William Barr And The Sanctuary Cities Lawsuits

William Barr And The Sanctuary Cities Lawsuits

William Barr And The Sanctuary Cities Lawsuits

With the announcement of lawsuits against key sanctuary cities, Attorney General William Barr capped off a very busy day yesterday.

Speaking at the National Sheriff’s Association conference, Barr’s speech is well worth watching. His comments regarding illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities starts at about six minutes in.

It seems that many need to be reminded that entering a country without permission is ILLEGAL. Yet far too many, including politicians from the local to federal level, seem to think that isn’t a very big deal. When, in fact, it is.

Those liberal cities that want to shield illegals who have committed crimes from being deported are placing the public at risk.

“When we are talking about sanctuary cities, we’re talking about policies that are designed to allow criminal aliens to escape,” Barr said.

“These policies are not about people who came to our country illegally, but have otherwise been peaceful and productive members of society. The express purpose of these policies is to shelter aliens whom local law enforcement have already arrested for crimes,” he added.”

The horrific case of the 92 year old lady being murdered by an illegal criminal is just one of many. Bill de Blasio evidently doesn’t consider murder as reason for deporting an illegal criminal.

Meanwhile, here inColorado there are four cases pending. 

“U.S. immigration officials are asking a federal judge to force Denver to turn over information about four men accused of crimes who are subject to deportation after the city refused to comply with its order to do so.

In a continued escalation of the conflict between federal officials and so-called sanctuary cities, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement filed a complaint in Denver federal court Thursday asking that a judge enforce administrative subpoenas it issued to the Denver’s sheriff department last month for information such as addresses, identification and arrest reports on the three Mexicans and a Honduran.

Accusing ICE of seeking the information for “political reasons,” Denver said it would not comply unless a judge determined that the orders were appropriate.”

Oh really? Let’s talk about “appropriate” shall we? Denver officials are saying that a judge should determine if a federal order is appropriate regarding these criminals. They have committed a crime. That should mean deportation. Period. Full Stop.

These four criminal illegals aren’t being accused of robbery or vandalism. Nope. It’s worse than that. 

“According to ICE, all four men have been deported multiple times. One of the men from Mexico was arrested in Denver for sexual assault, another for vehicular homicide and a third for child abuse and strangulation assault. The Honduran man was arrested on domestic violence charges.”

Yet cities like Denver, New York, Seattle, and too many others would rather keep the criminal illegal from being deported because political correctness and virtue signaling.

That’s the key. Sanctuary cities and states DON’T care that people enter our country illegally and commit crimes. They DON’T care about the safety of American citizens. Instead, they’d rather virtue signal and try to convince everyone that these new lawsuits are just a political stunt.

Supposedly it is the lawsuits and Trump’s stance against sanctuary city policies that are endangering the public. We are to believe that coddling criminals, especially those here illegally, doesn’t harm anyone.

I bet the families of those victims who were abused, sexually assaulted, strangled, and murdered have  a different opinion on the matter.

Enabling criminals here illegally only encourages them to commit more crimes. Why else would Denver be dealing with four criminals, here illegally, who had already been deported multiple times? Because they KNOW they can sneak back in, commit more crimes, and get away with it.

It is completely understandable that many in law enforcement are beyond frustrated with politicians these days. Police are supposed to follow all laws. Period. Yet when idiot politicians like de Blasio hamstring them by telling them to IGNORE the law in favor of political correctness, then more lives are being put at risk. 

Will the Democrats listen? Nope. That won’t happen unless or until they are adversely affected by the policies they gleefully enacted.

Feature Photo Credit: U.S. Marshalls Office of Public Affairs via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • Skeptic says:

    Nope, sorry, not going to cheer this. Screw lawsuits. It is a Federal crime to harbor illegal immigrants. Arrest and prosecute every official, elected and appointed, who is doing so. Lawsuits will have zero impact because who cares, it’s taxpayer money. Put some in the slam and this crap will stop REAL quick.

  • GWB says:

    Will the Democrats listen? Nope. That won’t happen unless or until they are personally adversely affected by the policies they gleefully enacted.

  • Scott says:

    Spot on everyone, our once great state of Colorado has become a democrat run cesspool! There are counties like mine that still believe in the rule of law, and don’t subscribe to such stupidity, but sadly, at the state level, the dims have given away enough free shit, and promised legal drugs to enough addicts that have moved here to maintain power, indefinitely, unless something major changes….

  • Hate_me says:

    I don’t agree that their crimes are deserving of deportation. Nor does that discourage them from just doing it again.

    What I see are non-uniformed, foreign citizens crossing our sovereign boundaries and disrupting American activity. These are not simply illegal immigrants, these are subversive agents.

    You don’t simply deport spies and saboteurs.

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