic of Moana:

“I don’t like the idea of dressing up using the same traditional clothing that someone from Moana’s culture may have worn because that feels like we are laughing at her culture by making it a costume. A child whose family is Polynesian could dress up using that type of traditional clothing but Moana’s culture is not our culture. If you want you could dress up as someone from one of your cultures, you could be a tango dancer from Argentina…(or as Che Guevara!). Otherwise, maybe you could be a modern-day Moana and dress up in the clothing you think Moana might wear today.”

Che Guevara?! Is she for real?! I guess it’s okay for a young girl experiencing indoctrination at its finest to impersonate a man? I thought that was a no-no in the “woke” playbook? And, it’s even more than okay to impersonate an American-hating Marxist who advocated for firing squads, right? But don’t dress up as a Disney Princess who isn’t of your own ethnic background or dare ask for a long, blonde braid, young lady! Next up: “Woke” Mother Takes Away Kid’s Birthday. Film at 11. These people make even Halloween a drag. I may have to borrow young “Daryl’s” crossbow as I feel we have come upon our own zombie apocalypse of sorts. I’m convinced these people are not “woke”, they are totally brain-dead!

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  • Steve S. says:

    “A child whose family is Polynesian could dress up using that type of traditional clothing but Moana’s culture is not our culture.”

    Um, lotsa Polynesian kids dress up everyday like white folks. Why aren’t they being relegated to their native costumes? Why are they allowed to ‘culturally appropriate’ but white kids aren’t?

    And where do all these foreign descendants – adults and kids – get off wearing blue jeans and eye glasses, and speaking English? I mean, what’s up with that?

    Or maybe ‘cultural appropriation’ is actually a good thing. Horrors!

  • Sunnybutt says:

    That’s some 180-proof envy on display, right there. Sachi Feris wishes she had bombshell legs and big sexy hair, and can’t stand the idea of anyone even *pretending* to be hotter than she is.

  • timh says:

    The obvious next step in the Progression will be to accuse Disney of being a “White Supremacy”(TM) FACTORY, and to demand that the already pathetically Left-Whoring Disney become even MORE radical, more quickly so as to EARN forgiveness for their past “Sins”, and thus regain their status as Progs In Good Standing (P.I.G.S.)…

  • GWB says:

    Reading the excerpt, my first thought was, “This is the level of writing they’re publishing now? I wouldn’t accept that as a high school term paper, much less for commercial publishing.”

    My second thought was along the same lines, thinking of grading this as a paper: “You ‘don’t like’? Why do I give a crap what you do or don’t ‘like’? Why is that even in this ‘article’? Tell me why others should care, based on rhetoric, reasoning and facts. Why should anyone give a fart in a hurricane about what you ‘like’?”

    Now for Lisa’s fisking…..
    “I guess it’s okay for a young girl experiencing indoctrination at its finest to impersonate a man?”
    Whoah! Just hold your horses! She’s not advocating impersonating a man, she’s encouraging her to support those who identify as a man, regardless of their biological geno/phenotype! Get with it, sister!

    “These people make even Halloween a drag.”
    There you go, being a homotransqueer– errr… dress-up-phobe. Tsk, tsk, bringing ‘drag’ into this.

    Last, looking at that photo from the movie, I have to ask, “Why don’t real blondes complain about ‘appropriation’? I mean, look at her eyebrows. This is obviously a bottle blonde. I mean how many Nordic women dyed their hair blonde?” Or, do the Disney artists just not know any real blondes in Hollywood? 😉

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Dress up like a ghost?


    You’re guilty of a twofer sin:

    Disrespecting the dead
    ..and, MOST importantly…
    Disrespecting Democrat Voters

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